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Why does it hurt where the dentist gave me anesthesia? Explains the types of anesthesia and what to look out for!

Anesthesia in dentistry is used for all parts of the dental process, including cavity treatment, tooth extraction, and implant treatment. It is no exaggeration to say that dental treatment is impossible without anesthesia. Anesthesia uses a needle to inject a chemical solution into the gums and other parts of the body, which causes pain not only when the needle is inserted, but also after the anesthesia...
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Is it true that wisdom teeth removal can make you look smaller? Why is it said to change your face?

Patient Doctor, is it true that removing wisdom teeth can make me look smaller? DentistWisdom teeth grow at the very back of the dentition. Since they grow close to the edge of the jaw, you may have heard that removing them can help you have a smaller face with a clearer facial line! In this issue, we will discuss wisdom teeth removal...
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Dentist Supervision] How to brush your teeth after tooth extraction? Four points to keep in mind!

PatientI had a tooth extracted, but the wound hurts so much that I can't brush my teeth... What should I do after a tooth extraction? DentistIt is true that you cannot brush your teeth as usual after a tooth extraction because of the pain and bleeding. In fact, brushing your teeth after a tooth extraction can be a little...
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Why does my adjacent tooth hurt after wisdom tooth extraction? A dentist explains in detail.

Wisdom teeth are the eighth teeth counting from the front. In Japanese people, due to the small size of the jaw, they tend to grow sideways or at an angle. When this happens, wisdom teeth are more susceptible to decay and infection and are therefore indicated for extraction. Wisdom teeth extraction can cause wisdom teeth to...
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Dentist Supervisor] What is the white pudendum after tooth extraction?

When a tooth is extracted due to tooth decay or gum disease, a hole is created in the gum. The hole gradually closes up, but after the tooth is extracted, a white pimply substance appears during the healing process. Who are these white pimply things? How Gums Heal After Tooth ExtractionWhen a tooth is extracted, a hole in the gum...
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Can wisdom teeth be extracted even if they are close to the nerves?

DentistThis article, written and supervised by a dentist, discusses whether wisdom teeth can be extracted for those who are told that they are close to the nerve, the risks involved, and how to examine them. We also explain how to treat nerve palsy if it should occur. What are wisdom teeth?
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Should wisdom teeth be removed before orthodontic treatment? The relationship between wisdom teeth and tooth alignment [Dentist Explains].

DentistThis article contains the following information. Please refer to the following: when to remove wisdom teeth, when to remove wisdom teeth for orthodontic reasons, what to expect after wisdom teeth extraction, the cost of wisdom teeth extraction, and how to use extracted wisdom teeth When you hear the word wisdom teeth...
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How long will the pain last after a tooth extraction? A dentist explains.

PatientAfter a tooth extraction, it still hurts. I am worried about how long the pain will last and what kind of pain it will be. Dentists are anxious about pain, aren't they? In this article, I will explain about the pain of tooth extraction. Written by Dentist/issyAfter graduating from the National School of Dentistry, I trained at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University Dental Hospital....
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What to eat after tooth extraction? Recommended diet and precautions [Dentist's commentary].

Many people may feel anxious when they are faced with the extraction of a tooth due to decay, root disease, or swollen wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth and bicuspids (fourth or fifth from the front) may also be extracted before orthodontic treatment. In this issue, we will discuss how to eat after tooth extraction...
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Do you need a tooth extraction for orthodontics? A dentist explains the criteria for tooth extraction and non-extraction orthodontics!

! DentistIn this article you will find the following information. When is a tooth extraction necessary in orthodontics, what happens if a tooth needs to be extracted but is not extracted, the pain of tooth extraction, where to extract a tooth, and the criteria for extraction and non-extraction.

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