What to eat after tooth extraction? Recommended diet and precautions [Dentist's commentary].

After tooth extraction Meal tooth extraction

Last updated January 21, 2024

Many people may feel anxious when faced with the prospect of extracting a tooth due to decay, root disease, or swollen wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth and bicuspids (fourth or fifth from the front) may also be extracted even before orthodontic treatment.

In this issue, we will discuss how to eat after a tooth extraction.


What kind of food should I eat after tooth extraction?


We will discuss what to eat after a tooth extraction, what precautions to take, what we have heard from patients, recommended meals that can be purchased at convenience stores, and recipes that can be made at home!

How should I eat after wisdom teeth or bicuspids extraction?

After tooth extraction Meal

On the day of the tooth extraction, soft foods such as porridge, rice porridge, udon noodles, yogurt, and jelly are best. Avoid spicy, hard, hot foods, cigarettes, and alcohol, and avoid touching the extracted area as much as possible.

Often there is a buildup of hemostatic agents or blood clots at the site of tooth extraction, and irritation can cause them to flow out, resulting in poor healing.


You can't eat as you normally would...


As will be discussed later, the extracted tooth is in a very delicate state.

Eating as you like as usual may slow the healing process.

To avoid this, it is important to watch what you eat from the day of tooth extraction.

So what should you eat after having a tooth extracted?

When can I start eating after tooth extraction?

Eating 3 hours after tooth extractionIt is recommended to

After extraction, the local anesthesia is still in effect.

The duration of anesthesia for tooth extraction isIt is estimated to take approximately 2 to 3 hours.

It is not recommended to eat while the anesthesia is still in effect.

While the effects of anesthesia last,Because I can no longer feel the heat and pain that I am supposed to feel in my mouth,

If you eat in this state, you will knowI bite my tongue when I don't know what I'm doing,

It may burn or otherwise cause burns.


When eating after tooth extraction

It is recommended only after oral discomfort is completely gone.

How long will the pain last after tooth extraction?

Meal menu immediately after tooth extraction

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When eating after a tooth extraction, do not eat as usual.Use a food menu that will not damage the extraction scar.

henceIt is recommended to use a soft and easy-to-eat meal menu such as porridge or rice porridge.

Hot foods and stimulating foods can irritate the affected area,Tea and other drinks should be lukewarm.I am sure it will be.

especiallyNot only is the scar after tooth extraction in a very delicate state,

A condition in which blood clots (clots of blood) are easily removed to help the wound heal faster.The company is now in the process of

If the normal diet menu is used in this condition, the blood clots may be removed and healing may be delayed.


Be especially careful on the same day and for a few days.

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When can I start eating normally?

Be sure to have a meal menu for the day after the tooth extraction.Soft and easy to eatIdeally, though, it should be

It is best not to change the food menu after a few days.

Because the pain may still be present a few days after treatment,

There is a need to continue with a soft and easy-to-eat diet menu to avoid irritating the affected area when experiencing any pain.

Once you no longer feel pain, gradually return to your normal diet while monitoring your body's condition.


When you see your dentist after a tooth extraction, you should discuss your diet with him or her.

Have them examine the wound to determine how well it is healing.

Dietary considerations after tooth extraction

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Since the treatment scar after tooth extraction is in a very delicate state, please be careful not to use food menus that may damage the treatment scar.

After tooth extraction, it is important to continue to pay attention to the diet in order to improve healing.

Hard and pointy chewy meal recipes

A major premise when deciding on a post-extraction meal menu,

Try not to use a food menu that will damage the treatment scars.

Be careful with hard or sharp foods.

Avoid foods that irritate the treatment scar, such as snack foods, French bread, and fish with many small bones.

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Spices and spices

Meal menus with spices and spices such as kimchi and curry are also not acceptable.

Not only does a diet of stimulants with spices and spices irritate the wound, causing it to feel pain and swell,

It may promote blood circulation and open wounds.

These diets can slow healing enormously and should be avoided at all costs.

Refrain from alcohol and tobacco

One might think that if it is not food, then alcohol or cigarettes would be okay.

However,Alcohol can open wounds, and smoking worsens blood flow, which is a problem that slows down the healing process.

Alcohol may open wounds because it promotes blood flow through the bloodstream.

It would be a disaster if it were to bleed again,

Alcohol should be avoided until at least the wound is no longer painful.

Tobacco, on the contrary, worsens blood flow and slows down the healing process, so if you want to heal quickly, refrain from smoking until you are completely healed.


Smoking also makes gum disease harder to heal, and since cigarettes are prone to staining, we recommend that you also take this opportunity to quit smoking.

Recommended diet after tooth extraction, according to patients.

After tooth extraction Meal

After tooth extraction, care must be taken with the food menu, and there is a need to focus on soft, easy-to-eat foods.


Porridge or rice porridge is recommended, though,

If you are in too much pain to eat, jelly, pudding, or yogurt is recommended.

Here are some recommendations we often hear from patients.

No.1 Kewpie Gentle Menu Series

Soft and easy to chew! and many patients have recommended it to us.

This retort product is for nursing food, but it also comes in a variety of flavors and is recommended for eating during the difficult chewing period after orthodontic adjustment days as well as after tooth extractions.

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No. 2 Asahi Balanced Menu Series

Those who are bored with porridge also eat this kind of food. It is made so soft that you can crush it with your tongue, so you can eat it without pain after an adjustment or tooth extraction. ☺️

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No. 3 Wider In Energy (available at convenience stores)

Many people are willing to deal with it here for a day or two.

The fact that it can be easily purchased at convenience stores is also recommended.

Recommended meals after tooth extraction that can be purchased at convenience stores.

After tooth extraction Convenience store

After all, convenience stores are the best places to easily buy after a tooth extraction, such as on the way home from the dentist's office.

Here are some products that can be found in convenience stores.


After tooth extraction Meal

Tofu contains the protein necessary to form skin and bones, and its softness allows it to be eaten without chewing.

Tofu is

Cold tofu

Hot tofu

Miso soup with tofu

It is hard to get bored with it because there are many variations depending on the arrangement, such as the following, but if it is cooked, it should be cooled down before eating.

Some convenience stores carry egg and tofu together with tofu.

These are also recommended because they are soft and nutritious.

House Foods Gentlishly Raku Care Soft Tofu Egg Tofu [Nursing care welfare meal food food care food nutritional supplement high calorie swallowing food].

miso soup

Soups such as miso soup are comforting to the stomach.

It is better to be careful with heat and not too many ingredients.

vegetable juice

Vegetable juice is recommended because it is an easy way to consume a variety of nutrients.

Green and yellow vegetables contain vitamins A, C, and citric acid, which have various advantages, such as protecting skin and mucous membranes and increasing the absorption rate of zinc, which speeds up the healing process of wounds.

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jelly pudding

Jellies and puddings are also recommended on the day of tooth extraction because they can be eaten smoothly without chewing.

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Drinking yogurt and yogurt

This drink is another easy nutritional supplement, and dairy products provide a variety of nutrients, including vitamin A.

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Soy Milk Smoothies

Soy milk smoothies are recommended because they easily supply a variety of nutrients, such as protein from tofu and vitamins A and C from vegetables and fruits.


Some of the food looks delicious, so I'm sure I'll enjoy my post-extraction meal...

udon (thick Japanese wheat noodles)

You may not be able to chew much on the day of extraction, but once you calm down, udon noodles are recommended.

There are different types of udon in convenience stores, but some can be difficult to eat with many ingredients and some can be frowned upon, so simple udon such as kake-udon is recommended.

savory egg custard

After tooth extraction Meal Chawanmushi

Recently, easy chawan-mushi (steamed green tea bowl) can be found at convenience stores and supermarkets.

This is also recommended because it is soft and nutritious.

Be careful not to overheat the temperature when eating.

Chawan-mushi can also be made at home with simple ingredients.

Chawan-mushi Recipe

  • 1 egg
  • 1 tablespoon white soup stock
  • 150 ml water
  1. In a bowl, combine the eggs, white broth, and water and mix well.
  2. Strain 1 through a tea strainer.
  3. Pour into a heatproof cup. (Makes two cups).
  4. Cover with plastic wrap and microwave at 200w for 7 minutes. Watch and add more time.

If you are in good shape, you can make it with your favorite ingredients, such as fish paste or chicken,

We introduced a recipe with no ingredients because simple is better after tooth extraction.

Tips for Eating After Tooth Extraction

Make meals smaller, bite-sized.

Tear the food into bite-sized pieces to open your mouth wide and to reduce the number of times you have to chew.

Eat with teeth away from the wound

If your right tooth is extracted, you should use your left tooth to eat.

If both left and right sides are removed, food that can be chewed with the front teeth or poured as much as possible should be used.

eat slowly in small portions

After tooth extraction, eat slowly to avoid stress on the wound and body.


Since there is still pain after tooth extraction, there is a need to be very careful about what you eat.

And on the day after tooth extraction, we recommend foods that can be eaten without chewing, such as jelly or yogurt,

If the pain subsides after a few days, soft and easy-to-eat foods such as udon, porridge, or rice porridge are recommended until the day the pain goes away.

Avoid hard or sharp objects, spices and spices, alcohol and tobacco until the day the pain is gone.

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