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Last updated June 30, 2022


I had a tooth extracted and the wound is so painful I can't brush my teeth...
How should I brush my teeth after tooth extraction?


It is true that after a tooth extraction, you cannot brush your teeth as usual because of the pain and bleeding.
In fact, there is a little something to be said for brushing your teeth in the delicate mouth after a tooth extraction!
This time,I will discuss how to brush your teeth after tooth extraction.

Four points to keep in mind when brushing teeth after tooth extraction

After tooth extraction Brushing

The following four points are important for brushing the delicate mouth after tooth extraction.

  • How to choose a toothbrush
  • How to choose toothpaste
  • How to brush your teeth
  • How to Gargle

How to choose a toothbrush

Toothbrushes used after tooth extraction are,Use a toothbrush with a small brush and soft recommended.

Depending on the site and depth of the tooth to be extracted, the gums may be swollen or pitted to the area of the adjacent teeth after extraction.

It is also often difficult to open the mouth for a few days, and even a toothbrush hit often causes bleeding and pain.

Toothbrushes with small bristles and soft bristles are,It is suitable for gently brushing fine details while avoiding affected areas.

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How to choose toothpaste

Toothpaste is,Basically, you can use what you normally use.It is.

However,Mint and other stimulants may stain the wound and cause pain.Therefore, we do not recommend it.

If you are using a harsh toothpaste, it is recommended that you brush without toothpaste or use a hypoallergenic, low-foaming, disinfectant toothpaste.

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The low foaming makes it easy to see the affected area while brushing.

How to brush your teeth

Depending on the condition of the wound, tooth brushing can be done on the same day after tooth extraction.

Keep the following four points in mind

  • Brush as usual except for the affected area.
  • Brush teeth near the affected area gently with low force.
  • Keep the toothbrush away from the affected area.
  • No gargling on the day of tooth extraction

If the affected area is very painful, it is safe to skip brushing your teeth on the same day.

Brush as usual except for the affected area, but brush near the affected area with very little force, moving the toothbrush gently in small increments.

The affected area after tooth extraction is often painful even with the slightest touch of a toothbrush.

If the gums are sutured after tooth extraction, be careful not to catch your toothbrush on the threads.

Also,Do not gargle on the day of tooth extraction.

Gargling too hard will cause the bone and gum material called "blood clots" that form in the affected area to peel off, slowing the healing of the affected area.

Also,If the blood clots are removed and the post-extraction hole dries up, severe pain can occur.(Dry socket)

How to Gargle

Two things to keep in mind when gargling after a tooth extraction are

  • Avoid gargling as much as possible on the day of tooth extraction
  • After 24 hours, you can gargle with observation.

It takes at least 24 hours for the blood clots that form in the hole after tooth extraction to stabilize to some degree.

If you gargle on the day of tooth extraction, there is a good chance that the clots will be washed away,Avoid gargling on the day as much as possible.

If blood oozes out, do not use water, but only spit it out.

Also, when rinsing the mouth with water after brushing the teeth, avoid the swishing motion of the mouth and just spit the water into the mouth.

After about 24 hours,We will monitor the situation and gradually return to gargling as usual.

While there is pain and bleeding, avoid gargling vigorously, and instead, tilt your face up and let the water in your mouth run down the affected area and spit it out.

To prevent bacterial infection and bad breath around the affected area once you are able to gargle to some extent,Use of disinfectant gargles is also recommended.It is.

Use a hypoallergenic gargle, as alcohol irritants are likely to cause pain.

If there is a gargle prescribed by the dentist, use as directed.

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Dentifrice Q&A after tooth extraction

After tooth extraction Brushing

How long do I need to be careful about brushing my teeth after a tooth extraction?

For about a week after tooth extraction, the affected hole or wound is likely to cause pain and bleeding. Brush your teeth carefully and avoid touching the affected area.

After a week or so, if you feel no pain when the toothbrush touches the affected area, you can return to brushing your teeth as usual.

It hurts to brush my teeth after tooth extraction. Why is that?

It depends on the extent of the wound after tooth extraction,For about a week, irritation from tooth brushing may cause pain.

If it has been a couple of days since the tooth was extracted and you no longer need pain medication, but it only hurts when you brush your teeth, you may be touching the affected area with your toothbrush.

Over-polishing can cause the wound to heal more slowly. Brush to the point where it does not hurt and do not touch the sore area.

However,If it is painful for more than one week, there is a possibility of bacterial infection or dry socket.

See your dentist promptly.

How long does bad breath last after tooth extraction?

Bad breath can be caused by stained teeth.

Therefore, after tooth extraction, dirt builds up around the teeth that cannot be brushed due to swollen and sore gums, and bad breath is likely to occur.

If you are able to brush your teeth normally in about a week, the stains will be gone and your breath will improve.

Brushing teeth after tooth extraction should be done without straining.

After tooth extraction, there may be pain and blood when brushing teeth for at least a week or so.

If there is pain, try not to touch the affected area too much and return to brushing your teeth a little at a time.

365dentist offers dentist-run open chats and assistance in finding the right dentist for you. If you are having trouble brushing your teeth or having trouble with your mouth after a tooth extraction, we are here to help!

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