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2024 Cavity-Resistant Snacks Ranked!

Patient Dear Doctor, I am looking for a snack that will not cause cavities! Do you have any recommendations? Dentist: Understood! In this issue, we will introduce a ranking of 10 snacks that are less likely to cause cavities, based on the characteristics of snacks that are less likely to cause cavities and snacks that are more likely to cause cavities! (ads...
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Causes, risks, remedies, and treatment costs of cavity-filled teeth in the 20s.

Patient Doctor, it's still not good to have so many cavities in your 20s...? Dentist Yes, it is. Cavities all over the place are not only bad for your mouth, but also risk having a negative impact on your health and real life. In this article, we will discuss the causes and risks of having a lot of cavities in your 20s, as well as remedial measures and the estimated cost of treatment...
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Fear of the Dentist. How to overcome it before it becomes full of cavities and what to do about it.

Patient: Doctor, I am afraid of the dentist. Is there any way to overcome it? Dentist Yes, the unique smell and sound of the dentist, and the anesthesia that is given by injection are things you want to experience as much as possible... This time, for those who are afraid of the dentist, we will discuss how to overcome your fear of the dentist before you get full of cavities...
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Doesn't your orthodontist tell you about cavities? We can teach you how to prevent cavities during orthodontic treatment!

Patient Doctor! I heard that orthodontists won't tell me if I have a cavity during orthodontic treatment. Is that true? Dentist During orthodontic treatment, the risk of cavities is higher because the appliances are attached to your teeth, so if your orthodontist really doesn't tell you about cavities, then you should be worried. In this issue of Orthodontic...

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