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Last updated May 29, 2024

Access: 4 min. walk from JR "Kitasenju

     2 min. walk from Tokyo Metro "Kita Senju" station

Particularly recommended for

✅ Those who wish to receive treatment by an orthodontist in a well-equipped clinic.

✅ Those who want to keep costs as low as possible

✅ Looking for a clinic that focuses on pediatric orthodontics.

Dr. Yukiko
Dr. Yukiko

Dr. Baba is very serious and honest. He values the relationship of trust with his patients above all else.

What is the director of Kitasenju SHUN Orthodontics like?

Kitasenju SHUN Orthodontics
He is a calm and friendly teacher.

The director, Dr. Baba, is very serious and humble.Seriousness about treatment and patient-oriented attitudewas before Dr. Baba opened his practice.Dr. Director of the clinic where I worked also gave me a drum being pushed.

His speech is very calm and he speaks slowly.A warm teacher who is easy to ask questions and listens kindly to any story.It is.

After earning a doctorate in orthodontics from the University of,Board Certified by the Japanese Association of Orthodontistsand thenEngaged in orthodontic treatment for more than 15 yearsHe is still a dentist, but he has not changed his humble attitude.What we value most is the connection and trust between people.

We respond to patients' questions until they are satisfied, and we do not conceal the risks and disadvantages,We do not provide forced treatment.There is no sense of sales, and treatment will not begin unless the patient understands the risks and disadvantages of orthodontic treatment and sincerely wants to be treated. After checking the condition of the teeth, bone width, and jaw joints,They also make it clear before treatment if the treatment period is going to be long.

And it is not only adults who value trust. When treating children,Not only explaining to the parents, but also talking to the child at eye level, and directly agreeing with the child himself/herself.The children who do not want to undergo treatment as told by their parents tend to lose motivation and often develop cavities or fail to use the device. This is because children who are reluctant to undergo treatment as told by their parents tend to lose motivation and often develop cavities or are unable to use the equipment,A desire to build a trusting relationship with the child before treatment and to work together until the end.He says it is from

Although Dr. Baba is not fond of sweets, he has a sweet tooth, but he is also very generous, remembering the birthdays of all the staff members and buying a cake for each birthday to celebrate.

Baba Sensei is a serious and caring person,Director loved by staff as well as patients.It is.

Kitasenju SHUN Orthodontics is recommended for

Those who wish to receive treatment by an orthodontist in a well-equipped clinic.

Kitasenju SHUN Orthodontics is one of the few orthodontic clinics in Adachi Ward,Those who wish to redo old orthodontic treatment or seek treatment from a specialist.Many of the patients also come to the hospital.

Dr. Baba, the director of the clinic, is always modest, but he is a veteran orthodontist with a doctorate and certification and over 15 years of experience as an orthodontic specialist,A doctor who is highly trusted by other orthodontists for both his skills and personality.It is.

Also, although Kitasenju SHUN Orthodontics is less expensive than most orthodontic clinics,We invest heavily in equipment for diagnosis and treatment, including equipment such as CT and 3D scanners.We also have an assortment of

CT can be used to treat severe cases, such as those with thin or originally lowered bones or children with embedded adult teeth, to make treatment safer.

Because 3D scanners can make molds without the use of materials such as clay,This can greatly reduce the burden on people and children who get oohed and groaned during normal molding.The data can also be used to create individualized before-and-after simulations. In addition, individual pre- and post-treatment simulations can be created based on the data, allowing the user to confirm the image before treatment begins.

Screenshot 2024 05 05 17.30.40
CT and horse mascot characters installed in the hospital

Those who want to keep costs down

Kitasenju SHUN Orthodontics3

I want to be treated by a proper doctor, butWe want to keep costs as low as possible.Many of you must be saying.

What is the market price for treatment by an orthodontist in Tokyo,Surface orthodontic treatment costs 880,000-1,100,000 yen, but Kitasenju SHUN Orthodontics is very reasonable at 650,000-850,000 yen.It is.

Dr. Baba, who has been an orthodontist for more than 10 years and is also a certified orthodontist, has set the cost modestly so that more people suffering from misaligned teeth can receive treatment, and he has lowered the threshold by introducing in-office installments without interest by the clinic as well as dental loans.

In addition, Kitasenju SHUN Orthodontics offersBecause of our focus on orthodontics in childhood, many children achieve some good dental alignment with pediatric orthodontics alone,In this case, the total cost can be considerably reduced since only 400,000 yen is required for the first stage of treatment. In the unlikely event that the orthodontist transitions from pediatric orthodontics to adult orthodontics, the full cost of the devices paid for pediatric orthodontics will be deducted from the adult treatment cost, so you can rest assured that you will not have to worry.

Moving, etc.Patients transferred to the hospitalabout it, although there is usually a cost involved from the start,If you have a referral and documentation, basically treated with the refund from the previous doctor.The company said that it is doing so.

Work with general dentistry and cooperate with your family physician for cleanings, etc.This allows them to accept more patients and maintain low prices.

Looking for a clinic that focuses on pediatric orthodontics?

Kitasenju 6
The "Blackboard where Dwarfs Live" is located in the hospital. It is a work by Team Lab, where lines can be freely drawn with a touch, and the dwarfs run along the lines. It is very popular among children.

Dr. Baba especially likes to treat children.

While orthodontics for children is a very challenging field because it can make a big difference in the future alignment of teeth by successfully guiding developing teeth, using the growth of the jaw, and correcting bad habits, it is also a very deep and difficult treatment because the treatment plan needs to be changed in detail according to the development and growth of each child. However, it is also a very difficult treatment because it requires detailed changes in the treatment plan according to the development and growth of each child.

Dr. Baba has a bitter experience from his own childhood, when he had to undergo orthodontic treatment but gave up because he could not keep up his motivation,I want to create a clinic that kids will enjoy going to.I have been actively learning about pediatric orthodontics since I was a university student.Worked and studied in a clinic with many pediatric patients even before opening his own practiceWe have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience by doing so, and now treat children using many different devices depending on their personalities and symptoms.

Screenshot 2024 05 04 18.20.12
Various devices used at Kitasenju SHUN Orthodontics

Pediatric orthodontics.Dr. Baba's goal is to complete the treatment without brackets on the tooth surfaceThe following is a list of the items that are to be done.

Even if bucktooths or wobbly teeth are temporarily fixed by brackets during the growth period, they will quickly regress during the growth process if the cause of misaligned teeth is not removed. Therefore, Dr. Baba does not dare to forcibly align the teeth during the childhood period,Control of jaw growth and bad habitsThe dentist is also able to maintain good teeth alignment over the long term without regression by creating an environment for adult teeth to erupt and guiding them in the right direction.

Depending on when they start and the degree of jaw growth, they may move on to orthodontics for adult teeth, but at Kitasenju SHUN Orthodontics, their goal is to create a foundation for future bites and satisfactory teeth alignment during pediatric orthodontic treatment.

The treatment itself is often done from around age 7, but the consultation itself is done around age 3.The treatment can be started from the beginning of the first month of the year. Even if aggressive treatment is not yet considered necessary, periodic progress checks, such as once every six months, will help determine the appropriate time to begin treatment and get off to a good start.


Kitasenju SHUN Orthodontics 2

Lower pricing than other orthodontic specialty clinics, especiallyAs for the front side wire, 650,000 yen ~.and very attractive.

In addition, children who begin orthodontic treatment at the appropriate time often end up with only pediatric orthodontic treatment, which is much less expensive and half the price of adult orthodontic treatment.

Initial consultation is free of charge by filling out the web medical questionnaire in advance.

In-house installments and dental loans are also available.The company also offers interest-free installments, depending on the number of times the installment is made.

Initial ConsultationFree of charge / 2,000 yen
Online Consultationfree
inspection and diagnosis fee40,000 yen
Front side wire (metal)¥650,000
Surface wire (plastic or ceramic)750,000-850,000 yen
Half-lingual (top is back side, bottom is front side)1,000,000-1,100,000
Backside WireJPY1,200,000-1,300,000
Invisalign (full jaw)800,000-900,000 yen
Pediatric orthodontics (1st stage treatment)400,000 yen
Adjustment fee (pediatric)¥3,000
Adjustment fee (adult)¥5,000
Adjustment fee (backside wire)8,000 yen
observation fee¥3,000

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What are the facilities and atmosphere of the clinic?

The interior of the hospital is wood-grained and warm,Atmosphere that is easy for both adults and children to access.It is.

The treatment room is large enough to easily accommodate strollers, and there are diaper changing sheets and a children's play area.Child care is also available.

Each unit is equipped with a monitor,It is possible to receive treatment while watching a video.It is.

Kitasenju 9
Kitasenju SHUN Orthodontics 4

In the treatment room, named after Dr. BabaA cute horse character welcomes you!The following is a list of the most common problems with the

He is having trouble deciding on a name, so if you come up with a good name, please feel free to suggest it to him 😊.

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Comments from those who attend Kitasenju SHUN Orthodontics

Dr. Yukiko
Dr. Yukiko

This is a review of Kitasenju SHUN Orthodontics.

  • The director was very responsive to questions and answered them well,I liked the fact that it didn't feel like a sales pitch.I am very happy with the quality of the service. The fees are very reasonable for a certified doctor. (Adapted from google reviews)
  • Very nice doctor and staff.and was able to provide me with a detailed treatment plan from the time of the initial consultation. It is close to the station so it is easy to go there. (Adapted from google reviews)

Clinic Overview of Kitasenju SHUN Orthodontics

Clinic NameKitasenju SHUN Orthodontics
address (e.g. of house)120-0036
40-12 Senju-Nakamachi, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Phone number03-6806-1221
Access4 min. walk from JR "Kitasenju" station
2 min. walk from Tokyo Metro "Kita Senju" station
Office HoursTue-Thu-Fri 11:00-13:00/15:00-19:30
Sat. and Sun. 10:00-13:00/14:30-18:00
doctor's no-consultation dayMon. and Fri./every other Sunday, national holiday

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