How much does one implant cost? How much do implants cost and how to find a good clinic?

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I'm thinking about getting implants, how much does one implant cost?


Implants are,The total price per bottle is about 300,000-600,000 yen.It is.
In this article, we will discuss the cost of implants and how to find a good clinic!

Cost of Implants

Implant Cost

Implants are,The total price per bottle is about 300,000-600,000 yen.It is.

The cost of the implants is out-of-pocket,Health insurance does not apply.

The following is a breakdown of implant costs

  • Inspection cost→approx. 20,000-60,000 yen
  • Cost per implant part (including surgery) → approx. 260,000-550,000 yen
  • Other optional costs→depends on the procedure
  • Implant warranty cost -> around 0-35,000 yen

inspection fee

Examination costs and items vary by dentist and case, though,The entire inspection will cost about 20,000 to 60,000 yen.

Implants require a variety of preoperative tests and a detailed examination of the mouth and jawbone.

Major examination items include the following, which will be charged separately from the implant surgery

X-ray/CT imagingApproximately 5,000 to 30,000 yen.
Check the condition of the jawbone.
Oral ExaminationApprox. 1,500-5,000 yen.
Check for tooth decay, gum disease, and oral habits such as clenching and grinding.
Tooth modelingApprox. 2,000-5,000 yen.
A mold of the teeth is taken and a tooth model is made.
Intraoral PhotographyFree of charge - around 1,000 yen.
Photographs of the mouth and teeth are taken.
blood testApproximately 7,000-10,000 yen.
Check for the presence or absence of systemic diseases and conditions.
diagnostic feeApproximately 5,000-10,000 yen.
Create a treatment plan for placement of implants.

Cost per implant part

The total cost of the implant parts,Approximately 260,000-550,000 yenIt is.

Implants are

  • Artificial tooth root (fixture)" that replaces the root of a tooth
  • Abutment" that connects the artificial tooth root to the coverings.
  • covering (e.g. of woven bamboo, etc.)

The system is made up of three parts, each of which costs basically the same amount of money.

Artificial tooth root (fixture) cost

The cost of the artificial tooth root includes the cost of the surgery.About 200,000-300,000 yenis the market price.

Implant abutment cost

Abutments are the parts that connect the artificial tooth root (fixture) implanted in the jawbone to the crown.

Abutments are,About 10,000 to 50,000 yenis the market price.

The cost of a covering to be placed on the implant

The implant is completed when the artificial tooth root (fixture) is surgically inserted, the abutment is attached, and finally the implant is covered.

What is the cost of the coverings,About 50,000-200,000 yen per bottleIt is.

If multiple teeth are connected, as in the case of a bridge-type implant, the cost will increase according to the number of teeth.

For the coverings.

  • all-ceramic
  • all-zirconia
  • Hybrid ceramics
  • metal

There are several types, including

Like all-ceramic or all-zirconia,Better looking and stronger materials tend to be more expensive.

Other optional costs

Depending on the condition of the jawbone and the presence of systemic disease, preoperative procedures to increase bone may be necessary.

For example, if there is not enough thickness or amount of bone to place the artificial tooth root, the implant surgery may be preceded by a "
A procedure called "osteogenesis (sinus lift, socket lift, GBR method)" may be performed.

Osteogenesis is a procedure to increase the amount of bone in the jaw.

Cost.Approx. 30,000-300,000 yenand varies greatly depending on the surgical technique.

In addition, "intravenous sedation" may be used to reduce tension and anxiety during surgery to implant artificial tooth roots.

For intravenous sedation,About 50,000-100,000 yen separatelycosts.

Implant Warranty Costs

Implant warranty costs are a guarantee of the cost of treatment in the event that an implant falls out or cracks and breaks.

Market Price.Around 0-35,000 yenIt is.

It may be included as part of the manufacturer's warranty for the implants used, but may cost extra.

Check more than just implant costs! How to Find a Good Dentist

Implant Cost

The total cost of implants is about 300,000-600,000 yen, but occasionally you may see inexpensive implants, such as 100,000 yen per implant.

In fact, the cost of implants varies depending on the performance, durability, and safety assurance of the manufacturer who makes the part, and this is reflected in the total cost of the implant.

For extremely cheap implants,Note that it is possible that some process is omitted in order to keep costs down.

When considering implants, it's not just about the cost.

  • Implant Manufacturer
  • Implant Surgery Facilities
  • Warranty

Make sure that you have a clear understanding of the following

Implant Manufacturer

There are several implant manufacturers,We recommend manufacturers with proven track records, even if they are expensive.It is.

Proven and relatively expensive implant manufacturers often have a higher affinity with the jawbone, even if the implants are made of the same titanium, and offer more generous aftercare warranties, among other advantages.

Surgical equipment for implants

Because implants involve the placement of an artificial tooth root in the bone, they require facilities that ensure an even safer and cleaner environment than is usually the case with dental treatment.

It costs a certain amount of money to use disposable scalpels and gloves and to have proper sterilization equipment.

Therefore, dentists with better implant surgery facilities tend to charge slightly more for implants.

Inexpensive implants are,Note that the cost of surgical equipment may be omitted.


Implants may last 10 years or more with good post-operative maintenance, but some problems may require re-treatment.

  • How long is the warranty period?
  • Guaranteed trouble coverage
  • How much of the cost is guaranteed in the event of a problem?

Check the following,Understand how good the warranty is in case of problems.

Check the breakdown of implant costs carefully.

Implant Cost

The breakdown of implant costs varies from case to case, dentist to dentist, and manufacturer of the implants used,Check carefully to see if there are additional charges for preoperative tests and procedures.

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