How to Cure Tongue Stomatitis? Causes and how to cure it!

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Last updated May 18, 2022


I have a painful mouth sore on my tongue, why do I get mouth sores?


Stomatitis can be caused by physical irritation such as biting the tongue or touching orthodontic appliances with the tongue, poor nutrition, stress, or viruses.

This time,I will discuss the causes of mouth ulcers on the tongue and how to cure them!

Causes of mouth ulcers on the tongue

Tongue Stomatitis

There are seven types of mouth ulcers on the tongue, each with a different cause.

  • Aphthous stomatitis (ulcerative stomatitis)
  • Catarrhal stomatitis (traumatic stomatitis)
  • viral stomatitis
  • stomatitis fungoides
  • allergic stomatitis
  • nicotinic stomatitis

Caused by lifestyle disorders or systemic diseases|Aphthous stomatitis (ulcerative stomatitis)

It is the most common form of stomatitis.

Poor physical condition, nutritional deficiencies, especially vitamin B2, stress, lack of sleep, and other lifestyle disturbancesThe cause of the problem is not clear,

orSystemic diseases such as Behcet's disease and Crohn's diseaseIt is believed to be caused by

Usually heals spontaneously within two weeks, but if the mouth ulcers occur repeatedly,

Since this may be caused by a systemic disease, a visit to a medical doctor is recommended.

Symptoms,Circular or oval white ulcers of 2 to 10 mm in sizeis a feature of this product.

The edges of the mouth sores are bordered by red lines.

In addition, there may be only one or several small mouth ulcers clustered together.

Caused by external irritation|catarrhal stomatitis (traumatic stomatitis)

Catarrhal stomatitis is primarily caused byPhysical irritation of the tongue or mouth from orthodontic mouthpieces, wires, dentures, or holes caused by carious teeth, chemical irritants, burns, etc.Mouth sores are caused by external irritation of the

Symptoms are characterized by,Initially, blisters form, but they soon collapse and become ulcers.

Physical irritation to the ulcer area or hot drinks or food can cause pain until the mouth ulcer improves.

Viral cause|Viral stomatitis

Viral stomatitis isViruses such as Coxsackie A, which causes herpes simplex, perpangina (summer cold) and hand, foot and mouth diseaseMouth ulcers are caused by

Blister-like mouth sores cracked,It becomes a painful ulcer.

If the patient has a systemic disease such as perpangina or hand, foot and mouth disease,

Along with systemic symptoms such as fever and malaise, the disease-causing virus causes mouth ulcers to form.

Caused by fungi|Candida stomatitis

Candida is a type of fungus (mold) that is always present in the mouth.

Candida is present in every mouth and does not normally cause mouth ulcers or other problems,Stomatitis can develop due to opportunistic infections or a weakened immune system.

Symptoms,White spots or moss-like deposits are seen in the mouth.

Caused by Allergy|Allergic Stomatitis

One of the allergic reactions to metals, medicine, food, etc.This is a mouth ulcer that occurs as a

Red spots (erythema) and "erosions," which look like sores on the surface of the tongue, occur, and if the condition worsens further, ulcers develop.

Caused by smoking habit|Nicotinic stomatitis

By chronic smokingDecreased resistance of the mouth to nicotine and heat exposure, dry mouth, and changes in the balance of oral bacteriaThis is a mouth ulcer caused by

Caution is needed because of the risk of cancer in the future.It is.

Basically, stomatitis causes no pain, but when it becomes cancerous, erosions and ulcers are seen.

How to heal mouth ulcers on the tongue

Tongue Stomatitis

If you have mouth ulcers on your tongue,It can be remedied by using over-the-counter medications or by visiting a hospital.


However,Not all methods are equally effective for all mouth ulcers.So, let's check the types of mouth ulcers that are effective as well as how to cure them!

Use over-the-counter medications

Over-the-counter ointments, patches, and oral medications are used to reduce inflammation and cure mouth ulcers.
Although it may heal spontaneously over time, over-the-counter medications can be used to reduce pain and promote healing.

[Types of mouth ulcers that can be cured.
Aphthous stomatitis (ulcerative stomatitis)
Catarrhal stomatitis (traumatic stomatitis)

Over the counter at drugstores and other retailers are ointments containing steroidal and nonsteroidal sodium azulenesulfonate and glycyrrhetinic acid as the main ingredients, which relieve inflammation and pain of mouth ulcers, and oral medications containing tranexamic acid, which reduces inflammation of mouth ulcers from inside the body.

Note that over-the-counter medications may not cure the disease!

If aphthous stomatitis occurs repeatedly despite the use of over-the-counter medications, it may be caused by a systemic disease such as Behcet's disease and requires a medical consultation.

Catarrhal stomatitis that occurs during orthodontic treatment or when dentures are used may also require adjustment of orthodontic appliances or dentures.

In this case, use over-the-counter medications as well as see a dentist.

Guidelines for Seeing a Doctor or Dentist
  • Not cured after using over-the-counter medications for about a week.
  • Mouth sores are growing.
  • Repeated mouth ulcers
  • Lots of mouth ulcers at the same time.
  • White moss-like spots in the mouth
  • Multiple small blisters are present on the lips and skin as well as the mouth.

go to a hospital

There are many different types and causes of mouth ulcers, and they can be difficult to distinguish.

A visit to a hospital can help you develop a plan of action according to the cause of your mouth ulcers, which may help you improve the condition quickly.

[Types of mouth ulcers that can be cured.
Aphthous stomatitis (ulcerative stomatitis)
Catarrhal stomatitis (traumatic stomatitis)
Viral stomatitis
Fungal stomatitis
Allergic stomatitis

Although the specialty of stomatitis is considered otorhinolaryngology,Dentistry can treat mouth ulcers using lasers.It is.

Laser irradiation of mouth ulcers can relieve pain and speed healing of mouth ulcers

If caused by a virus or fungus, oral or topical medications may be used to suppress the activity of the causative virus or fungus.

In addition, allergic stomatitis requires the elimination of the substance causing the allergy, so if the allergy is caused by metal brackets or coverings, the material of the brackets or coverings must be changed.

No Smoking!

[Types of mouth ulcers that can be cured.
Nicotinic stomatitis

It is not easy to do,The only way to treat nicotinic stomatitis is to quit smoking.

Because of the risk of mouth ulcers that can become cancerous, it is recommended that smoking cessation and other measures be taken.

How to prevent mouth sores on the tongue

Tongue Stomatitis

Mouth sores on the tongue can be prevented by

  • Improvement of lifestyle
  • Take B vitamins
  • Try to eat a diet that is gentle on digestion.
  • Do not touch orthodontic appliances, dentures, or carious teeth with your tongue

Improvement of lifestyle

Lack of sleep, stress, and physical fatigue lower the resistance of the mucous membranes of the mouth, making it more susceptible to mouth ulcers from external stimuli, viruses, and bacteria.

Ensure adequate time for sleep with a regular lifestyle.This will help to reduce stress by allowing the body to rest and regulate the autonomic nervous system.

Take B vitamins

Among the B vitamins, vitamins B2 and B6 play a role in improving the barrier function of the mucous membranes of the mouth and promoting metabolism. Therefore,When taken actively through diet or supplements, it can help create an environment in which mouth ulcers are less likely to form and are more likely to heal.

Recommended foods containing vitamins B2 and B6

[Vitamin B2
Dried Wakame seaweed
Natto (fermented soybeans), etc.

[Vitamin B6
Red tuna
Sweet Potatoes
Red bell peppers
Yogurt, etc.

Try to eat a diet that is gentle on digestion.

Binge eating, spices and other stimulating foods, and excessive alcohol consumption can cause indigestion.Continued indigestion can lead to mouth ulcers on the tongue and other parts of the mouth.Therefore, be sure to eat a diet that is gentle on digestion.

Do not touch orthodontic appliances, dentures, or carious teeth with your tongue

It is easy to get mouth sores if you are concerned about the discomfort of orthodontic appliances or dentures when you first start using them, or if you touch them aggressively with your tongue because you are worried about the holes in your teeth.

Better not to touch it with your tongue, even if you are concerned about it.It is.

Orthodontic appliances and dentures should also be checked for sharp edges by mopping the mouth or touching them with the tongue during fitting and adjustment at the dentist's office.

Tongue stomatitis should be prevented and addressed according to the cause.

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Causes of mouth ulcers on the tongue,Various lifestyle disorders, stress, irritation from orthodontic appliances or dentures, viruses, bacteria, systemic diseases, etc.It is.

Keep a good lifestyle and eating habits to prevent mouth ulcers, and if you develop mouth ulcers, make good use of over-the-counter medications and hospitals, depending on the cause.

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