Why don't you notice the Kucharrah? Explains the cause and how to cure it!

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Last updated on October 10, 2023


Doctor, I have a friend who is a kuchar... and I am concerned about him...
Does he or she not realize that he or she is a kucha?


Kuchara is like a habitual way of eating. So you may not be aware of it.
This time,Why don't Kucharrahs notice? We explain the causes, the cure, and how to tell them!

What is a Kuchler? Why don't you recognize it?

Kucharrer, how to cure

What is Kucharrer?People who make a "crunching" chewing sound from their mouths while eating.of the

Basically, chewing noise is made to a certain extent, but a kuchara makes a chewing sound that can be heard by those around him.

Not only is the sound uncomfortable, but also because they chew food with their mouths open,The food being chewed is visible to the other person and the spit looks like it's about to fly, giving the impression of being dirty.There are times when

When confronted with a kuchara, many people wonder, "How come I don't notice all that kuchara?" Many people may wonder, "Why don't they notice such a chattering sound?

However, kuchara is like an unconscious habit,No matter how loud the sound is, you rarely notice it yourself.

Rarely do we look at ourselves in the mirror as we eat, and almost no one notices that our mouths are open while we eat.

Causes of Kucharrer

Kucharrer, how to cure

The cause of the kucharrer,Eating with the mouth open is habitual for the following reasonsThis is to say.

  • I'm not a good chewer.
  • Mouth breathing.
  • Eating Habits

I'm not a good chewer.

Inability to functionally close the mouth due to a bad biteare more likely to become kucharas because their mouths are open while eating.

Bites that are difficult to close are bucktooths or a passive mouth.

In addition, if the bite is not properly aligned, the jaw is shifted from side to side or chewing is done only with the teeth on one side, which is easier to chew, resulting in a clicking sound without a rhythmic chewing motion with the mouth closed.

Mouth breathing.

Mouth breathing is breathing through the mouth instead of through the nose.

  • Poor bite and inability to close mouth
  • Weak lip muscles and open mouth
  • Tongue muscles are weak and do not move well
  • Nose easily clogged by chronic rhinitis, adenoids, etc.

This is what causes mouth breathing.and chewing with the mouth open while eating becomes a habit that leads to kuchara.

Eating Habits

People who have the following habits during mealsmay become habituated to eating with their mouths open and may become a kucha.

  • Poor posture and looking down while eating
  • Has a habit of speaking with food in his mouth
  • Not concentrating on eating, such as eating while watching TV, etc.

Why is it that you are a cucharacter when you keep your mouth closed?

Kucharrer, how to cure

What is a cucharacter even though his mouth is closed,The tongue may be moving around in the mouth more than necessary when chewing.

Weak tongue and lip muscles and a poor bite require the tongue to be moved violently in the mouth to chew food with the mouth closed.

This makes it sound as if the tongue is clucking when chewing food.

How to Cure Kucharrer

Kucharrer, how to cure

How to Cure Kucharrer,The following methods are effective in helping people close their mouths and change the habits that cause kucharaIt is.

  • Improved bite
  • Tongue and lip training.
  • Be aware of nasal breathing
  • Change mealtime habits.

Improved bite

Orthodontic treatment improves a bad bite,The teeth should be aligned for easy lip closure and balanced chewing.

This will help improve the kuchara if the mouth can be closed and eating can be done smoothly.

Tongue and lip training.

By training the tongue and lips,Ensure that the tongue is used correctly and the mouth is closed for eating.

To strengthen the muscles of the tongue and lips, we recommend tongue-rotation training and the Iaibe exercises.

Be aware of nasal breathing

If you are a mouth breather, you are more likely to become a cucharacter,Be conscious of breathing through your nose.

If your mouth opens unconsciously, close it when you notice it.

If you have physical difficulty breathing through your nose due to a bite or nasal congestion,I recommend getting braces or an otolaryngologist to treat nasal congestion.It is.

Change mealtime habits.

If you have habits during meals that cause cucharas, change them.

In order to close the mouth and chew properly, the first step is to have a good posture when eating.Sit deeply in your chair with your feet on the ground and keep your back straight.

The best chair height is about the height at which your elbows bend 90 degrees when you place your hands on the table.

If watching TV makes it difficult to concentrate on chewing due to poor posture, turn it off.

Also,When eating with others, be conscious of swallowing food before speaking.

It is best to take one bite at a time, as putting too much food in the mouth at one time does not allow for smooth conversation.

What would you do if you had a kucha-la around you?

Kucharrer, how to cure

If there is a kucha-la near you and you want to be careful,Communicate with consideration for the feelings of othersMake sure to do so.

If the relationship is good, it is OK to be honest and tell them, but kucharas are basically unaware of it.

Therefore, it may come as a shock when it is suddenly pointed out.

Instead of using the word "kucharah" to communicate directly,

Rhinitis, perhaps? Is your nose painful? I'm worried because it seems like you chew while breathing through your mouth when you eat..."

I've heard that mouth breathing is linked to snoring, lowered immunity, and poor physical health! I'm curious myself... what do you think?"

Such as,Take the conversation away from health topics.is one way to do this.

Communication techniques are necessary, but it is best if they can be conveyed smartly without being intrusive.


Kucharrer, how to cure

Kucharas are caused by the habit of eating with the mouth open for the following reasons

  • I'm not a good chewer.
  • Mouth breathing.
  • Eating Habits

How to Cure Kucharrer,Orthodontics, tongue and lip training to make it easier to close the mouth, and changing habits that cause cucharism are effectiveIt is.

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