Which celebrities have Invisalign? And before and afters!

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Last updated June 13, 2023


I've heard that "celebrities straighten their teeth with Invisalign." Can it be done properly?


Invisalign is the pioneer of mouthpiece orthodontics. It is an orthodontic method that can fully treat the alignment of the teeth due to its advanced materials and system development.
In this issue, let's take a look at the before and afters of celebrities who have Invisalign to see how well their teeth are aligned!

Entertainers with Invisalign.

Invisalign Celebrity

Here are some celebrities who have publicly announced that they have had Invisalign, along with before and after photos!

Celebrities who have been corrected with Invisalign

■Fujii Kaze

■ Riisa Naka
Kento Kaku
Akane Hotta

■Minako Nakano

Mr. Fujii Feng

Singer Kaze Fujii has announced that she straightens her teeth with Invisalign.

The reason is that they can be removed when singing and to keep the teeth aligned in order to be active abroad. Also, I was going to keep my double teeth because they are my charm point. At the Kohaku Uta Gassen, she was so nervous that she forgot to take off her mouthpiece, but she gave a wonderful performance that brought the audience to their feet.

Riisa Naka

Actress Riisa Naka also had braces with Invisalign. She used to have a gummy smile, but after braces, her teeth are now beautifully aligned. She also talked about her firm retainer on insta-live and other occasions.

Kento Kaku

Kento Kaku revealed on a radio program that he had been using Invisalign to straighten his teeth for about six months.

On the radio, he told a story about how people hardly noticed him wearing a mouthpiece,Experience firsthand how Invisalign is less noticeableI was.It seems to be.


BEFORE. The teeth are not that bad,There is a rattle around the lower front teeth.

After.The lower teeth, which are visible when the mouth is opened, are clearly in place.

Akane Hotta.

BEFORE. There are very few bumps in the teeth, though,The teeth are protruding and the gums are easily visible, giving the impression of a gummy smile.

After. The arch of the teeth is wider than the before, and the front teeth are retracted inward.Gummy smile also improvedThe tips of the upper front teeth are aligned along the line of the lower lip, which is very beautiful.

About Invisalign even during treatmentIt's effortless, comfortable, and moves teeth fast."They were highly satisfied with Invisalign because they felt that

Minako Nakano

Minako Nakano discusses her Invisalign experience in detail on her blog.

How I got started with Invisalign and,It even details the advantages and disadvantages of actually doing it.So, it is very helpful.


BEFORE. You originally had wire braces,The front teeth around the upper left are disorganized and one front tooth on the lower right is popping out and rattling.

After.The rattling of the upper front teeth before treatment is gone.Since you started orthodontics with Invisalign in 2015, it is wonderful to see that you are still keeping your teeth in beautiful alignment.


In addition to this,

Riisa Naka


Ai Kago
Angelica Michibata
Mr. Justin Bieber.
Mr. Tom Cruise.
Ms. Serena Williams.

Many celebrities have obtained beautifully aligned teeth with Invisalign, including

Why Invisalign is the Celebrity of Choice

Invisalign Celebrity

Invisalign offers the following advantages for entertainers who frequently appear in public

  • Transparent mouthpiece makes it less noticeable
  • Can be removed whenever you like.
  • Less frequent hospital visits
  • Less pain
  • Easy to brush teeth and hygienic
  • No worries about metal allergies
  • Know the duration of orthodontic treatment before treatment

Transparent mouthpiece makes it less noticeable

Invisalign uses a transparent mouthpiece,People hardly notice that you are wearing it.

The discreetness of the device is very important for entertainers who are often in public.

Talk shows and variety shows because they are less conspicuous.Entertainers photographed with Invisalign in place.There are also some, and they can be a topic of discussion.

Can be removed whenever you like.

Invisalign is aThe mouthpiece can be removed freely whenever you like.

This is very convenient because it eliminates the need to go to the dentist's office if you want to remove your orthodontic appliance for work.

Less frequent hospital visits

Whereas wire braces require at least one visit each month,Invisalign requires only one visit every two to three months.

It is thought that Invisalign is more likely to be chosen by celebrities who are unable to immediately visit their family orthodontist in rural areas or on location overseas, because it reduces the burden of visits.

Less pain

Invisalign moves teeth more finely than wire braces,Less Painful Correction MethodsIt is.

In addition, the mouthpiece is smooth and does not easily hit the inside of the mouth,The device is less likely to cause pain in the cheek or tongue.It is.

Since dental clinics are not open 24 hours a day all the time, less pain = less trouble, which is suitable for performers who often work irregular hours.

Easy to brush teeth and hygienic

For entertainers for whom cleanliness is important, food debris and plaque on orthodontic appliances is undesirable.

Invisalign, because you can remove the mouthpiece and brush your teeth almost as usual,It is easy to care for the mouth and keep it clean.

No worries about metal allergies

Invisalign does not use metal.

Therefore,No risk of developing metal allergies as with wire bracesIt is.

Know the duration of orthodontic treatment before treatment

Invisalign uses an intraoral scanner called iTero to take three-dimensional pictures of the inside of the mouth to simulate the post-treatment alignment of the teeth before treatment.

This allows us to know in detail in advance how long the treatment will take,It is easy to plan how to proceed with the correction in conjunction with your work schedule.

For entertainers who may be on location for months at a time and travel to regional or international locations, the prospect of a treatment plan can be a major advantage.

Cost of Invisalign performed by celebrities

Invisalign Cost

Invisalign offers several plans depending on the extent and amount of tooth movement. The following is a list of Invisalign plans.

Invisalign Compliance PackageApprox. 800,000-1,200,000 yenPlan for total correction.
There is no limit to the number of mouthpieces that can be made, and a wide range of cases can be handled, from mild to severe cases.
Invisalign Lite PackageApprox. 500,000 yen and upPlan that can correct the entire body.
The number of mouthpieces made is limited to 14, so it is indicated for minor cases and post-orthodontic retrogression.
Invisalign Express PackageApprox. 300,000-500,000 yenPartial orthodontic plan that aligns the teeth by moving the front teeth and up to the fourth front tooth (first premolar).
The number of mouthpieces that can be ordered is seven, so the amount of tooth movement is quite small.
Invisalign GoApprox. 300,000-800,000 yenPlan for partial orthodontic treatment to straighten the front teeth, which is related to the appearance of the teeth.
The teeth can be moved up to the fifth tooth from the front (second bicuspid).
The range and amount of tooth movement is greater than the Invisalign Express package.

If you are interested in Invisalign, which is what the celebrities are doing.

Invisalign Cost

Less noticeable, less painful, and requiring fewer visits, Invisalign is the choice of many celebrities.

If you want to achieve beautiful, celebrity-like teeth with Invisalign, consult your dentist first.

In 365dentist,Open chat to help you choose a reliable dentist and feel free to talk about your concerns and questions about orthodontics.The company is doing so!

Please come and visit us!

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