What are the risks of implants? A specialist explains the advantages and disadvantages in simple terms!

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implant (esp. dental)

Last updated October 15, 2022


Implants are a little scary. I want to know not only the advantages but also the disadvantages before starting treatment.

The Japanese Society of Oral Implantology
medical specialist

Implants are a good treatment option, but if you don't know about them, you may feel uneasy.

An implant specialist will discuss the disadvantages and advantages of implants.

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After working as an assistant professor at a university hospital, worked at a dental clinic. Specialist of the Japanese Society of Oral Implantology

What is implant treatment?

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Implant treatment is a type of prosthetic treatment that replaces missing teeth.

A biocompatible screw called an implant is implanted in the jawbone,

The treatment involves placing an artificial tooth, called a superstructure, on top of the tooth to recreate a chewable state.

Advantages of Implant Treatment

implant (esp. dental)

Lasts a long time

In addition to dental implants, other treatments for missing teeth include dentures and bridges.

Implant treatment has a 92-94% survival rate after 10 yearsIn about,

For the highest results compared to dentures and bridgesLasts a long timeIt is said.

No need to grind down healthy teeth.

Bridges are for missing teeth.Needs to be cut down and covered with adjacent teethThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

For implant treatment,It eliminates the need to grind down remaining teeth and protects valuable dental structure.

No strain on healthy teeth

Bridges and dentures shorten the life of remaining teeth by causing the other remaining teeth (remaining teeth) to bear the biting forces caused by chewing.

Implant therapy because the bite force can be borne by the implants,Treatment can be performed without placing a burden on other teeth.

There are also benefits to overall health.

Compared to other treatments, implants provide a more natural chewing and eating experience.

It has been noted that because tooth loss makes it difficult to eat, people tend to eat only soft porridge or salty foods, which reduces the frequency of protein and fiber intake.


Eating without teeth is inconvenient.

For this reason, I would like to be able to enjoy eating with implants.

I worry about unbalanced nutrition.

thereuponThe risk of a loss of skeletal muscle mass throughout the body and a longer period of bed-riddenness in one's lifetime is a problem.

Implant therapy has the potential to decrease these risks, and its effectiveness has been debated at academic conferences.

Currently, the scientific evidence for this is not yet satisfactory,

Continuing to eat with your own teeth is the first step toward good health, and prosthetic treatment and prevention of tooth loss are of the utmost importance.It can be said that

Disadvantages of Implants

implant (esp. dental)


The first is the possibility of peri-implantitis, in which the implants become infected with periodontal bacteria after treatment.

14% of implants over a 10-year period are so familiar that they are reported to be infected with bacteria.It is.

How to treat implants that have developed peri-implantitis

If you have peri-implantitis.

Scraping off surfaces infected with bacteria

Sterilization by laser

Decontamination with powder

There are multiple treatment options, including

If this does not work, the implant will be removed.

The Japanese Society of Oral Implantology
medical specialist

Worst-case scenario would be implant removal,

Please be assured that there are proper treatment methods.

Surgery must be performed.

The second is the risk at the time of surgery.

Implant treatment involves surgical treatment because it requires implantation of the implant into the jawbone.

There are important tissues such as nerves and blood vessels in the jaw area, and there is a risk of damaging such tissues during surgery.

In the past, implants were as long as possible because the bond between implant and bone was weak. It was a time when a lot of bone had to be removed and the risks were high during surgery.

However, nowadays, because of the improved performance of implant-bone bonding, even short implants can be treated well.

Therefore,Perform CT imaging before surgery to closely observe critical tissues, design the length and thickness of the implant to be used, and reduce surgical risks as much as possible.The company is now able to do the same.

Ask the dentist in charge of your treatment for a thorough explanation of this area and hope for the best.

Unsuitable if there is an underlying disease

The main systemic diseases at risk are,

Diabetes mellitus


Infective endocarditis

The following is a list of the most important factors that can be considered.

diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus causes high blood glucose levels that can lead to

The ability of the bone to bond with the implant is reduced, and the implant may fall out or

There is a risk that the bone will not bond to the implant in the first place.

Therefore, it is important to control blood glucose levels with medication, diet, and exercise therapy while seeking implant treatment.


Some patients treated for osteoporosis are also taking medications called bisphosphonates or anti-runcular antibodies.

Those who are taking such medications cannot immediately undergo implant treatment surgery.

Therefore, it is necessary to take a break from the medication for a number of months, and you should discuss this with your doctor.

infective endocarditis

Those who are undergoing treatment for heart valves and are at risk of developing infective endocarditis should also be aware of this.

Surgical procedures require a lot of antibiotics to be taken internally.

Taking unnecessary risks should be avoided, so options such as bridges and dentures are often chosen.

Understand the disadvantages of implants and discuss them with your dentist.

Tooth loss begins with one or two teeth at first.

However, treatment that places stress on remaining teeth increases the burden of chewing on healthy teeth,

Teeth are being lost like dominoes falling.

Because implant therapy can independently bear the occlusal forces,

suchWe can stop the chain of tooth loss.Treatment method.

On the other hand, there are disadvantages. To ensure a satisfactory and better treatment, it is necessary to receive a thorough explanation from a trustworthy dentist.


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