What are Gizzard Teeth? Includes popular cartoon characters!

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Last updated August 21, 2023


Teacher! What are gnarled teeth?

I often hear this with cartoon characters...


Jagged teeth are teeth that are jagged!

This time,Here are some popular cartoon characters with kiza teeth!

What is a gnarled tooth?

Gizzard Tooth Character

What is a gnarled tooth?A tooth with a triangularly pointed tip.

Although rarely seen in real human teeth, many unique jagged-toothed characters can be seen in cartoons.

Animated characters with gizzard teeth are popular in a variety of cartoons because of their wild, mysterious, cute, and adorable image, like sharks and lions.

10 Popular Anime Characters with Gizzard Teeth

Gizzard Tooth Character

[Popular cartoon character with gizzard teeth

■ "Chainsaw Man" Denzie
Blue Rock" Raiichi Jingo
My Hero Academia" Eijiro Kirishima
Fire Brigade" Morira Kusakabe
ONE PIECE" Charlotte Katakuri
Frederika Baumann, "Re:Zero kara Hajimari no Isekai Seikatsu" (Starting from Re:Zero: Another World Life)
Free!" Matsuoka Rin
Grell Sutcliffe, Black Butler
Ansamburu Stars! Mayoi Reise
■"Disney's Twisted Wonderland," Floyd Leach

The Chainsaw Man" Denzie

The character with the gizzard teeth is Denji from one of the most popular cartoons, Chainsaw Man.

It is unusual for the main animated character to have gizzard teeth!

Blue Rock" Raiichi Jingo

On the right side of the image is Jingo Raiichi, a popular anime character with gizzard teeth. He appears in the popular Shonen Jump manga "Blue Rock.

After all, the competitive and wild accuracy looks even more attractive with the jagged teeth!

My Hero Academia" Eijiro Kirishima

Eijiro Kirishima, a hot-blooded character, is a character from the anime "My Hero Academia," which is so popular it has been made into a movie.

The gnarled teeth peeking out from the corners of his smiling mouth make him a very popular character.

Kusakabe Morira, Fire Brigade

This is Morira Hinoshita, another main character from the popular anime "Flame Fire Brigade.

The character is also known as "The Devil" for his gnarled, toothy grin.

ONE PIECE" Charlotte Katakuri

This is Charlotte Katakuri from "One Piece," which has been animated and filmed for years.

She seems to have a complex about the fact that her mouth is averted by eating too many doughnuts, and since she usually hides her mouth, you may not have many opportunities to see her jagged teeth.

Frederika Baumann, "Re:Zero kara Hajimari no Isekai Seikatsu" (Starting from Re:Zero: Another World Life)

Frederica Baumann is the gizzard-toothed character of the popular anime "Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu" which has gone through its 1st and 2nd seasons and is even set to produce its 3rd season!

She has subhuman blood, and her jagged, fang-like teeth give her an appealing character that is both cute and wild.

Rin Matsuoka, Free!

He is a handsome shark-inspired character from the popular anime "Free!", which depicts the daily life of a boys' swimming club.

In addition to the shark-inspired gizzard teeth, the name of the school he belongs to is "Shark Pattern Academy," a thorough characterization of the school.

Grell Sutcliffe, The Black Butler

Grell Sutcliffe in "Black Butler" is another character famous for his gnarled teeth.

She is a onee character who loves the color red, and her gnarled teeth make her unique quirky personality even more appealing.

Ansamburu Stars! Mayoi Reise

Ansamburu Stars! is a popular character with cute gnarled teeth and troubled eyebrows.

The gnarled teeth create an atmosphere in which the line "Excuse me, excuse me, I'm sorry, I'm suspicious" fits perfectly.

Floyd Leach, Disney's Twisted Wonderland

Floyd Leach of "Disney's Twisted Wonderland" is another character with striking jagged teeth.

The gnarled teeth look great on his grinning, laughing face.

Not Just Gizzard Teeth! Anime Characters with Distinctive Teeth

Gizzard Tooth Character

[Animated character with distinctive teeth]
Iyami from "Osomatsu-san".

Iyami from "Osomatsu-san".

Many people may think of Iyami from Osomatsu-san when it comes to anime characters with bucktooths.

Thanks to the front teeth, only three of which protrude from the mouth, this character is unforgettable once seen.


Gizzard Tooth Character

In this issue, we have introduced 10 popular anime characters with impressive jagged teeth!

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