Can a Receptive Mouth be Cured? Includes treatment methods and celebrities with a passive mouth!

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Last updated on October 10, 2023


I have a problem with a passive mouth... Isn't a passive mouth not cute?


No, no, no! That's not true!
In fact, there are many entertainers with a passive mouth who are acclaimed as cute and beautiful.

This time,Here are some treatments for a passive mouth and some attractive celebrities with passive mouths!

What is a "passive mouth"?

Cute receiving mouth Celebrity

What is a "receiving mouth?"This is a condition in which the lower front teeth are more outward than the upper front teeth when chewing.

In dentistry, it is called "counterbite," "mandibular prognathism," or "Class III" in terms of bite classification.

There are several types of passive mouths,

  • Type with lower front teeth growing outward
  • Type in which the lower jaw is larger than the upper jaw

There are

Is a passive mouth cute? How is it different from a hunchback?

Cute receiving mouth Celebrity

Since it is not a dental term, no definition exists, but "passive mouth" and "squatting" may refer to different conditions.

Receiving mouth" is primarily a condition of the bite and alignment of the teeth in the mouthand refers to theThe term "squatting" refers to a skeletal condition in which the lower jaw protrudes when looking at the contour or profile of the face.It seems to be often the case.

There are two types of passive mouth, one in which the lower front teeth grow outward and the other in which the lower jaw is larger than the upper jaw,

  • Type in which the lower front teeth grow outward → "Receptive mouth".
  • Type with a larger lower jaw than upper jaw → "squatting".

This is how we see it.

The word "squat" may not give a good impression, but there are procedures in which a prosthesis or hyaluronic acid is injected into the tip of the lower jaw to give it height in order to improve the profile, and this does not necessarily mean that the squat is not cute.

Can you cure a passive mouth on your own?

Cute receiving mouth Celebrity

If you already have a passive mouth,Unfortunately, it cannot be cured on its own.

However, training of the tongue, lips, and other parts of the mouth can be expected to prevent the severity of passive mouth.

Training to prevent severe cases of passive mouth

Perform training 1-3 5-10 times a day.

You can do it whenever you like, divide it into three parts, etc., but it is easier to make it a habit if you decide on the timing and the number of times to do it at a time.

  1. Close your lips and touch the buccal side of your lower left back tooth with your tongue.
  2. Continue to lick the front side of the lower teeth in a circular motion with your tongue, moving it to the lower right cheek. At this point, be aware that you should hold the lower front teeth inward with your tongue.
  3. When the bottom is finished, lick your tongue in a circular motion from the inside of the upper right back tooth to the inside of the upper left back tooth.

Treatment of Receptive Mouth

Cute receiving mouth Celebrity

Because the passive mouth cannot be cured by itself,Basically, orthodontic treatment is required.

Types of orthodontic appliances available for the treatment of passive mouth

Orthodontic appliances are either mouthpiece braces, which use a clear mouthpiece, or wire braces, which attach wires to the front or back of the teeth.

The indication for orthodontic appliances depends on the difficulty of the case and the dentist's judgment of the difficulty of the patient's case of passive mouth.

Differences in treatment methods depending on the difficulty of the case

Treatment methods vary depending on the difficulty of the case of passive mouth.

Mild to moderate receiving mouth

Mild to moderate passive mouth is,Simply realigning the teeth may improve the passive mouth.

In order to make room for the teeth, extraction or IPR(*) is performed to realign the teeth as needed.

*To create a gap between teeth by shaving a thin layer between them to the extent that the teeth are not affected. Also called discing.

severe ukegaki (protrusion of the upper lip and lower lip)

In severe cases of passive mouth, there is often a problem with the balance between the size of the upper and lower jaws.

Therefore, in addition to extracting and aligning the teeth,To correct the imbalance between the upper and lower jaws, surgery may be performed to cut the lower jaw and retract it back.

Orthodontic treatment involving surgery to cut the jaw is called "surgical orthodontics," and a diagnosis of "jaw deformity" may be made, in which the jaw deformity interferes with the bite.

If the patient has jaw deformities that result in a passive mouth, orthodontic treatment can be covered by insurance if an orthodontic appliance is used that is attached to the front of the teeth with wires.

Entertainers with a passive mouth

If you look at celebrities, there are quite a few with a passive mouth.

When they smile, even if their bite is not passive, their contours make you wonder if they had always had a passive mouth. There are also those who feel that they have a passive mouth, and there are celebrities who do not have orthodontic treatment even though their lower teeth are forward and they clearly have a passive mouth.

A passive mouth is a part of one's personality. Here are some celebrities with attractive passive mouths.

Jiro Sato

It is a typical passive mouth where the lower teeth can be seen protruding forward when the mouth is opened.

Even when listening to the lines, the "sassisuso" is slightly ambiguous and sometimes sounds as if air is leaking out.

However, if the passive mouth gives a unique flavor to the performance, it is possible that it has not been dared to be cured.

Shizuka Arakawa

He won a gold medal in figure skating and is still very active in commentary and other activities.

The bite is not passive, as if the teeth are being straightened, but it is a bit skeletal and a bit passive.

If you have a passive mouth, the muscles around the mouth tend to relax and the lower jaw comes forward when you relax, and the same phenomenon can be seen in Shizuka Arakawa.

Momori Matsuzaka

He is Momori Matsuzaka, a very active actor.

He is a handsome man with a firm lower jaw and a squat face, but with good overall balance and a painstaking impression.

Haruka Ayase

Haruka Ayase, who is very popular among men and women of all ages, has a high lower jaw tip and a face that leans toward a passive mouth. She is a typical example of a beautiful and cute celebrity with a passive mouth structure.

In the picture of the smile, the bite does not appear to be passive, so it can be assumed that the bite was originally very mild or has been corrected with orthodontics.

Izumi Mori

Izumi Mori, who is half Japanese, has a European bone structure with a passive mouth.

As a result, if you look at your own profile, you will see a slightly squat, well-defined lower jaw type.

Even though they are squat, many European descent people have a beautiful face with a deep moat, with height at the tip of the nose and chin.

The E-line and the standard for beautiful teeth are also often based on people of European descent, so although they may look squat from a Japanese point of view, it is a global standard of beauty.

There are many cute entertainers with a passive mouth!

Cute receiving mouth Celebrity

A passive mouth can affect pronunciation and the ability to chew food, and many people have a less-than-ideal image of the bite, also known as "squatting" because of the shape of the jaw.

The fact that many celebrities have been praised for being cute with a passive mouth does not necessarily mean that they have to feel complex about their appearance because of it.

However, if you have a passive mouth and a bad bite, it is recommended that you correct it if possible, as it will affect your jaw joints, the longevity of your teeth, and the function of your mouth.

If you are considering correcting a passive mouth, 365dentist can help you find the right dentist for you!

We also distribute useful information about orthodontics, so please come visit us!

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