Is the E-line the reason for a beautiful profile? A dental hygienist explains how to be beautiful!

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Last updated June 9, 2023


I heard that the E-line is a requirement for a beautiful profile.

dental hygienist
dental hygienist

The E line is often discussed as a feature of a particularly beautiful profile.
But the E-line is not the only condition for beauty!
This time,Is the E-line the only reason for a beautiful profile? We explain how to become beautiful!

What is the "E-line", one of the criteria for beauty in profile?

Beauty that isn't an E-line.

The "E line" is often cited as a characteristic of a beautiful profile.

It is called "E line" as an abbreviation of "aesthetic line.

The E line is,The line connecting the nose and the tip of the chin and the position of the lips are used as an indicator of the beauty of the profile.It is.

Robert Kerrits, an American orthodontist, proposed this idea based on the skeletal structure of Westerners.

It is sometimes used as one of the criteria for the beauty of the profile not only in dentistry but also in cosmetic surgery.

E-Line Criteria

The criteria for the E line may differ between Westerners and Japanese, and the following conditions are considered desirable.

  • Westerners → lips fit inside the E line
  • Japanese → tip of lips touch the E line

The E-line is modeled after the skeletal structure of Westerners, who have a taller nose and chin than the Japanese, and applying the same E-line standards as Westerners to the Japanese can be unreasonable.

Therefore, depending on the original skeletal structure and the physician's opinion, the E-line standards for Westerners and Japanese are different.

E-line self check

The E line can be checked by yourself.

Place a ruler or index finger on the tip of the nose and chin and see how much the lips touch the ruler or finger at that point.

Lips do not touch the ruler or index finger, or the tip of the lips lightly touchThen the E line is most likely in the ideal position.

Some beauties are not E-line beauties! Characteristics of people with a beautiful profile other than the E-line.

Beauty that isn't an E-line.

The E-line is often featured as a characteristic of a profile beauty.

But if you observe a person with a beautiful profile,Even without a well-defined E-line, there are several characteristics that make a "beautiful profile".

There are five characteristics of people with a beautiful profile other than the E line, as follows

  • brazen-faced
  • The forehead is round and three-dimensional.
  • Well-defined face line.
  • Beautiful end of the eyebrows
  • Eyelashes are growing fast.


It is easy to feel that the profile is beautiful when the nose is straight.

In the E line, only the height of the nose tip is used as a criterion, but it seems to give the impression of a beautiful profile if the silhouette of the nose is not only high, but also well-muscled and sharp.

The forehead is round and three-dimensional.

The E-line affects the silhouette of the lower half of the profile, but the impression of the upper half of the face also affects the profile.

The upper half of the face,The proper roundness of the forehead often gives a beautiful three-dimensional impression in profile.It is.

Well-defined face line.

A sharply defined face line tends to give a clean profile.

A fuzzy jaw to neck line or a double chin can easily give the impression of aging.

Beautiful end of the eyebrows

When you look at the face from the side,Sharply defined eyebrows tend to give the impression of a beautiful profile.

Eyebrows are a part of the face that often influences the impression of the face. If the end of the eyebrow is ambiguous, it can cause the face to appear bonny and sideways.

Eyelashes are growing fast.

When the eyelashes are long and sleek, the eyes appear larger and the profile is more impressive.

The profile often looks especially beautiful when the lashes are slicked back when looking down.

Six ways to cure profile ugliness

Beauty that isn't an E-line.

The following six methods can be used to improve profile ugliness.

  • orthodontic treatment
  • cosmetic surgery
  • Be aware of the correct position of the tongue.
  • Massage of the temporalis muscle
  • Stretching to reduce facial swelling
  • Devise hair and makeup

Depending on the cause, choose the method you need.

orthodontic treatment

If the E-line or lip alignment is difficult to achieve because of the alignment of the teeth,Orthodontic treatment may improve the beauty of the profile.

  • Protruding mouth due to bucktooth (maxillary protrusion)
  • Lower jaw protrudes and upper jaw retracts due to a passive mouth (mandibular prognathism)
  • Well-aligned teeth, but upper and lower teeth protrude forward (mouth gobble, maxillary prognathism)

People with this type of teeth alignment may be able to approach a beautiful profile with orthodontic treatment.

Two causes of misaligned teeth are the way the teeth grow and the shape and size of the jawbone.

If the cause is in the jawbone as well as the way the teeth grow, surgical orthodontic treatment combined with surgical procedures may be more effective.

cosmetic surgery

If there is a need to improve the height of the tip of the nose or chin tip, the roundness of the forehead, or the facial line in addition to the alignment of the teeth, cosmetic surgery can help.

  • hyaluronic acid injection
  • Botox injection
  • prosthesis insertion
  • fat injections
  • Osteotomy, etc.

Cosmetic surgery uses these methods to balance the height of the nose tip and chin tip, the roundness of the forehead, and the face line so that the profile looks beautiful.

Be aware of the correct position of the tongue.

The correct position of the tongue is when it is attached to the maxilla,Just having the tongue in the correct position may make the facial line look sharper.

If you have difficulty keeping your tongue attached to your upper jaw, strengthen your tongue muscles so that you can keep it attached to your upper jaw.

Moving the tongue in a circular licking motion over the surfaces of the upper and lower teeth increases the strength of the tongue muscles.

Massage of the temporalis muscle

When the temporalis muscle is stiff, the face tends to sag.

The temporalis muscle is a muscle that radiates from above the ear to the crown of the head.

If you are concerned about sagging in profile, massage the temporalis muscle.

Place your index, middle, and ring fingers around the top of the ear and massage in a circular motion in a backward direction to relieve stiffness.

Stretching to reduce facial swelling

When the face is swollen, the facial line tends to be rounded.Stretch the neck area to reduce swelling.

Recommended stretches include the following

  1. Sit cross-legged on the floor and keep your back straight.
  2. Place the right hand on the left side of the head and slowly tilt it to the right. At this point, place the left hand not on the head on the floor diagonally behind the left side of the body. (about 10 seconds)
  3. Perform the same action as in 2 with the left hand. (about 10 seconds)
  4. Do each of 2 and 3 twice.

Devise hair and makeup

Use hair and makeup that match your bone structure,

  • perfectly clear and serene nose
  • roundness of the forehead
  • well-groomed eyebrows
  • Sharp facial lines
  • Long, sleek lashes

and directing,It is also recommended to make the profile look beautiful.It is.

  • To create a rounded forehead, wrap the bangs softly around the forehead to create a three-dimensional effect.
  • If you have a round forehead from the start, use bangs that show the forehead.
  • Make up the eyebrows with an eye toward making the end of the eyebrows sharp when viewed from the side.
  • Shading on the face line to make it look sharper, etc.

It is a good idea to do hair and makeup with these points in mind, and to check the diagonal and profile impressions as well.


Beauty that isn't an E-line.

The E-line is one of the indicators that are said to be the standard for beauty in profile.

It is only one of several criteria,There are many beautiful people who do not have an E-line.

To become beautiful in profile, the following methods are effective.

  • orthodontic treatment
  • cosmetic surgery
  • Be aware of the correct position of the tongue.
  • Massage of the temporalis muscle
  • Stretching to reduce facial swelling
  • Devise hair and makeup

Some methods can be done on your own, so start with those that interest you.

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