Is Overbite Cute? Why you should treat it.

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Last updated June 7, 2023


Doctor, should I get my overbite fixed?


Yes, it is.
Since overbite has several problems related to the life of the teeth, it is better to cure it for the sake of oral health.

This time,I will discuss overbite!

What is overbite?

Overbite Cute Celebrity

What is overbite?It is a condition in which the bite is so deep that the lower teeth are not visible when chewing.

In dentistry, it is sometimes referred to as an "overbite" or "low bite". Along with bucktooth and passive mouth, it is the most common type of malocclusion.

If bucktooth and passive mouth refer to anterior-posterior problems in the upper and lower jaws, overbite refers to vertical problems in the upper and lower jaws.

Overbite is also a symptom that can be seen with bucktooth, passive mouth, plexus with overlapping teeth, and bucktooth.

Why you should fix your overbite

Overbite Cute Celebrity

Overbite can cause the following problems

  • Prone to TMJ disorder
  • Upper front teeth are easily damaged.
  • Lower front teeth easily damage the gums behind the upper front teeth.
  • Prone to tooth erosion
  • Artificial teeth are fragile.
  • Prone to bucktooth
  • Prone to gummy smiles

It is advisable to cure an overbite because these are also related to the longevity of the teeth.

Prone to TMJ disorder

In an overbite, the bite is low and the lower jaw is covered by the upper jaw, limiting jaw movement when chewing or clenching.

And so on,This can put stress on the jaw joints and cause TMJ disorder.

When it comes to TMJ disorder,

  • Clicking sound when closing and opening the mouth
  • TMJ locks up and prevents the mouth from opening.
  • Pain when opening mouth

This can cause a variety of problems, such as

Upper front teeth are easily damaged.

If the lower front teeth push up against the upper front teeth in an overbite, the chewing force is chronically stronger on the upper front teeth,Inflammation of the tooth nerve and the gums and bone around the tooth may occur.

Inflammation of the gums and bone caused by biting is called "bite trauma," and if the condition worsens, there is a risk that the nerves in the teeth will die or the bone supporting the teeth will disappear, causing the front teeth to wobble and move.

Lower front teeth easily damage the gums behind the upper front teeth.

If the overbite is so severe that the lower front teeth attach to the back of the upper front teeth when chewing,The lower front teeth can damage the gums behind the upper front teeth.

Prone to tooth erosion

Because the teeth are easily subjected to forces from grinding and clenching,Teeth may be ground down.

The grinding of teeth by biting is called "occlusal wear," which may induce sensitivity or, worse, crack the teeth.

Artificial teeth are fragile.

The overbite is due to the force of the bite,Artificial teeth such as fillings, coverings, implants, and bridges tend to break easily.

Prone to bucktooth

To push up the upper front teeth with the lower front teeth,The upper front teeth tend to tilt outward.

When the upper front teeth tilt outward, they become bucktooth.

Since back teeth bite wear also occurs with age-related changes, the bite basically becomes lower and the overbite more severe as the years go by.

Then, even if the teeth are not bucktooth in youth, they may become bucktooth-like with age.

Prone to gummy smiles

In an overbite, the upper teeth are deeply covered by the lower teeth, making the gums easily visible when smiling,May be prone to gummy smiles.


The celebrity Erika Toda is suspected to have an overbite as the cause of her gummy smile.

Can I fix my overbite by myself?

Overbite Cute Celebrity

There are many causes of overbite, including the size of the upper and lower jaws due to heredity and development, the height of the back teeth, and the habit of biting the lower lip.

Therefore,You cannot cure yourself of an overbite that has become an overbite.

When treating an overbite, it is necessary to adjust the bite by adjusting the height of the back teeth with orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic treatment of overbite

Overbite Cute Celebrity

For orthodontic treatment to cure overbite,Mouthpieces and wires are available.

The choice of orthodontic appliance depends on the patient's preference, but also on the condition of the overbite and the treatment plan of the dentist in charge of the patient.

Additional surgery may be performed, such as tooth extraction or IPR(*) to provide space for teeth to be aligned or retracted, or to improve the balance of the upper and lower jaws by cutting the jawbone.

*A method in which the space between teeth is shaved to the extent that it does not affect the teeth to create a gap.

mouthpiece orthodontics

A clear mouthpiece shaped slightly differently from the current alignment of the teeth is worn except when eating and brushing teeth to move the teeth.

Since a transparent mouthpiece is used,By far the least noticeableIt is.

Also, you only need to put on and change the mouthpiece as specified by your dentist,The advantage is that hospital visits are as infrequent as once every two to three months.

Cost→ Approx. 800,000-1,200,000 yen
Period→Approx. 1 to 3 years
*Cost and duration will vary depending on the dentist, the condition of the overbite, and other factors.

wire orthodontia

A square device called a bracket and a wire are worn on the front or back of the teeth to move the teeth.

Once the wire is on, the rest is at least once a month,The advantage is that the teeth can be moved simply by having the dentist adjust the wires.It is.

Cost→ Approx. 600,000-1,500,000 yen
Period→Approx. 2 to 3 years
*Cost and duration will vary depending on the dentist, the bracket and wire materials used, and the condition of the overbite.

Is overbite covered by insurance?

Overbite Cute Celebrity

What can be done to correct an overbite that is covered by insurance,

  • Cases of jaw deformities requiring orthodontic and jaw cutting surgery to correct the bite.
  • Cases in which three or more permanent front teeth have not erupted and require surgical procedures to correct the bite
  • Cases of abnormal bite due to diseases specified by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare

This is the case when three patterns are applicable.

The only way to determine whether an overbite is covered by insurance is to have it examined by a dentist designated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

If you are interested,See a dentist designated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

It is recommended that overbite be corrected.

Overbite Cute Celebrity

Overbite can have a negative impact on the jaw joints and the longevity of the teeth, and it is recommended that orthodontic treatment be used to correct it, as it can lead to bucktooth and gummy smiles.

If you are having trouble choosing a dentist to correct your overbite, 365dentist can help you find the right dentist!

Please feel free to come visit us and ask any questions you may have in the open chat room of the dental office management!

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