What are the Disadvantages of Mouthpiece Orthodontics? Advantages are also explained.

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Last updated January 28, 2022

Mouthpiece orthodontics, in which transparent aligners are worn to correct the alignment of the teeth.

Unlike conventional wire braces, they are less noticeable and can be removed at will, among other advantages, making them popular.

Mouthpiece orthodontics tends to attract attention for its advantages, but in fact, disadvantages also exist.

In this issue.This section discusses the disadvantages and advantages of mouthpiece orthodontics.

■Disadvantages of Mouthpiece Orthodontics

Mouthpiece orthodontics Disadvantages Advantages
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Just as any treatment method has its strengths and weaknesses, mouthpiece orthodontics also has a few disadvantages. In this section, we will discuss the disadvantages of mouthpiece orthodontics.

◎Long wearing time of around 20 hours per day

Most manufacturers' products of mouthpiece orthodontics require the wearer to wear it for "around 20 hours a day".

Although there are differences among manufacturers, generally, they should be worn for approximately 18-22 hours per day.

Wearing the mouthpiece for around 20 hours a day means "wearing the mouthpiece except when eating and brushing teeth.

And, of course, when you sleep (during bedtime). It is somewhat better than wire braces, which are not removable,In many cases, the length of wearing time is stressful at first.It seems to be.

◎The prescribed wearing time must be observed to be effective.

Mouthpiece orthodontics, which must be worn around 20 hours a day.

Mouthpiece orthodontics may have less corrective effect or no corrective effect at all if the prescribed wearing time is not adhered to.

The mouthpiece used in mouthpiece orthodontics can be removed freely by the patient.

The fact that it can be removed freely is a major advantage of mouthpiece orthodontics.

However, this advantage can be a detriment.

It is not uncommon for people to take their mouthpieces off for longer and longer periods of time, and eventually, they may not wear their mouthpieces on some days....

suchIn the "case of skipping the wearing," the corrective effect will naturally diminish.

The wearing time must be strictly observed, as skipping a treatment may cause the orthodontic treatment period to be extended.

◎Drinks and food are restricted while wearing the device.

Mouthpiece orthodontic treatment that can be removed freely and allows you to brush your teeth normally.

Unlike wire braces, which cannot be removed, it is easier to keep teeth clean.

However, just because you can brush your teeth normally does not mean you can eat or drink anything.

Sugar-containing juices are not allowed while wearing the mouthpiece.It is.

The aligners (mouthpieces) used in mouthpiece orthodontics are made to fit snugly against the teeth.

If sugary liquids get between the mouthpiece and the teeth, tooth decay is more likely to occur.

Unsweetened coffee, black tea, and green tea have a low risk of tooth decay, but can easily stain teeth and cause appearance problems. It is best to avoid these as much as possible.

◎They are very hit or miss depending on the teacher.

Mouthpiece orthodontics does not involve bending wires or using various devices, making it easy for even a novice orthodontist to work with.

The treatment plan is also made by the mouthpiece company or technician for the most part, assuming that the doctor's side of the treatment plan will always be modified.

As a result, many teachers want to treat patients without basic knowledge about orthodontics.

Mouthpiece orthodontics is known as a treatment method that is easy to start, but very difficult to use and complete successfully and beautifully.

If you are going to use mouthpiece orthodontics, it would be safe to see a doctor who also has proper knowledge of wire orthodontics.

If you have trouble choosing an orthodontist365dentist official linePlease contact us for more information. We can introduce you to properly knowledgeable teachers in Tokyo.

◎ Need to clean teeth frequently

Mouthpiece orthodontics requires the removal of the mouthpiece for even the slightest eating or drinking. Sugar-free drinks (such as water or other colorless liquids that do not contain sugar) are fine while wearing it.

If you eat and drink and do not brush your teeth and wear a mouthpiece, your teeth will be sealed with food debris and plaque.

When wearing a mouthpiece, saliva in the mouth is difficult to circulate.

Under normal circumstances, the mouth can be cleaned to some extent by saliva production and rinsing with water, but this is not possible while wearing the mouthpiece.

The longer food debris and plaque remain on the teeth, the greater the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Teeth should be brushed thoroughly after eating and drinking to reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

◎Severe malocclusion and extraction orthodontics may not be addressed.

Unlike wire orthodontics, mouthpiece orthodontics may not be applicable to some cases, such as severe malocclusion or extraction orthodontics.

Mouthpiece orthodontics cannot be applied to cases with too much tooth misalignment, such as severely protruding (maxillary protrusion) or receiving (mandibular protrusion) teeth, or severely bumpy teeth (plexus).

Skeletal bucktooth and passive mouth caused by the jaw skeleton are also not covered by the mouthpiece orthodontic treatmentThe first two are the following.

In the case of orthodontic extraction, if the number of extracted teeth is small (2 to 4 or less), treatment is possible with mouthpiece orthodontics alone.

However, in cases where more than five teeth are extracted, treatment may not be possible with mouthpiece orthodontics alone.

In cases where many teeth need to be extracted, it is necessary to change the treatment method, such as switching to wire braces or using mouthpiece braces after wire braces.

◎Corrective effects vary by manufacturer

Mouthpiece orthodontics varies in orthodontic effectiveness (treatment performance) depending on the manufacturer.

Currently, many manufacturers are developing their own unique mouthpiece products, but each manufacturer's product has a different orthodontic effect, for example, Company A's product and Company B's product have different treatment performance....

Among the various products available, the only fully digital mouthpiece orthodontic system that is currently popular is theInvisalign."It is.

Invisalign breaks the conventional wisdom of mouthpieces and can be used for difficult cases that were impossible in the past. *

*Severe malocclusion, skeletal malocclusion, etc. may not be addressed.

Too many mouthpiece orthodontics to understand! Thoroughly compare the prices and features you are interested in!

■ Advantages of Mouthpiece Orthodontics

Less conspicuous due to the transparent aligners

Can be removed by yourself at any time at your leisure.

Enjoy your meal as usual.

Easy to brush teeth thoroughly and keep oral environment clean

Less intense pain than with wire braces.

No wires, brackets, or other metal fittings are used, so there is little risk of damaging the mouth.


We have explained the disadvantages and advantages of mouthpiece orthodontics.

Mouthpiece orthodontics tends to focus on the advantages, but disadvantages also exist.

If you are considering mouthpiece orthodontics, we recommend that you carefully determine whether mouthpiece orthodontics is truly suitable for you and understand the disadvantages before undergoing treatment.

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