The state of the teeth of the Janes. Do they all have braces?

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Last updated August 21, 2023


Doctor, Janes have cute smiles, don't they?
Do they all straighten their teeth?


Yes, it is!
Then,In this issue, we will talk about the state of the janitor's teeth.
I'll explain each group! (This includes those who have left the janitors)

Who among the Janes has their teeth fixed?

Johnny's Teeth

Popular young Japanese group

  • Sixtones.
  • King & Prince

Consider whether anyone is rearranging their teeth in the


What is considered orthodontic or ceramic treatment for teeth alignment in Sixtones,

  • Hokuto Matsumura
  • Yugo Takaji

The two are.

Hokuto Matsumura

When looking at pictures taken around elementary to junior high school age, the upper front teeth are bumpy, and the slightly protruding canine teeth (*1) and front teeth are prominent.

The face still looks that way today, but because the teeth look less bumpy and more aligned,It is possible that the teeth have been aligned by ceramic treatment or other means.

Hokuto Matsumura's front teeth are relatively erect and have little forward tilt, making them easy to fix with ceramic treatment.

The teeth behind the canine teeth are concave inward, suggesting that even the third tooth counting from the front has been prepared with ceramics.

*1: Third tooth counting from the front

Yugo Takaji

Yugo Takaji had bumpy teeth on both the top and bottom.

Since a magazine published around January 2020 stated that she had had a tooth extraction, there has been a lot of talk about how her teeth have been cleaned up.

White protrusions were also seen arriving on the teeth,They are using Invisalign (mouthpiece orthodontics) to straighten their teeth.

Now, the bumps on the teeth have been much improved and are looking better and better.

Other Sixtones members' dental conditions

  • Mr. Jesse.
  • Daiga Kyomoto
  • Shintaro Morimoto
  • TANAKA Ki.

These four individuals have no history of having clean teeth or braces from childhood.

Therefore,It is likely that the teeth are well aligned but orthodontic or ceramic treatment has not been performed.

Jesse remarked that the large gap between his upper front teeth that existed in his childhood "naturally disappeared as he grew up.

Compared to the current alignment of the teeth, the teeth look as if they have been corrected, but the permanent teeth have naturally aligned due to the eruption of the permanent teeth and wisdom teeth.

You may be thinking, "How can my teeth be better aligned without braces?" Some people may think, "How can teeth be aligned without braces?" but the type of gap between the teeth is larger than the size of the jaw,In some cases, the teeth are pushed in by the changing teeth or wisdom teeth and heal as they grow.

King & Prince

In King & Prince,No one thought that orthodontic or ceramic treatment was fixing the alignment of their teeth.

Let's dig deeper into the rationale for this, one by one.

Shiyoh Hirano

Shiyou Hirano has a distinctive set of teeth, with her upper front teeth, originally a wing-like figure of eight, and rattling lower front teeth.

Her upper front teeth, which looked like wings in the magazine, were now straight, and fans wondered if she had straightened them.

However, if you watch the 2022 drama that was released after the magazine,Since the teeth were left in their original alignment, no orthodontic or ceramic treatment appears to have been used.

The magazine photo was most likely a composite.

Ren Nagase

Ren Nagase is,His teeth have not changed since the photo taken around age 15.

Looking closely at the present, one upper front tooth is still crooked and the length of the left and right front teeth are different.

The bumpy lower front teeth also suggest no orthodontic or ceramic treatment.

Yuta Jinguji

Teeth are aligned with steps next to each other compared to those with braces.

However, many people may not think it looks that bad because of the symmetrical alignment of the teeth.

From an expert's point of view, he has narrow arches and slightly bucktooth-like teeth,Since her teeth have not changed since she was a teenager, it is assumed that she has not had orthodontic treatment.

Yuta Kishi

Yuta Kishi has a wide arch of teeth, and his teeth are generally well aligned.

The second anterior tooth on the left side is slightly concave with one tooth slightly tilted inward, but otherwise clean as if it had been straightened.

However,One tooth not in line, teenageGiven that the alignment of the teeth has not changed since then, it is unlikely that orthodontics was used.

He would also not have ceramic treatment because the tips of his front teeth are shaved and jagged.

Kaito Takahashi

Kaito Takahashi has a perfect set of teeth with no bumps and no bruises, and his upper and lower teeth are centered (*2).

Normally, I would have thought that he was correcting the problem,It is very likely that he was born with a good set of teeth, as evidenced by a picture of him in a dance magazine when he was in the sixth grade.

As of the sixth grade, the four front teeth are as neatly aligned as they are today.

Even the canine teeth that are just beginning to erupt have grown into a good position without becoming double teeth.

Since his teeth have not changed shape, he would not have had orthodontic or ceramic treatment.

If you were born with this set of teeth, I envy you as a specialist!

*2: The middle line of the dentition.

The dental conditions of Japanese idols vary.

Johnny's Teeth

Many of the Japanese idols mentioned in this article were born with good teeth, but some of them had their teeth aligned with Invisalign or ceramic treatment.

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