What are the effects of fluoride in toothpaste? Is it really dangerous?

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Last updated February 17, 2022

Among the things included in toothpaste,fluorine (F)Many of you may have seen where the


I've been using toothpaste with fluoride for some reason.

as a matter of factfluorine (F)I'm not sure what the effect is.


That's right. Well then.What are the effects of fluoride and are there any dangers?

Let us explain our recommendations for fluoridated toothpaste.

What is Fluorine?


from the startWhat is fluorine?


What is Fluorine?Ingredients found in most foods, including seafood, meat, milk, salt, etc.and is such a nutrient that it needs to be consumed daily.

Fluorine is usually combined with sodium and calcium to form sodium fluoride and calcium fluoride, so you are consuming these nutrients on a regular basis.

Effects of Fluoride in Toothpaste


Fluorine is...Surprisingly familiarI didn't know that. I did not know that.


Now that we know about fluorine,

nextEffects of Fluoride in ToothpasteI will explain about the following.

They promote enamel repair.

The outermost enamel of teeth is damaged by acids generated by plaque and bacteria.It will melt out.Enamel is made of calcium and phosphorus, but their dissolution leaves gaps for caries-causing bacteria to enter,Dental caries is more likely to develop.


However, fluorine isIt replenishes calcium and phosphorus that have dissolved from the teeth and promotes remineralization (enamel repair) of the teeth.

This promotes remineralization, which eliminates the entry of caries-causing bacteria, thereby preventing cavities.

It strengthens the dental structure.

Enamel plays a role in protecting teeth from bacteria such as caries, but if the mouth is unhygienic due to unbrushed teeth, caries bacteria can easily multiply and plaque buildup can produce acids that dissolve teeth.


Enamel tends to dissolve more easily when the oral environment is unsanitary, but with the use of fluorideIt makes enamel strong and resistant to acid dissolution.

The teeth become less acid-soluble, thereby increasing their resistance to tooth decay.

Weakens the function of caries and other bacteria

Dental caries bacteria feed on dental plaque and produce acid to dissolve teeth. The more unsanitary the oral environment is, the more likely it is for caries and acid to occur,Fluoride weakens the power of caries-causing bacteria and prevents the production of tooth-dissolving acids.

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Of course, people who routinely brush their teeth tend to have less plaque and caries, but some plaque cannot be removed just by brushing with fluoride every day.


at fixed intervalsProfessional teeth cleaning and fluoride application by a dentistWe also recommend that you do the following

Is there any danger from fluoride?


I've heard that fluoride is dangerous...


Fluoride use is not a problem as long as it is used in moderation.

Excessive ingestion of fluoride can cause either acute or chronic poisoning. In the case of acute poisoning, symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea are common, while chronic poisoning may cause dental fluorosis, an abnormality in the color and shape of teeth due to enamel formation disorders.

However, the only time fluoride can cause poisoning is when too much fluoride is taken into the body. Fluoride toothpaste does not cause side effects because it only acts on the surface of the teeth. Even if more is left in the mouth, the amount taken into the body is negligible.

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If you have mistakenly taken more toothpaste, or your child has mistakenly taken more toothpaste, don't worry, as long as it is basically one or two doses that go on the toothbrush. ☺️


Since fluoride has a high level of evidence regarding the prevention of tooth decay, please be assured that there is no problem with using fluoridated toothpaste daily as a caries preventative.

Does the fluoride concentration make any difference?


When I look closely at toothpaste, there are various different values for fluoride?


You've got a good point!

The higher the concentration of fluoride, the more effective it is in preventing cavities.

The fluoride concentration in fluoridated toothpaste is basically500ppm to 1500ppmThe lower the concentration, the lower the caries-preventive effect.

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Note that the recommended concentration and amount to be used differ depending on the age of the patient.

  • 3-5 years old: 500-1000 ppm 5 mm or less
  • 6-14 years old: 1000ppm 1cm approx.
  • 15 years and older: 1000-1450 ppm 1-2 cm

Use the above amounts.

Three recommended toothpastes with fluoride

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Fluoride prevents cavities, but only with steady daily use.

Demineralization and remineralization, which dissolve tooth enamel, are repeated at a dizzying pace throughout the day, so if you are not careful, your mouth can quickly become susceptible to cavities.

In the case of early cavities, fluoride care will remineralize the tooth and may stop the progression of decay. However, since it is believed that it takes a long time for early cavities to be repaired, it is important to continue to brush your teeth diligently with a fluoride toothpaste on a daily basis.

Lion Clinica Advantage NEXTSTAGE Toothpaste

This toothpaste is in gel form and gently brushes your teeth and gums.Fluorine concentration is also 1450ppmand high.

Not only can it be expected to prevent cavities as well as periodontal disease, but it also contains potassium nitrate, making it safe to use for people with hypersensitivity.

Schmictect Schmictect Periodontal Care

This toothpaste isHighly concentrated fluorine concentration of 1450ppmis formulated to prevent gum disease by preventing staining of teeth.

It contains medicinal ingredients such as glycyrrhizic acid and isopropyl methylphenol, which are specialized for periodontal disease care, and a high concentration of fluoride, which also prevents cavities.

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NONIO Plus Whitening

This toothpaste is alsoContains high concentration of 1450ppm fluorideand at the same timeWhitening EffectIt contains ingredients that have The ionic cleansing formula floats stains that are specially formulated on the tooth surfaces and makes them easier to remove.

The key point is that after removing stains, the aluminum oxide shiny powder removes even hard-to-remove stains that have penetrated into the micro-level irregularities of the teeth. This will lead to sparkling white teeth.

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Fluorine is one of the nutrients found in most foods,Toothpaste containing fluoride is very helpful in preventing cavities.


I was wondering if the high fluoride level is some kind of danger,So it's okay to continue using fluoridated toothpaste?


Yes, cavities progress unnoticed, so routine care is important.

To maintain a clean oral environment.It is recommended to make it a habit to brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste.

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