How to fix a distorted face? We show you why braces are effective.

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Last updated June 17, 2023


I am concerned about the distortion of the face.
I heard that braces can cure it.


Orthodontic facial distortion is also related to the bite and may be cured with braces.
This time,This section explains the causes of facial distortion, how to fix facial distortion, and why braces are effective for facial distortion!

Why braces are effective for facial distortion|Three causes of facial distortion

Orthodontics Facial distortion cured

The cause of facial distortion,

  • occlusion (of teeth)
  • heredity
  • peculiarity

There are three possibilities.

Skeletal structure, heredity, and habits can lead to a worsening bite,Bite alignment is a major factor in facial distortion.

Orthodontics is necessary to correct the bite. Therefore,Orthodontics is an effective way to improve facial distortionIt can be said that this is a

Causes of facial distortion (1)

He said that the teeth are not meshed properly,The face may be distorted because of imbalances in the facial bones and muscles.

If the bite is not properly aligned, there will be areas that can be chewed well and areas that cannot be chewed well, and humans unconsciously try to chew in a position where they can chew properly.

This will lead to chewing with a distorted face, such as chewing with the jaw shifted back and forth, or chewing with only one tooth, and this will become a part of the face shape as it is.

Causes of facial deformity (2) Heredity

From your parents or grandparentsFacial distortions may be caused by inheritance of the jaw skeleton, tooth size, and muscle structure through heredity.

If your parents or grandparents had a bad bite or a crooked face, it is likely that facial distortion will become a concern as the child grows up.

Causes of facial distortion (3) Habit

  • habit of putting one's head in one's cheeks
  • Habit of sleeping on one's face down
  • Habit of chewing with only one tooth
  • Stooping, etc.

These habits can cause distortion of the face.

The habit of cheekbones or sleeping on the prone position may distort the facial contours as well as the bite, since pressure is exerted from the outside of the face.

The habit of chewing with only one tooth can cause imbalance in the jawbone and muscles, leading to facial distortion.

In addition, if you hunch over, your face turns down at an angle, which narrows the airway and causes mouth breathing.

Mouth breathing may cause bad bites, such as bucktooth or a protruding or passive mouth.

Therefore,Habits such as cheekbones, sleeping on your stomach, chewing with only one tooth, and stooping can cause facial distortion due to a compromised biteThe first is the

How to heal facial distortion

Orthodontics Facial distortion cured

The following methods can be used to correct facial distortions.

  • Orthodontics.
  • Cosmetic surgery.
  • Take care of facial muscles
  • Improve posture


Orthodontic treatment may improve facial distortion because the bite is better aligned.

If facial distortion is to be corrected with braces, it is recommended to use "total braces," which can align all teeth, even the back teeth.

In the case of "jaw deformity," a skeletal problem that results in a distorted face due to a poor bite, "surgical orthodontic treatment" can be used to cut the jawbone and adjust the size of the jaw and the balance between the upper and lower jaw positions, along with the alignment of the teeth.

Cosmetic surgery.

  • contouring surgery
  • mastoidectomy
  • Hyaluronic acid injection, etc.

This type of cosmetic surgery is also a way to improve facial distortion.

Jaw-bone cutting surgery or otoplasty, which is performed as a contouring procedure, is also used in surgical correction to treat jaw deformities.

As for cosmetic surgery, though, contouring and otoplasty to correct facial distortions are at one's own expense,If a patient is diagnosed with jaw deformity and the cause of the facial distortion is the bite, it can be treated under insurance coverage.

If you are concerned about a bad bite and facial distortion, consult your dentist.

Take care of facial muscles

An imbalance in the facial muscles may distort the face.

Massage and muscle training of the facial muscles should be performed to improve balance.

However, even if you take care of the facial muscles,A bad bite or skeletal problems can quickly revert back to normal.

If bite or skeletal problems are the cause of facial distortion, you may want to consider orthodontics.

Improve posture

This is because a hunched back causes the face to protrude downward at an angle,

  • Deterioration of bite due to mouth breathing
  • Sagging face
  • Skeletal misalignment, etc.

This can lead to facial distortion due to

Improve your posture by being aware that when viewed from the side while standing, the back of the ears, the tips of the shoulders, the greater trochanter (where the bone protrudes just next to the base of the foot), the front of the groin joint, and the ankles should be in a straight vertical line.

At this point, the chest should be open as if suspended by a string directly above the head.

Posture is a habit, so be aware of it and try to cure it little by little.

Types of orthodontic treatment for facial distortion

Orthodontics Facial distortion cured

There are two main types of orthodontic treatment for facial distortion

  • mouthpiece orthodontics
  • wire orthodontia

Depending on the case and your dentist's treatment plan, a mouthpiece or wire is used to align your teeth and bite.

If there are skeletal problems with the bite due to jaw deformities, surgery to cut the jawbone may be used in combination with the surgery.

Jaw deformities can be treated with insurance coverage, but please note that only wire orthodontic appliances can be used.


Orthodontics Facial distortion cured

Facial distortion is related to bite, heredity, and habit.

Heredity or habit may be the cause of a poor bite,Orthodontics, which can improve the bite, is an effective way to improve facial distortion.

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