What to do on a meal date during orthodontic treatment? Here are some recommendations and things to keep in mind.

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Last updated August 21, 2023

While wearing braces, you have to be a little careful when eating with people you like because of the wires, mouthpieces, and other orthodontic appliances on your teeth.

It is worrisome to think about food getting caught in the teeth or tangled in the device and being considered dirty.

But the orthodontic treatment to clean up the teeth will, in itself, make a good impression on them.


I was asked out on a dinner date while in braces, but I'm worried...

I don't like it because food gets caught in it...

For those who have these problems,Here are some recommendations for enjoying a meal date during orthodontic treatment and tips for a smart and successful orthodontic meal date.

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Recommendations for a meal date during orthodontic treatment.

What do you recommend for a dinner date during orthodontic treatment?It is soft and can be cut with chopsticks or a knife and eaten in one bite.used after a noun indicating someone's occupation, pursuits, disposition, etc.We recommend that you use a material that is easy to clean, does not get tangled in teeth or equipment, and does not get stuck in the teeth or equipment.

Here are some Japanese, Western, and sweet menus recommended for a meal date during orthodontic treatment.

Japanese-style meal

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  • egg dishes
  • sashimi (raw sliced fish, shellfish or crustaceans)
  • tofu cuisine
  • Fish and meat stews, etc.

Among the Japanese dishes, we recommend simmered dishes and menus with soft ingredients.

Fibrous foods commonly used in Japanese cuisine, such as potherb mustard and burdock, are difficult to eat because they cannot be chewed, and seaweed tends to stick to the teeth.

Western-style meal

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  • Soft bread that you don't have to bite off.
  • soups
  • pilaf topped with bechemal or other cheese-based sauce, then oven baked
  • risotto
  • Hamburg steak
  • Omelette rice, etc.

Western food is basically a menu of soft, spoon-able dishes made with rice and ground meat.Pizza and pasta are difficult to chew through, so it is safe to avoid them.

sweets (desserts, candy, etc.)

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  • purine
  • jelly
  • yogurt
  • ice cream
  • Sponge cake
  • pancake
  • Castella, etc.

Sweets should also basically be soft and can be cut into bite-sized pieces with a spoon or fork.

Avoid rusks and hard cookies, etc., as they may dislodge the device when chewing through it or cause pain due to the strain on the teeth.

Foods to Avoid on Meal Dates During Orthodontic Treatment

The following foods can cause problems with orthodontic appliances by dislodging or deforming them, and should be avoided on meal dates.

  • hard food
  • Sticky food
  • Foods that easily get entangled in the device
  • Foods prone to coloring

hard food

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  • rice cracker
  • apple (fruit)
  • maize
  • steak
  • Japanese common squid, etc.

Problems that occur with wire orthodontics

Hard foods can get caught on the wires and brackets, causing them to come off.

When wires and brackets come off, they can hit the mouth and cause pain, which may require an emergency visit to the dentist's office even during a meal date.

Trouble with Mouthpiece Orthodontics

If you wear hooks on your teeth to hang attachments or intermaxillary rubbers,Be aware that hard food may get caught and dislodge it.

However, these rarely cause pain when they are removed, so there is no need to interrupt the meal date.

Sticky food

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  • sugar made from the starch of rice, potatoes, etc.
  • chewing gum
  • soft candy
  • caramel (browned sugar used as flavouring)
  • Rice cakes, etc.

Problems that occur with wire orthodontics

Sticky foods stick to wires and teeth and are difficult to remove,The devices become dirty and increase the risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease.

During a meal date, you will not have time to brush your teeth after eating, so you will not have time to remove the device or any food stuck to your teeth. Sticky foods should be avoided.

Trouble with Mouthpiece Orthodontics

Since the mouthpiece is removed before eating, there is basically no problem with eating sticky foods.

Because the teeth do not wear complex appliances like wire braces, eating sticky foods will be relatively easy to remove by brushing your teeth after eating.

Foods that tend to get stuck in the device

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  • green onion
  • garlic chive (Allium tuberosum)
  • Elatostema umbellatum var. majus (variety of plant related to the nettles)
  • Chinese nettle tree
  • Spinach, etc.

Problems that occur with wire orthodontics

Threads and fibrous food can become entangled in the wires and be difficult to remove.

When fibrous food gets entangled in the wires, it is difficult to remove by simply scrubbing with a toothbrush. If it cannot be removed with a toothbrush, it takes a considerable amount of time to clean it off, such as by pulling the fibers off one by one with your fingers.

This food is not recommended for meal dates where you cannot brush your teeth for long periods of time.

Trouble with Mouthpiece Orthodontics

Since the mouthpiece is removed before eating, there is no particular problem with eating high fiber foods.

Foods prone to coloring

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  • coffee
  • black tea
  • red wine
  • curry
  • Kimchi, etc.

Problems that occur with wire orthodontics

A rubber material clasp may be used to hold the wire to the teeth,The elastic clasp may absorb food dye and discolor.

Curry, in particular, should be avoided on a dinner date, as it discolors the rubber after just one meal.

If the clasps are made of wire, there is no need to worry about color migration.

Trouble with Mouthpiece Orthodontics

If the attachment is on the tooth,Attachments and the border between attachments and teeth may become stained and discolored.

Also, if you don't brush your teeth after eating and wear a mouthpiece,Pigment left on the tooth surface can discolor the clear mouthpiece.

In order to move the teeth accurately, the mouthpiece must be worn for a specific period of time. If it discolors, be aware that you will have to use the same one until it is time for the next replacement.

What to keep in mind for a successful dinner date during smart orthodontic treatment.

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To have a smart and successful orthodontic meal date, there are a few things to keep in mind, depending on the orthodontic device you are using.

Make sure you get the right points and have a successful dinner date during orthodontic treatment.

For wire orthodontics

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In the case of wire braces, the following points should be kept in mind when eating

  • Avoid opening your mouth wide while eating
  • Cut anything that needs to be bitten off into small pieces.
  • Brush your teeth briefly in the bathroom after eating.

Avoid opening your mouth wide while eating

Food can get tangled or stuck in the wires,Do not talk or eat with your mouth wide open while eating.

When smiling, lightly place your hand over your mouth so that you are less likely to unexpectedly see wires with food debris entangled in them.

Cut anything that needs to be bitten off into small pieces.

During orthodontic treatment, it takes longer to chew and swallow large foods because the bite is not properly aligned. In addition, the wires may come off and cause problems and pain due to the force exerted on the teeth.

Any food of a size that needs to be chewed through the teeth,It is easier to eat when cut into small bite-sized pieces with chopsticks, a fork, or a knife.

Brush your teeth briefly in the bathroom after eating.

Since food debris is often entangled in the wires, brush your teeth briefly in the bathroom after eating.

Even if it is difficult to brush the entire mouth with a toothbrush,If you just use a toothbrush or interdental brush to remove food debris, it does not take much time.

If you use an intermaxillary rubber, apply it while checking for food debris after eating.

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Take a small mirror.

This is not a problem in a private room, but it can be embarrassing to pick up food scraps in a communal mirror in a large restroom.

It is recommended to bring a small hand mirror and an interdental brush wrapped in a handkerchief so that you can smartly take the pinched items in the private room.

Mouthpiece orthodontics

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Mouthpiece braces allow the mouthpiece to be removed when eating, so there are few restrictions regarding what and how during meals as there are with wire braces.

Instead, you will have to put the mouthpiece on and off before and after meals, so to get through this smartly, keep the following points in mind.

  • Mouthpieces are removed in the bathroom.
  • Utilize mouthwash or other toothpaste after meals.

Mouthpieces are removed in the bathroom.

Because it is necessary to place a finger in the mouth when removing the mouthpiece, this may be done at the dinner table and may cause surprise.

Basically,Remove it in a place where it will not be seen by the public, such as the restroom.

You can tell the person that you are in the process of straightening up and ask them to stop by the restroom before entering the restaurant or to leave the table for a short while after ordering.

If you are going out to eat right from the meeting place, it is also smart to remove the mouthpiece in a restroom at the nearest station just before meeting the other person.

Utilize mouthwash to brush teeth after meals.

After eating, go to the bathroom again and put on the mouthpiece.

If the mouthpiece is worn with food debris or stains on the teeth, the bacteria that cause tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath will be activated in the mouthpiece, so be sure to brush your teeth before wearing it.

However, on a dinner date, there is not much time to carefully brush your teeth with floss, etc. because your partner is waiting for you.

In such cases,You can save time by gargling with a disinfectant mouthwash after quickly brushing the entire area with a toothbrush.

Mouthwash penetrates into the crevices of stained teeth that could not be removed with a toothbrush,

It temporarily reduces tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath, and is recommended for people who want to brush their teeth efficiently in a short period of time during a meal date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I eat ramen during orthodontic treatment?

Ramen noodles, pasta, etc. are soft and can be eaten without problems, but during wire braces, leeks, bean sprouts, and char siu fibers can get tangled in the wires.

If food pinching is a concern, it is better to choose thicker noodles and avoid fibrous ingredients.

It is also a good idea to carry floss and a mirror with you just in case, and to check in the restroom after eating.

Q. What can I eat on the day I wear the braces?

The day the brackets are placed is said to be the easiest to dislodge because the bond has just set.

Eat soft foods as much as possible and avoid highly viscous caramels.

Q. Can I eat normally during orthodontic treatment?

Basically, you may eat normal food. However, on the day of application, try to eat soft foods as much as possible.

Also, if the tooth is moving and painful, it is better to chew on a non-painful area to avoid irritating the tooth as much as possible.

Q. When is orthodontic treatment most painful?

Although it varies from person to person, it is said to be most painful from a few hours to 3 days after it is applied.

Most people get used to it after a week or so.

Q. What should I do if I have difficulty eating food due to braces?

When orthodontics makes it difficult to eat because of pain in the teeth or difficulty chewing, soft foods such as porridge and yogurt are good choices.

Less firm udon noodles and risotto are also recommended.

If you would like to discuss meal dates during orthodontic treatment or any other...

During orthodontic treatment, devices attach to the teeth, which are closely related to functions such as eating and pronunciation. and "What should I do?

But when it comes time to ask at the dentist's office,


I'm curious, but am I allowed to ask this?

I'm embarrassed to ask what I should watch out for on a dinner date...

It is often difficult to ask questions because you feel that you are not sure what to do.

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