Can partial braces fix bucktooth?

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Last updated January 30, 2022

Partial orthodontic treatment is a method of correcting bucktooth by moving only the front teeth.

  • Can bucktooth be fixed with partial braces?
  • Can partial braces fix my bucktooth?

For those who have questions such as,This section explains how bucktooth can be fixed by partial orthodontics.

Can partial braces fix bucktooth?

Partial orthodontics is a method of aligning teeth by moving only the front teeth without moving the back teeth. Therefore,Bucktooths that can be improved by simply moving the front teeth can be treated with partial braces.

The cause of bucktooth is related to the way the teeth grow and the size and balance of the upper and lower jaws, and the degree of bucktooth can vary greatly.

  • What is the level of bucktooth
  • Is extraction or osteotomy necessary to fix bucktooth?
  • Whether you want to retract your mouth

The key to curing bucktooth by partial orthodontic treatment is whether or not the treatment can be done without difficulty according to the patient's wishes after taking these factors into consideration.

If forced to treat with partial orthodontic treatment,After treatment, the protruding mouth may feel more prominent and the protruding teeth may seem worse, or the gums may fall back.You should visit your dentist's office for a proper diagnosis and consideration of the extent to which your bucktooth can be corrected with partial orthodontics.

Cases of bucktooth that can be treated by partial orthodontic treatment

What cases of bucktooth can be cured by partial orthodontic treatment,These are cases that do not require tooth extraction or jaw bone cutting procedures during treatment.

Specifically, the following three conditions apply

  • Less than 3 mm of space needed to fix bucktooth
  • Bucktooth without bite problems
  • Protruding teeth without skeletal problems such as jaw size

However, it is not clear whether your bucktooth symptoms fit into these conditions,Diagnosis by a dentist through a thorough examination is required.

Less than 3 mm of space needed to fix bucktooth

In addition to removing teeth and cutting the jawbone, orthodontic treatment includes a method called "disking" (IPR), in which both sides of the teeth are thinly shaved to create space.

Disking is a method used for both total and partial orthodontic correction and can create a space of up to about 0.5 mm per tooth.

When six anterior teeth are treated in partial orthodontic treatment, the maximum space that can be secured by discing is about 3 mm. Therefore,If the space needed to retract the bucktooth back is less than 3 mm, it can be improved by partial orthodontic correction.

Bucktooth without bite problems

Bucktooth is caused by the front teeth only,If there is no bite problem, partial correction can improve the situation.

In cases where the bucktooth is not rattling the back teeth, some people think that if only the front teeth are moved orthodontically, the bucktooth will be cured.

However, cases with a low bite or teeth sloping forward from the back teeth to the front teeth are included because the bite is part of the cause of bucktooth,It cannot be cured without moving the whole orthodontic system to the back teeth.

Protruding teeth without skeletal problems such as jaw size

The followingBucktooths without skeletal problems can be corrected with partial braces.

  • Retrograde mandible position.
  • Maxillary position is skeletally forward
  • Small lower jaw
  • Large upper jaw

It depends on how far you want to go, but if you have skeletally bucktooth,Extraction or jaw-bone cutting procedures and total correction are often required.

How to fix bucktooth with partial braces

There are two ways to correct bucktooth with partial braces, using the following devices

  • mouthpiece orthodontics
  • wire orthodontia

Both use the same appliances as full braces, but the range of tooth movement is limited to the front teeth,Basically, treatment tends to be shorter and less expensive.

mouthpiece orthodontics

This orthodontic method involves wearing a transparent mouthpiece to move the teeth. The mouthpiece is inconspicuous and can be removed by the wearer.

Recommended for people who do not like to wear visible orthodontic appliances or who cannot wear wires on their teeth for work-related reasons.

There are several manufacturers of mouthpiece orthodontics, which can be divided into two main categories.

  • Invisalign
  • Other Mouthpiece Orthodontics


Invisalign is,This is a mouthpiece orthodontic treatment that can be used for both partial and total correction.There are four plans available for partial orthodontic treatment, each with different costs, treatment periods, and number of mouthpieces that can be ordered.

  • Invisalign Compliance Package
  • Invisalign Lite Package
  • Invisalign Express Package
  • Invisalign Go

To move the teeth by up to 0.25 mm per mouthpiece, based on the treatment simulation.The amount of tooth movement required to improve a bucktooth ÷ approx. 0.25 mm."The number of mouthpieces required, calculated in the following table, is the approximate number of plans that can be applied.

Invisalign Compliance Package
  • Cost→ Approx. 800,000-1,000,000 yen
  • Treatment period→approx. 1-3 years
  • Number of mouthpieces that can be ordered -> no upper limit

This plan is basically for total orthodontic correction, but it is also possible to move only the front teeth. However,The cost will be the same as for total correction.Therefore, it is very rare to use this plan for partial correction.

Invisalign Lite Package
  • Cost -> 500,000 yen or more
  • Treatment period→approx. 7 months
  • Number of mouthpieces that can be ordered → max. 14

It is used for partial correction of bucktooth as well as for total correction of minor cases that can be improved with 14 or fewer pieces.However, if the teeth do not move as planned and additional mouthpieces are ordered, there will be a cost.

Invisalign Express Package
  • Cost→ 300,000 yen or more
  • Treatment period → 3-4 months
  • Number of mouthpieces that can be ordered → max. 7

This plan can be applied to bucktooths that can be improved within 7 mouthpieces.The amount of teeth that can be moved is quite small, so the number of cases of bucktooths that can be applied is quite limited.

Invisalign Go
  • Cost→ Approx. 300,000-800,000 yen
  • Treatment period→approx. 3-6 months
  • Number of mouthpieces that can be ordered → max. 20

This plan specializes in partial orthodontic treatment in which only the front 10 teeth (upper and lower 20 teeth) are moved without moving the back teeth.Whether Invisalign Go can be applied can be diagnosed immediately with a dedicated smartphone app.

Other Mouthpiece Orthodontics

  • Cost -> About 100,000-300,000 yen in total
  • Treatment period→approx. 5 months to 1 year and 3 months

There are several mouthpiece manufacturers, including Kirei Line and Low Cost,Partial orthodontics is available to treat bucktooth by moving the teeth around the front teeth.Also called cheap mouthpiece orthodontics.

However,The number of cases of bucktooth that can be cured is less than that of total orthodontic correction.

Some manufacturers use a system in which you pay a few tens of thousands of yen each time you proceed with treatment and complete treatment where you feel good about it, making it easy for people who have difficulty preparing hundreds of thousands to a million yen at a time to start orthodontic treatment.

wire orthodontia

Brackets and wires made of metal or ceramic are worn to move the teeth.In partial braces, only the four to six front teeth to be moved are fitted with appliances.

There are two positions in which the wires can be worn: on the front or back of the teeth.

lingual braces (dentistry)

  • Cost→ Approx. 80,000-45,000 yen
  • Treatment period→approx. 3-7 months

To attach wires to the front surface of the anterior teeth,Difficulty in standing out when mouth is open.are. The use of inconspicuous white brackets and wires will basically increase the cost.

Backside orthodontics (lingual orthodontics)

  • Cost→ Approx. 160,000-550,000 yen
  • Treatment period→approx. 3-7 months

Wires are attached to the backs of the front teeth. Because the device touches the tongue, it is more uncomfortable than front braces, though,The device is not visible from the front side, so it is by far the least noticeable.

If you want to fix bucktooth with partial braces

Partial orthodontic treatment is very attractive if it is within the indicated range because of its shorter treatment time and lower cost compared to total orthodontic treatment.

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