Are BTS members' teeth ceramic? Orthodontics? Toothbrushes also available

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Last updated August 21, 2023


Doctor, all K-pop idols have beautiful teeth, especially the BTS members!
Do you still do ceramics or orthodontics?


Certainly, I'm curious!
Then,I will talk about whether the teeth of BTS members are ceramic or orthodontic!

Are BTS members' teeth ceramic? Orthodontics?

BTS Teeth

Let's look at the BTS members one by one to see if they have ceramics or braces.


JIN is the eldest son of BTS. Although this is a pull-up photo, you can see his white teeth peeking out from his slightly open mouth.

The size of the arches of the upper and lower anterior teeth is a concern, but there does not appear to be a major disturbance in the alignment of the anterior teeth.

From the straight alignment of the tips of the upper teeth,

If you are treating

Treatment options may be both orthodontic and ceramic.


SUGA, the second son of BTS, has a beautiful row of small, lovely teeth.

Many people think that SUGA has braces or ceramics because her upper teeth are so well aligned.Only the lower teeth were straightened.He said.

He did not straighten his upper teeth because "they were given to me by my parents."

Since SUGA has such a policy,Upper teeth not even ceramic.This is considered to be the case.


J-HOPE is,There are still photos of her with frontal wire braces when she was a practitioner.

Although the orthodontics seemed to have been completed before her debut as a BTS member, her beautifully aligned front teeth are still nice to see when she smiles.


RM, the leader and rapporteur, after his debut,Fans have seen the backside braces arriving.

Backside braces are a type of wire braces in which the wires are worn behind the teeth.

Because it is virtually invisible to others unless you open your mouth wide and look up and down, it is also used by professionals who are concerned about their appearance, such as entertainers.

The teeth, now symmetrical and lined up in a row, are dazzling!

From the fact that he had braces and the color/shape of his teeth,It is not considered ceramic.The following is a list of the most common problems with the


The photo shows Jimin in 2018. The upper right front tooth is overlapping its neighbor and is chipped and pointed at the tip.

From his own statement that he was thinking of correcting the problem in 2020 years at VLIVE,

Since then, fans have been paying attention to the changes in Jimin's teeth.

There are various theories about orthodontic methods: wire, mouthpiece, and recent photos,The overlap of teeth has been reduced and the tips of missing teeth have been straightened.

After the teeth are reshaped and straightened by orthodontics,It is possible that only the missing tooth was made ceramic.


V (Tae-tae) is in charge of visuals in BTS and is immensely popular for his good looks, having won first place in the "World's Most Handsome Man Ranking.

Of course, both the teeth and whiteness are beautiful and the smile is very dazzling.

As for whether they are being corrected,

  • Originally had good teeth and did not wear braces
  • Because the teenager's teeth look better aligned in the photo,The orthodontic treatment was completed about the time the permanent teeth came in, and they have regressed with growth.

There are two possibilities.

In addition, the teeth have been aligned during the teenage years, and the shape of the teeth is not much different from what they are today,It is believed that they are not made of ceramic.


They are white, symmetrical, centered(*), and so perfectly aligned that there is nothing to complain about.

Many have said that they witnessed orthodontic appliances arriving at the same time that Jimin was wearing them.

I'm not sure exactly what appliances were used, but my teeth, which used to be bucktooth, line up very nicely,There seems to be no doubt that the correction has been made.

Some fans said they liked JUNGKOOK's slightly bucktooth, rabbit-like appearance and were disappointed that he had to be corrected with braces.

Because of the shape and color of the teeth and their combination with the gums,Ceramic is considered unlikely.

*Middle line of upper and lower teeth

BTS members' favorite toothbrushes and toothpaste

BTS Teeth

BTS members are known for their clean teeth. We investigated their favorite toothbrushes and toothpaste!


Dentis Toothpaste

  • Strong toothpaste for bad breath
  • Social networking sites are talking about how smooth your teeth become after brushing.

Ora2 toothpaste

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I was spotted with a peach leaf mint flavor on my desk while I was working.
Toothpaste suitable for tooth staining care

Ajona Toothpaste

created by Rinker.
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  • Standard toothpaste in Germany
  • Popular for its invigorating feel

Bamboo Salt Toothpaste

Insan Bamboo Salt] Insan Bamboo Salt Toothpaste 160g 1 piece Salt Korean toothpaste dental care salt toothpaste toothpaste
  • Toothpaste sold by LG in Korea

WANGTA Toothbrush

P10x+28 Hour Limited Coupon】 【Free Shipping】Toothbrush Set of 5 Toothbrushes Adult BIG Size Toothbrush Korean Popularity (White) WANGTA
  • Korean brand toothbrushes
  • Vertically long and large brush head
  • Brush cut to fit the arch of the teeth for easy brushing


VT Cosmetics Toothbrushes & Toothpaste

  • Dentifrice set by Korean cosmetic brand VT Cosmetics and BTS collaboration
  • 28mm x 18mm extra large brush


2080 Classic" toothpaste from Aegeon Industries

  • Famous toothpaste in Korea
  • Named after Japan's 2080 movement to preserve 20 teeth until age 80.

Most BTS members have braces on their teeth.

BTS Teeth

Most of the BTS members had braces to fix their teeth.

As for ceramics, I can't judge from the pictures, but even if they are ceramics, they are as natural as natural teeth.

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