Brides must ♡Introduce the dental maintenance you should do before your wedding!

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Teacher! I am pleased to announce that I am getting married!
My fiancé and I both dress up and we want to clean our teeth as well, where do we start?


Wow! Congratulations!
Then, this time,must-see for every bride5 Dental Maintenance Items to be done before the weddingto the following.

Dental maintenance you should do before your wedding! 5 recommendations

Marriage Teeth

The following five dental maintenance procedures are recommended before the wedding

  • dental checkup
  • Dental Treatment
  • Whitening Care
  • orthodontic treatment
  • dental aesthetics

dental checkup

To clean teeth,It is recommended to have a dental checkup first to check for cavities, gum disease, and other oral diseases.It is.

When we think of "cleaning teeth," we tend to think of cosmetic treatments to improve their appearance, such as whitening teeth with whitening or aligning teeth with orthodontic treatment.

However, aesthetic treatments such as whitening and orthodontic treatment,Basically, you must have healthy teeth and gums to receive treatment.

First, have a complete dental checkup at your dentist's office to have your mouth checked.

Dental Treatment

Get a dental checkup,If cavities or periodontal disease are present, these treatments are given priority.

Cavities can make it difficult to enjoy a meal at a wedding because cold or hot foods can stain the teeth and cause pain.

Furthermore, if left untreated, cavities can cause unbearable throbbing and severe pain even when nothing is being done.

Toothache comes suddenly, so if it starts hurting on the day of the wedding, it's a big problem!It is.

Periodontal disease, if left untreated, can cause severe halitosis and gum recession.

Bad breath caused by gum disease is so intense that it can make guests uncomfortable when speaking with them at a wedding.

Furthermore, if periodontal disease becomes severe and gum recession progresses, teeth become wobbly and wedding meals cannot be enjoyed.

Diseases such as tooth decay and gum disease should be treated as soon as possible.

Whitening Care

Many people are concerned about yellowed teeth when wearing a beautiful white dress or white kimono.

White teeth also enhance a smile when taking pictures.Therefore, whitening care is recommended.

Whitening care includes the following methods

Bridal whitening
Tooth manicure (white coat)
Whitening toothpaste
Ceramic treatment and laminate veneers

Bridal Whitening

What is bridal whitening?Bride and groom undergo whitening for their weddingIt is.

Office whitening and home whitening with teeth bleaching effects are performed to achieve the ideal teeth color by the wedding day.

Tooth manicure (white coat)

A method of whitening teeth by coating them with a special white resin.It is.

It is completed in one day and only coats the teeth, so even the color of silver teeth and fillings can be whitened.


This is a dental cleaning that you receive at the dentist's office.

A special machine removes tartar, plaque, stains on the tooth surfaces, and yin, which cannot be removed by self-care, and restores the teeth to their original whiteness.

Since it only removes stains from the teeth, it cannot make them whiter than the original teeth, but it does make the tooth surface smooth and shiny, so they look cleaner.

Whitening Toothpaste

Use whitening toothpaste to remove stains from teeth.Method.

Toothpastes with whitening properties contain ingredients such as sodium polyphosphate and sodium pyrophosphate that aid in stain removal.

However,It takes a lot of time to whiten teeth with whitening toothpaste aloneThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

Therefore, it is recommended that bridal whitening and cleaning be incorporated as an aid to keep teeth white until the wedding.

Ceramic treatment and laminate veneers

Whitening that bleaches teeth, such as bridal whitening, can only whiten natural teeth with healthy nerves.

  • silver tooth
  • Discolored and yellowed fillings/coverings
  • tooth with a dead nerve

If you want to whiten teeth that are not expected to benefit from bridal whitening, such asCeramic treatment or laminate veneers may be needed.

orthodontic treatment

Mouthpiece or wire braces can help straighten teeth and improve the smile at weddings.

Corrective treatment takes time, but if you tell them in advance that you have a wedding,

  • Priority is given to aligning the front teeth, which are visible when the mouth is opened.
  • They remove the device right before the wedding.

Some dentists will make a treatment plan that takes into account the fact that there will be a wedding, such as

dental aesthetics

As well as teeth whitening and cleaning,

  • lip esthetic
  • tongue cleaning
  • Hair removal around the mouth
  • Activation of gums by dental placenta
  • Gum whitening (gum peeling)
  • Gum Massage

and others,Care for a clean and youthful appearance of the entire mouth areaThe following is a list of the most common types of products that can be used.

How long before the wedding should I do dental maintenance?

Marriage Teeth

Dental maintenance is,I recommend starting with a checkup about a year before the wedding.It is.

Whitening and cleaning can be done months in advance, but it is important to allow plenty of time for a thorough treatment.

Healthy teeth can immediately undergo cosmetic treatments such as whitening, orthodontics, and ceramic treatment.

However, if there is decay or periodontal disease, treatment takes longer,There is a possibility that the crucial esthetic treatment may not be completed before the wedding.

Rather than worrying about it at the last minute for your wedding, we recommend that you visit your dentist regularly and plan your dental maintenance with your wedding in mind.

Before your wedding, maintain your teeth and polish your smile!

Marriage Teeth

A wedding is a grand occasion where both bride and groom dress up in dresses, tuxedos, and kimono.

If you maintain your teeth with whitening, cleaning, orthodontics, etc,Recommended for a more dressed-up appearance.It is.

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