What do people with smelly mouths have in common? I will tell you how to cure it.

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Last updated on March 9, 2023


Sir, a smelly mouth gives the impression of being unclean...
I feel like all people with smelly mouths smell like dope, why is that?


In fact, people with mouths that smell like dope have one thing in common.
This time,I will discuss common characteristics of people with smelly mouths and how to cure them!

14 Things People with Smelly Mouths Have in Common

foul-mouthed person

For people with smelly mouths,There are 14 commonalities, including

  1. Not brushing teeth properly
  2. Lots of tongue coating.
  3. Periodontal disease.
  4. having a dry mouth
  5. Not brushing teeth before bed
  6. Tend to be sleep deprived
  7. Stress is building up.
  8. Not much exercise
  9. Not in the habit of eating breakfast
  10. Chewing food less often
  11. Prefer fatty meats
  12. Drink a lot of coffee
  13. Drink a lot of alcohol
  14. Smoking habit.

The higher the number of guesses, the more likely you are to have a foul smelling mouth.

Not brushing teeth properly

If you don't brush your teeth properly,Bacteria in plaque and tartar make large amounts of volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs), which are the source of halitosis, causing the mouth to smell.

Halitosis is mostly caused by volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) produced by mouth bacteria.

What are Volatile Sulfur Compounds (VSC)?

  • hydrogen sulfide
  • methyl mercaptan
  • dimethyl sulfide

It is a general term for substances that emit a foul odor and are composed of components such as

It has an unpleasant odor that is often compared to the smell of ditch, feces, and garbage.

Lots of tongue coating.

Tongue coating is a white moss-like stain that forms on the surface of the tongue.

It is a collection of debris from the mucous membranes of the mouth, dead oral bacteria, and food debris on the tongue,If too much is added, it can cause the mouth to smell.

Periodontal disease.

When it comes to periodontal disease,The mouth becomes foul-smelling because periodontal disease bacteria make methyl mercaptan in the grooves (periodontal pockets) that form on the border between the teeth and gums.

Methyl mercaptan is a substance that gives off many unpleasant odors in small amounts.

The odor of methyl mercaptan is so strong that the smell can be transmitted to those around you simply by opening your mouth and breathing.

having a dry mouth

If you are a mouth breather or if you are prone to dry mouth due to medications you take regularly,Odor components generated in the mouth tend to volatilize and cause the mouth to smell.

Not brushing teeth before bed

During sleep, saliva is reduced and the mouth becomes dry, so the mouth tends to become smelly even when brushing the teeth.

People who do not brush their teeth before going to bed are more likely to have smelly mouths because the plaque and food debris on their teeth create a lot of extra volatile sulfur compounds.

Tend to be sleep deprived

Lack of sleep decreases saliva production.

People with dry mouths are more likely to have foul-smelling mouths,Lack of sleep may cause bad breath to become stronger.

Stress is building up.

When stress builds up, you become irritable and your sympathetic nervous system is activated.

Sympathetic nerves are,It reduces saliva production., ,The mouth tends to smell bad.

Not much exercise

People who do not exercise much can lead to gastrointestinal problems.

He said he had a gastrointestinal problem,Deterioration of the intestinal environment and constipation can lead to the production of bad odors in the body, which can mix with the breath and cause foul-smelling breath.

Not in the habit of eating breakfast

Immediately after waking up in the morning, the mouth tends to become smelly due to the effect of reduced saliva secretion while sleeping.

This is called "physiological halitosis," and since everyone has it, it can be quickly remedied by eating breakfast to stimulate saliva production and brushing one's teeth.

If you are not in the habit of eating breakfast,Saliva is not easily produced and the mouth may be prone to odor.

Chewing food less often

Chewing food promotes saliva production.

Those who chew their food less frequently when eating,The mouth tends to be dry and smelly.

Prefer fatty meats

Fatty meats can produce a foul odor as they are digested by the body.

Bad odors in the body may be expelled from the body with the breath.

Therefore,People who prefer to eat fatty meats are more likely to have smelly mouths.

Drink a lot of coffee

Coffee has diuretic properties and may cause dry mouth instead of eliminating water from the body as urine.

Also, if drinking coffee tends to make the mouth more acidic,Bacterial activity that produces volatile organic compounds, the odoriferous component of halitosis, is increased, and the mouth tends to smell bad.

Drink a lot of alcohol

If you drink a lot of alcohol,The diuretic effect of alcohol and the dehydrating effect of the osmotic pressure of alcohol on the body's cells tend to make the mouth dry and smelly.

Smoking habit.

If you have a smoking habit,Decreased saliva production due to nicotine and carbon monoxide, the odoriferous substances of tar contained in cigarettesIt is easy for the mouth to become smelly by

I don't want to smell like dope! How to Cure a Smelly Mouth

foul-mouthed person

Having a mouth that smells like doo-doo is an obstacle to communication.

If your mouth smells bad, you can treat it by

  • Clean your teeth and tongue
  • Utilize an outpatient halitosis clinic

Clean your teeth and tongue

Most halitosis is caused by the mouth, which is often caused by stains on the teeth and tongue debris.

  • Do not miss brushing your teeth after meals
  • Clean tongue as well.

Keep these two things in mind.

Utilize an outpatient halitosis clinic

Halitosis outpatient clinics are institutions in general hospitals and dentists that specialize in halitosis treatment.

We measure the presence and strength of halitosis and elucidate the causes of halitosis,Treatment is available to fundamentally improve halitosis.

If you fit the common characteristics of people with smelly mouth, review your care.

foul-mouthed person

For people with smelly mouths,Insufficient tooth brushing, periodontal disease, saliva production, and food preferences are some of the commonalities.

If your mouth smells like doo-doo, you should try to clean your teeth and tongue, and if necessary, consider using an outpatient halitosis clinic.

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