Aiko is now beautiful with braces! What is the treatment and how long is it?

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Last updated on October 10, 2023

Princess Aiko celebrates her 20th birthday in 2021 and is presented as an adult member of the royal family.

All of Japan was amazed at the beautiful Princess Aiko, dressed in a tiara borrowed from the Emperor's sister, Kiyoko Kuroda, and a pure white robe and décolletage!

She looks even more intelligent and elegant than the 19-year-old Aiko of a year ago,

'It's not just makeup...what has changed in a year?'

The result of this thought,

...the teeth!!!!"

I am sure that many of you have arrived at the answer to this question.

This time,We discuss Aiko's dental history, orthodontic methods, and duration!

Princess Aiko's dental history up to the time of her orthodontic treatment

First, here is Aiko at age 19 before correction.

This is a double tooth condition in which two front teeth and a canine tooth (*) protrude forward.

Some said that Aiko's teeth before the orthodontics were similar to those of His Majesty the Emperor...

It is also similar to Masako's teeth.

Aiko is,Genetically on both father's and mother's side, I was prone to teeth with two front teeth and canines protruding.Maybe!

Here is Aiko at age 20 after correction.

Tooth irregularities are eliminated,The teeth are nicely aligned in harmony with the smile line of the lower lip.

*Canine tooth → the third tooth counting backward from the upper front tooth.

Everyone's thoughts on Aiko's orthodontic treatment.

Princess Aiko, row of teeth

Aiko's teeth were even reported in a weekly magazine as "braces have improved her girl power."

  • Better with the teeth aligned!
  • Cleaned up!
  • Solid!

Many people on social networking sites have said that they are very happy with the results.


Look at Aiko, who is now beautiful with her teeth fixed,Some of you have been encouraged by your own orthodontic treatment!

How to correct Aiko?

Princess Aiko, row of teeth

There are two main ways to straighten teeth with orthodontics

  • wire orthodontia
  • mouthpiece orthodontics

Wire braces are a method of aligning teeth by wearing brackets and wires on the front or back of the teeth.

Depending on where the brackets and wires are placed,

  • lingual braces (dentistry)
  • lingual braces (dentistry)
  • half-lingual braces

The three categories are

Mouthpiece orthodontics is a method of aligning the teeth by wearing a clear mouthpiece.

As far as we could research, we could not find any photos that clearly capture the orthodontic appliances on Aiko's teeth.

Therefore,Aiko is most likely using a device that is difficult to recognize that she is wearing.

It is hard to tell that you are wearing it,

  • lingual braces (dentistry)
  • mouthpiece orthodontics

The two are.

With backside braces, the brackets and wires are completely hidden behind the teeth, so they are barely visible when the mouth is open.

Mouthpiece orthodontics uses a clear mouthpiece that can be removed by the patient when needed.

Therefore, if the mouthpiece is removed when the patient is in public, the orthodontic appliance will not be visible to the public if the attachment is not worn on the teeth.

Aiko is only one year! Can orthodontics be beautiful in a short period of time?

Princess Aiko, row of teeth

In Aiko's case, her teeth changed dramatically in just one year, from age 19 to 20.

But in reality, can so much change in a year after orthodontic treatment...?

The average duration of orthodontic treatment,About 1 to 3 yearsIt is.

Orthodontic duration varies greatly depending on the difficulty of the case, and the dentist's treatment plan will also vary somewhat in terms of which teeth are prioritized for movement.

In the case of Aiko, we can see that her front teeth are lined up nicely in the 19 and 20 year old photos,Depending on the case, it is possible to have such beautiful teeth in one year.

However, it is unclear whether Aiko's braces are complete, even though her front teeth are now clean.

It is possible that they are still being treated with backside or mouthpiece braces.

I want to be as beautiful as Aiko. If you want to have beautiful teeth.

Princess Aiko, row of teeth

In just one year, Aiko's teeth have become so beautiful that her impression has completely changed.

If you want to achieve teeth aligned like Aiko's, we recommend that you first seek orthodontic counseling.

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