Explains the causes of bad breath, the characteristics of people without stinky balls, how to get them, and how to prevent them. Can the dentist take it off?

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Last updated on October 16, 2023


What is a stinky ball that also causes bad breath?


Smelly balls are dead clumps of foreign matter, bacteria, and viruses that enter from the outside.

This time,This section describes the characteristics of people who do not have stinky balls, how to remove them, and how to prevent them!


Some people don't have them? What is a stinky ball?

People without stinky balls

What is a stinky ball?It is a dead mass of foreign substances, bacteria, and viruses that enter from the outside.

The color accumulates in the hollows of the tonsils at the back of the throat (crypts).

Smelly balls" are also called "abscesses.

If you see a white mass at the back of the throat when you open your mouth wide, it may be a stinky ball.

The stinky balls contain hydrogen sulfide and scatole, which smells like stool,When crushed, it can emit an unpleasant odor from the mouth as halitosis.


So you'd rather not have stinky balls?


No, it is not. Smelly balls are formed by the body's immune system, even in healthy people.

basicallyBefore it goes under.It'll go away naturally.So, just because you have a stinky ball, it doesn't mean that you must necessarily take it all out.

Stinky balls can be found in healthy people.

Smelly balls can be produced by diseases such as acute tonsillitis, though,Basically, it occurs in everyone due to the body's immune system.

A survey of elementary and junior high school students in Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture (*) on the presence or absence of smelly balls showed that 35% elementary school students and 30% junior high school students had smelly balls, reporting that even in a healthy state, the immune system causes a certain number of people to have smelly balls.

In other words, the formation of smelly balls means that the immune system is working properly and the body is properly protected from bacteria and viruses that invade from the outside.

*Source: Suzuki, T. (1967) Clinical study on the pathogenesis of chronic palatine tonsillitis Otorhinolaryngology Clinics/ Vol. 60, No. 7, P555-574

Usually nothing is needed to get rid of the stinky balls.

The stinky balls,They are removed from the tonsils by the self-cleaning action of saliva, or they are removed spontaneously by irritation when swallowing.

Even if you see a smelly ball in the back of your throat when you open your mouth, be careful not to try to force yourself to remove it, as this may cause damage and lead to more smelly balls and tonsillitis.

What is the difference between those who do not have stinky balls and those who do?

People without stinky balls

Some people are more prone to forming stinky balls than others.

  • People with dry mouth
  • People with chronic rhinitis
  • People prone to tonsillitis

These individuals tend to have a tendency to form smelly balls.

People with dry mouth

Dry mouth is a condition in which a person's mouth becomes dry due to low saliva production.

There are many causes of dry mouth, but people who are in the habit of breathing through their mouths are prone to dry mouth.

Because dry mouth can lead to an increase in oral bacteria,The tonsils become more active and more likely to produce smelly balls.

People with chronic rhinitis

People who are prone to runny nose due to chronic rhinitis or hay fever are more likely to develop smelly balls.

Because the nose and throat are connected,Smelly balls can easily form due to runny nose running down the throat.

In addition, medications that suppress rhinitis also suppress saliva secretion, which can easily induce dry mouth, which also causes an increase in smelly balls.

People prone to tonsillitis

When it comes to tonsillitis,The amount of dead bacteria that are released during the healing process of the disease increases, making it easier for smelly balls to form.

How to get rid of smelly balls

People without stinky balls

Smelly balls can be removed by

  • gargling
  • swab with a cotton swab
  • I'm going to put the shower down your throat.
  • Have it removed by an ear, nose, and throat specialist.

However, since smelly balls are formed chronically by the body's immune system, even if they are temporarily removed, they will build up again.

To avoid increasing the number of stinky balls to the point that they collapse and become bad breath,It is important to keep the mouth clean by brushing and garglingIt is.


Rattle and gargle strongly,Move the throat to remove the stinky ball.

swab with a cotton swab

Open your mouth wide,Press lightly with a cotton swab under the stinky ball to remove it.

If you press too hard,Be careful not to trigger the vomiting reflex or risk injuring the throat.

It is also not recommended to forcefully swab the stinky ball, as the swab may crush it or push it into the pubic fossa, making it impossible to remove.

I'm going to put the shower down your throat.

Open your mouth and shower down your throat to rinse out the smelly balls.

Since the water pressure removes the smelly balls, it can be done as if gargling.

Have it removed by an ear, nose, and throat specialist.

Otorhinolaryngology,You can also have the smelly balls removed using saline solution and special equipment.

Dentists and oral surgeons may be able to remove them, but ENT is more common.

Removing them yourself with cotton swabs, etc., can be risky, but an ENT specialist can remove the smelly balls for you. It costs about 100 yen and is covered by insurance, so if you want to remove smelly balls, it is recommended to do it at a hospital.

How to prevent smelly balls

People without stinky balls

Smelly balls are created by foreign substances, bacteria, and viruses that enter through the nose and mouth.

To prevent smelly balls, keep your mouth clean byIt is important not to increase the number of foreign substances, bacteria, and viruses that enter from the outside.It is.

  • Gargle frequently with a rattle
  • Brush teeth properly
  • Nose breathing prevents dry mouth.

Reviewing how you brush your teeth and having your dentist clean your teeth regularly to remove tartar are also effective ways to keep your mouth clean.

Also, if mouth breathing is caused by popping the mouth open due to the alignment of the teeth or bite, orthodontic treatment can be used to close the lips, making it easier to transition to nasal breathing.

Prevent smelly balls with self-care.

People without stinky balls

Some people do not have smelly balls and some do.

Although it depends on your body type, it is important to keep your mouth clean by brushing your teeth and gargling on a daily basis to prevent the accumulation of smelly balls as much as possible.

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