Is it true that you shouldn't whiten your teeth? An explanation of what you need to know to avoid regret!

IMG 1470 whitening (e.g. of teeth)

Whitening is a procedure that whitens your teeth without grinding them down, making your smile look great.


I would suggest not whitening."
I regret whitening."

Some people are of the opinion that

In this issue, why is it said that whitening should not be done?I will tell you why and what you need to know to avoid regrets.

Why you should not whiten your teeth

Whitening: Don't do it.

In addition to whitening, there are other methods of teeth whitening, such as "laminate veneers," in which the teeth are shaved and ceramic is pasted on top, and "ceramic treatment," in which the teeth are covered.

However, laminate veneers and ceramic treatments require significant tooth reduction, and when performed on healthy teeth, the risk of significant damage to tooth longevity has been noted.

Therefore,If your goal is to whiten your teeth, whitening is by far the safest and healthiest way to whiten your teeth.It is.

So why is it said that whitening, which can whiten teeth without grinding, should not be done?

It may be that some people cannot or are not suitable for whitening for the following reasons

  • Because it's not a procedure that can whiten all teeth.
  • Some people can't whiten their teeth.
  • The effects of whitening vary greatly from person to person.

Because it's not a procedure that can whiten all teeth.

If you have teeth that cannot be whitened by whitening, you are a person who should not whiten your teeth.

Whitening whitens the pigment on the enamel that covers the natural tooth surface and tones the teeth.

Therefore, it is not expected to be effective on teeth that are discolored or yellowed outside of the enamel or on artificial teeth that have no enamel.

Teeth with discoloration in areas other than enamel

  • Tooth without nerve
  • tooth with a dead nerve
  • Teeth with strong tetracycline discoloration

These are teeth with discoloration of the dentin beneath the enamel.

Even with whitening.Since the color of the dentin does not change, the effect is not expected to be very effective.

If the degree of discoloration is mild, whitening may be enough to bleach the enamel.

However, if severely discolored, the color of the dentin will show through the enamel and the effect will not be apparent.

artificial tooth

  • silver tooth
  • covering (e.g. of woven bamboo, etc.)
  • stuffing

Because whitening agents only work on natural tooth enamel,Artificial teeth cannot be changed in color or whitened.

Some people can't whiten their teeth.

  • People with acatalasemia
  • People allergic to sunlight
  • People with photosensitivity
  • Pregnant or nursing

Those who fall into these categories are,Whitening is not available.

If you want to whiten your teeth, consider methods other than whitening.

People with acatalasemia

Contained in whitening agentsConstitutional inability to decompose hydrogen peroxideTherefore, whitening is contraindicated.

People with sun allergy or photosensitivity

In the type of whitening known as office whitening, light is shone on the teeth to basically cause a reaction to the drug.

People who are allergic or photosensitive to sunlight are more likely to develop problems,Light-emitting type whitening is not available.

Pregnant or nursing

How do whitening agents affect fetuses and infants?We cannot perform the procedure because we do not know for sure.

The effects of whitening vary greatly from person to person.

Whitening is a procedure that whitens natural teeth.

How much whiter will the whitening process be?Often depends on the original color and condition of the teeth, which is not always clear until the procedure is performed.It is.

Teeth with spots, stripes, or gradations may also show uneven color after whitening.

The pattern or gradient will most likely blend in and become unnoticeable a few days after the surgery, though,

I want to make sure it's this white."
I definitely want my teeth to be even-toned."

If you have a desire for a "better" result, you may not be satisfied with whitening, which has a large individual variation in effect.

What you need to know about whitening to avoid regrets

Whitening: Don't do it.

How to avoid regrets with whitening,It is important to know information about whitening in advanceIt is.

  • How to choose a dentist
  • Things to check before whitening
  • Points to note after whitening treatment

The following are the three main points of the project!

How to choose a dentist

Because whitening is self-funded, it is important to choose the right dentist to ensure that you have no regrets.

When choosing a dental office,

  • Dentists with a high number of whitening cases
  • Uses a whitening system from a proven brand

as a basis,Dentist who is very responsive to staff and dentists and explains the advantages, disadvantages, and safe.

Things to check before whitening

Before whitening, it is recommended to check the following five points.

  • Types of Whitening
  • Whitening Cost
  • Whitening Effects
  • Whitening Side Effects
  • Whether you plan to have fillings or coverings made for implants or cavities

Types of Whitening

There are three types of whitening

  • Office whitening → all procedures are performed in the dentist's office
  • Home whitening → Do it yourself using a mouthpiece and medication prepared by the dentist's office
  • Dual whitening → office whitening with home whitening at the same time

The speed and duration of the effect are slightly different,Choose the whitening method that is right for you after consultation.This will be the case.

Whitening Cost

Whitening is not covered by insurance, so the full amount is to be paid out-of-pocket.

Also,Costs vary depending on the whitening method and the dental office.

Estimated cost,

  • Office whitening → about 30,000-70,000 yen
  • Home whitening → about 20,000-45,000 yen (mouthpiece preparation fee + 1 week's worth of medication)
  • Dual whitening → about 50,000-80,000 yen

The following are the costs. In addition, there may be preoperative cleaning and postoperative maintenance costs.

Whitening Effects

The number of treatments required for whitening to be effective varies depending on the type of whitening.

The number of times until the effect is achieved is as follows

  • Office whitening → 1 or more times
  • Home whitening → 14 or more times (if done daily)
  • Dual whitening → 1 or more times

The effectiveness of whitening depends on the condition of the teeth and the whiteness of the teeth the patient desires.

To reach the ideal whiteness of teeth,Often requires multiple whitening sessionsIt is.

Whitening Side Effects

Whitening uses hydrogen peroxide to break down natural tooth pigment.

The process of pigment breakdown often irritates the nerves in the teeth,Temporary pain as a side effect.Keep in mind that the

The pain is like sensitivity and improves in up to 48 hours. Also, the quality of the tooth is not affected.

If pain is a concern, it can be treated with anti-staining medications, pain relievers, fluoride or toothpaste for sensitivity under the direction of a dentist.

Whether you plan to have implants or coverings

Be sure to tell your dentist if you plan to have implants, fillings, or coverings made.

Basically, the color of implants and coverings should match the color of the teeth after whitening, but which procedure is prioritized depends on the case.

Be aware that if the timing of the procedure is wrong and the color of the implant/covering is different from the color of the teeth after whitening, it may be noticeable.

Points to note after whitening treatment

After whitening, the following points should be noted

  • Avoid dark-colored food and drink until a set time after surgery.
  • Maintenance is necessary to prolong the whiteness of whitening

Avoid dark-colored food and drink until a set time after surgery.

After whitening, the clear film covering the teeth is temporarily removed.

Teeth without a cortical membrane are very prone to take up food and drink pigments,Avoid dark-colored food and drink until a set time after surgery.

Suggested times to watch what you eat and drink are as follows

  • Office whitening → 48 hours
  • Home whitening → 1 to 2 hours
  • Dual whitening → 48 hours after office whitening, 1-2 hours after home whitening

*If you have separate instructions from your dentist, follow them.

Maintenance is necessary to prolong the whiteness of whitening

Even after whitening, teeth can become recolored over time.

Therefore,Maintenance, such as cleanings and regular whitening, is necessary to prolong the whiteness of teeth.

The approximate duration of whiteness with whitening is as follows

  • Office whitening → 3-12 months
  • Home whitening → 6-12 months
  • Dual whitening → 12-24 months

Duration depends on food and drink preferences and smoking habits.

Regular maintenance should be performed after consultation with your dentist.

Whether it is better not to whiten depends on the person.

Whitening: Don't do it.

Whether someone should not whiten depends on the condition of their teeth and their ideal whiteness.

If you are concerned about yellowing or discoloration of your teeth, we recommend that you consult with your dentist to determine what methods, including whitening, are appropriate for your needs.

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