Does whitening at home work? Includes types and care products!

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I want to whiten my teeth!
Does whitening at home work?


I understand!
This time,We will discuss the benefits, types, and care products for whitening at home.

I will also introduce 365dentist recommendations.

Clinic where you can have a dentist or dental hygienist whiten your teeth.

There are two main types of whitening that can be done at home

Whitening at home

There are two main types of whitening methods that can be performed at home

  • How to get a prescription from a dentist
  • How to use over-the-counter whitening products

The biggest difference between the two is,Tooth-whitening action and whitening effect obtainedIt is.

How to get a prescription from a dentist

What the dentist prescribes for you.Home whitening."It is called It has the ability to break down tooth pigment.

To use whitening agents that are not available without a dentist's diagnosis,Whitens natural tooth color and stubborn yellowing or staining that has adhered to the teethEffectiveness.

How to use over-the-counter whitening products

For how to use over-the-counter whitening products,

  • Whitening Toothpaste
  • Mouthpiece with LED
  • Whitening Tape
  • Tooth eraser/sponge
  • Dental manicure

There are so many different types, including

Japanese or foreign made, and depending on the product.Whitening actions and effects vary.

The Japanese whitening products on the market are safe and made with mild whitening ingredients that cause as little trouble as possible without the use of a specialist.

Therefore,Removes pigments, yarns, and dulling of tooth surfaces immediately after depositionThe whitening effect can only be expected to be about 2.5 times as great as that of the original product.

On the other hand, some international whitening products sold over the counter, such as those sold online, may contain the same whitening ingredients as those prescribed in dental offices.

The advantage is that it is more effective in whitening teeth than whitening products made in Japan, but the ingredients are too strong,It can cause pain and inflammation of the teeth, gums, and mucous membranes of the mouth.

In addition, there is basically no warranty regarding the use of the product because it is not made within the scope of Japanese law.

Foreign products on the market are,You are responsible for any problems that may occur.Be aware that the following is not a good example of a "good" product.

Six whitening options that can be done at home

IMG 2042

The advantages and disadvantages, effects and costs of typical whitening procedures that can be done at home are explained for each type.

  1. home whitening
  2. Whitening Toothpaste
  3. Mouthpiece with LED
  4. Whitening Tape
  5. Tooth eraser/sponge
  6. Dental manicure

home whitening

A special mouthpiece is made at the dentist's office and a whitening agent is prescribed to perform the whitening at home.

Teeth are whitened by placing a whitening agent in a special mouthpiece and wearing it for a predetermined amount of time.

Wearing time will vary depending on the whitening agent and the condition of the teeth, but should be followed as instructed by the dentist.

Whitening Effect

While leaving a sense of transparency,Make teeth whiter than their natural tooth colorThe effect can be expected.

Time to effect

Daily home whitening until you see the results,It takes a minimum of two weeks.

Depending on the degree of yellowing or staining of your teeth and your ideal whiteness, you may see results sooner or it may take a little longer.


  • Mouthpiece creation → approx. 15,000-40,000 yen
  • Whitening agent for 1 week → approx. 5,000 yen

Generally, it takes about two weeks for home whitening to take effect, so all togetherAbout 25,000-50,000 yencosts.

In the case of maintenance when the color returns, running costs are reduced because you only need to buy more whitening agents.


It is expected to have a higher whitening effect than commercial products.

In addition, if a problem with home whitening occurs, the dentist can be asked to provide instructions.


A dentist's diagnosis is required for home whitening,Requires at least two visits to the hospitalIt is.

In addition, home whitening may not be diagnosed if any of the following apply

  • Cavities and cracked teeth.
  • During wire orthodontics
  • If your teeth are misaligned and the mouthpiece does not fit
  • Those with systemic illnesses
  • Pregnant or nursing mothers, etc.

Over-the-counter whitening products

  • Whitening Toothpaste
  • Mouthpiece with LED
  • Whitening Tape
  • Tooth eraser/sponge
  • Dental manicure, etc.

Whitening Toothpaste

This method uses toothpaste containing whitening ingredients such as sodium polyphosphate and polyethylene glycol (macrogol, PEG).

Use as toothpaste during normal tooth brushing.

Whitening Effect

It is a toothpaste that lifts pigments from the tooth surface and dissolves tar stains,It removes dullness from teeth and leads to the natural whiteness of teeth.

Because it does not act to bleach the teeth,It cannot be whiter than the original teeth.

Time to effect

If it is immediately after coloring, such as after a meal, the effect may be felt after only one session.

For stains and yellowing that have accumulated over the years, it may take several months of daily use.

In addition, stains and yellowing that have seeped into the teeth cannot be removed, and the effect may not be felt.


It ranges from a few hundred to several thousand yen.


No special care is required as it is simply used as a toothpaste.

Easiest and easiest to adopt whiteningIt can be said that


The effect is only to dull the teeth.

If you are imagining that whitening toothpaste will make your teeth as white as a celebrity's,The effect is not nearly as satisfactory.

Mouthpiece with LED

Facilitating effect of whitening agents,How to use mouthpieces with built-in LED lightsIt is.

As in home whitening, a mouthpiece is filled with whitening agent and worn for the prescribed time, followed by brushing.

Whitening Effect

It basically just floats and removes stains from the surface of the teeth,They will not be whiter than the original teeth.

It is similar to home whitening, but for whitening agents that can be used without a dentist's diagnosis,No teeth bleaching effect.

Time to effect

As with whitening toothpaste, stains and yellowing that have accumulated over the years often take months of time.


It ranges from several thousand yen to around 100,000 yen.


The LEDs are expected to be slightly more effective than whitening toothpaste in floating and removing stains.


It requires a mouthpiece with LEDs and a special whitening agent, which is costly and time-consuming.

Whitening Tape

Tooth surfaces.A method of whitening teeth by covering them with a film coated with a whitening agent and leaving it on for a specified period of time.It is.

Whitening Effect

Some whitening tapes made overseas contain ingredients that have teeth bleaching properties.

Therefore, the explanation is written in a foreign language and the risk due to side effects is high, though,The teeth may be whiter than the original teeth.

Whitening tapes made in Japan do not contain bleaching ingredients, so they only slightly dull the teeth.

Time to effect

The duration of a single use and the time it takes for the effect to take effect vary from product to product.


Many products cost several thousand yen.


Whitening tapes made overseas are more effective in whitening teeth among over-the-counter products, although they carry risks.


Any pain, sensitivity, or other problems caused by using whitening tapes made overseas are your own responsibility.

Tooth eraser/sponge

Scrubbing the tooth surface with a whitening eraser or sponge to remove stainsIt is.

There are silicones with abrasives and sponges with whitening ingredients.

Whitening Effect

It only removes stains from the surface of the teeth,They will not be whiter than the original teeth.

Time to effect

Since it is only rubbing, in some cases the effect can be felt after only one rubbing.


It is about a few hundred yen.


It is inexpensive and easy to use, and you can simply rub it on when you are concerned about coloration.


No amount of scrubbing will remove stains that have seeped into the teeth and will not make them whiter than the original teeth, so the effect may not be felt.

Excessive tooth scrubbing will result in a coarse tooth surface,Risk of yellowing teeth, sensitivity, etc.There are

Consider other whitening options for yellowing that cannot be removed by light scrubbing, as they are ineffective.

365dentist recommended whitening sponge

This is the one to use because it contains polyphosphorus, which gently removes tea stains from teeth.

IMG 4535

Quick whitening EX Polylin Cube EX (Sponge toothpaste) Extra mint scent, 3 pieces, sponge, toothpaste, toothbrush, oral care, teeth, yellowing, whitening, stains, stains
created by Rinker.
¥4,020 (As of 07/21/2024 00:14:40, according to Amazon.Details)

Dental manicure

A method of temporarily making teeth appear whiter by applying white nail polish to the surface of the teeth.It is.

Whitening Effect

We just apply paint to make it look white,The color of the tooth itself does not change.

The effect is extremely temporary, as it can be removed with a toothbrush.

Time to effect

Since you only need to apply the tooth manicure, you can feel the effects immediately after use.


1,000 yen or more.


Basically, there is no risk of damaging the teeth, and the teeth look whiter immediately after use.

Before an event or outing,It is suitable for those who want to whiten their teeth temporarily and quickly.

Teeth manicures can also be applied to artificial or silver teeth to make them appear whiter.


Because commercial tooth manicures are removed by brushing,It has little or no sustainability.

Whitening can be done at home.

Whitening at home

For whitening at home,Home whitening, where the dentist prescribes whitening agents, and over-the-counter whitening productsThere are

If you want to whiten your teeth in earnest, home whitening is recommended, but you can also use over-the-counter whitening products for daily staining care.

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