What are the causes of natural yellowing of teeth and what can be done about it? Thorough explanation of whether whitening can whiten them!

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Last updated March 5, 2024

The whiter your teeth, the cleaner you look."
The whiter your teeth, the younger you look."

Have you ever heard of something like this?

However, tooth color varies from person to person, and some people are born with yellowish teeth.

This time,Thorough explanation of the causes and countermeasures for teeth yellowing from birth and whether whitening can whiten them.I will do so!

Why do teeth yellow? How tooth color is determined

Teeth yellowing, born with it.

Tooth color is determined by a combination of the following elements that make up teeth

Enamel color
Enamel transparency
Thickness of enamel
Dentin color
Thickness of dentin

Enamel is the outermost covering layer of the tooth and is translucent in color.

Underneath the enamel is a layer of yellow dentin, which determines the color of the teeth by allowing the color of the dentin to show through the translucent enamel.

Tooth color varies from person to person due to genetic and ethnic factors.

Because Japanese people have ethnically thin enamel, many have a yellowish white color compared to Westerners.It is.

So why do teeth yellow?

If yellowing of the teeth is caused by something other than the color of the teeth you were born with, it is basically a foodThe staining substances of tobacco, coffee, and other tobacco products often settle on the teeth and cause yellowing.

Over time, staining substances on the tooth surface seep into the enamel and cause teeth to yellow.

Aging may also cause the dentin beneath the enamel to take on a yellowish tinge, and the increased thickness of the dentin may make the teeth appear yellowish.

Causes of natural yellowing of teeth

Teeth yellowing, born with it.

Teeth can yellow for reasons other than diet or aging.

There are three main causes of natural tooth yellowing

Enamel dysplasia
Tetracycline teeth
Individual differences such as heredity

agenesis imperfecta

What is enamel dysplasia?Teeth with insufficient enamel formation covering the tooth surfacerefers to the

The surface of the teeth is cloudy.
...Enamel has a yellowish tinge.
Bumpy and not smooth surface of teeth
Cratering on the tooth surface, etc.

Enamel dysplasia is most often seen in permanent premolars and 6-year-old molars (first molars, the sixth tooth from the front).

When enamel dysplasia is seen on the anterior teeth, many people may feel complex because it affects their appearance.

tetracycline tooth

What is a tetracycline tooth?Tooth discoloration is caused by ingestion of tetracycline antibiotics around the age of 0-12 years, when teeth are being formed.

interpoint (interword separation)Teeth gray, brown, or tawny like colordoing
interpoint (interword separation)striped pattern on teethis present, etc.

The side effect of tetracycline is caused by the yellowish pigment of tetracycline binding to calcium in the dentin.

It is hard to notice when the teeth are just starting to erupt,Teeth bound with tetracycline pigment begin to discolor when exposed to ultraviolet light.

In mild cases, the teeth may appear yellowish, but the more severe the disease, the greater the degree of tooth discoloration.

Due to individual differences such as heredity

Individual differences in tooth color due to genetic and ethnic factorsThere are

If the teeth are genetically yellowish, some individuals may be born with yellow teeth.

Can toothpaste and whitening whiten teeth? Learn how to do it effectively.

Teeth yellowing, born with it.

Methods to improve yellowing of teeth include the following

Use whitening toothpaste.
... get whitening from a dentist.
White crowns on teeth.

Which method is effective depends on the cause, so let's look at what kind of teeth yellowing is effective one by one.

Use toothpaste with whitening properties.

A toothpaste with whitening properties is a toothpaste that contains the following medicinal ingredients in the toothpaste

Sodium polyphosphate
Polyethylene glycol
Hydroxyapatite, etc.

Both are effective in helping to remove staining components from the tooth surface.

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Most toothpastes with whitening effects are available over-the-counter, so while they are easy to try, their whitening effects are not as good.

Basically,Good for removing freshly stained components from teeth and keeping teeth white, but a long time for whitening already yellowed teethwill be applied.

Stubborn yellowing of teeth that has seeped into enamel
Enamel dysplasia
Tetracycline teeth
Yellowing of teeth due to individual differences such as heredity

It is not possible to remove this type of yellowing from the teeth, so some peopleToothpaste with whitening effectmay not whiten teeth.

Get whitening from your dentist.

Dentist whitening is whitening performed at a medical institution using pharmaceuticals under the consultation and direction of a dentist.

Office Whitening
Home whitening
Dual whitening

There are three types of

Unlike toothpaste, which has a whitening effect, this toothpaste uses agents that have a bleaching effect on the enamel.

Because it can bleach the teeth,It can remove stubborn tooth yellowing that has seeped into the enamel to achieve whiter teeth than the natural tooth color.

Basically, though, it can be adapted to tooth yellowing that is caused by enamel,

Enamel dysplasia
Tetracycline teeth
Yellowing of teeth due to individual differences such as heredity

These may not be effective depending on the condition of the teeth.

Dentin in particular causes tooth discoloration.Tetracycline teeth are not likely to benefit from dentist whitening to bleach enamelIt is.

White coverings on the teeth.

Enamel dysplasia
Tetracycline teeth
Yellowing of teeth due to individual differences such as heredity

Due to this natural yellowing of the teeth,Effects of whitening toothpaste and dentist whiteningis not obtained, it is effective to improve tooth color by covering the teeth.

How to improve yellowing of teeth with coverings,

Laminated veneers
Direct Bonding

and others.

Ceramic coverings, chips, or ceramic and resin pastes are applied to the tooth surfaces to improve the appearance of the teeth.

Depending on the method.It is necessary to grind the tooth or remove the tooth's nerve, which can cause a small amount of damage to the tooth.

However,Effective for those who have complex yellowing or discoloration of teeth and do not expect whitening toothpaste or dentist whitening to be effective.It can be said that

Summary for those who suffer from yellowing of the teeth

Teeth yellow with age, diet, and exposure to staining components of coffee, cigarettes, and other tobacco products.

Also,Genetically yellow teeth, enamel dysplasia, tetracycline teethTeeth may be yellowed from birth due to

If you want to improve the yellowing of your teeth, you must choose an appropriate and effective method based on the cause.

If you want to know which method will work for you, a quick consultation with your dentist is recommended.

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