Whitening pain, how to deal with it, and what you need to know.

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 I want beautiful white teeth!" In such cases, whitening is an effective solution. Nowadays, home whitening has become more accessible due to the spread of home whitening. On the other hand, some people are concerned about the pain caused by whitening. In this issue, we will explain the causes of whitening pain and how to deal with it.

Does whitening hurt?


Whitening is an effective way to obtain beautifully white teeth, but on the other hand, some people may be concerned about the pain they hear about. Here, we will explain the degree of pain and the percentage of those who feel pain.

What is the rate of pain with whitening?

After WhiteningIt is true that a certain number of people experience pain in In general, the whitening procedureAbout 20% of people feel pain.It is known that

How strong is the pain?

Pain is felt in different waysIt is. Some people find it "painful" while others find it "itchy."

How is it that all people do not feel pain?

The concentration, type, and amount of the drug can vary in the degree of pain. Therefore, it is true that whitening is not painful in all treatments.Pain perception varies greatly from person to person.It can be said that

What is the cause of the pain?

The main causes of pain with whitening are


Cavities increase the likelihood of pain with whitening.Dental caries progressesThis will cause a hole in the tooth enamel where it has dissolved.Exposed dentinThis causes the drug to penetrate the tooth and cause pain. This allows the drug to penetrate the tooth and cause pain.

periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is,Disease in which the bone supporting the teeth dissolvesIt is. As the condition progresses, the gums drop andExposed dentin at the root of the toothThis causes the teeth to become stained and sore from the irritation caused by the whitening agent. This can cause teeth to become stained and sore from the irritation caused by the whitening agent.


People with hypersensitivity also often experience pain with whitening. Hypersensitivity is often,Periodontal disease and agingetc., depending on the ...Exposed dentin at the root of the toothThis can be caused by doing so. Those who have a habit of strong side brushing when brushing also have an increased risk of sensitivity.

When whitening is performed on patients with hypersensitivity symptoms, the drug penetrates through the exposed dentin, causing strong pain.

Cracked or broken teeth.

Cracked or cracked enamel can cause the whitening agent to stain and cause pain. If you grind your teeth or have a habit of clenching, you may unknowingly damage and defect your enamel.

For whatever reason.Damage or loss of enamelis present, it is thought that the pain is caused by the whitening material seeping through the cracks.

High concentration of whitening gel

There is no problem with the use of the gel used during whitening, though, as it is an agent that is recognized to be safe enough,Pain is often experienced when using highly concentrated chemical solutionsI am sure it will be.

In order to achieve "faster" and "whiter" teeth, it is tempting to use a strong chemical solution to whiten teeth in a short period of time. However, the use of highly concentrated whitening solutions can increase tooth pain,May not be able to continue whiteningYes. It is recommended that you take your time and work slowly to gradually achieve whiter, more beautiful teeth.

How to Relieve Pain


If you experience pain with whitening, here is what to do

Brush your teeth and gargle.

If you feel pain, try brushing and gargling first. After whitening, you can use the mouthPossibility of gel residueThis is because there areRinse off with a gargle or toothpaste.This may reduce the pain.

Avoid stimulants such as sweets and cold foods

After whitening.About 24 hoursHa,Prone to hypersensitivityIt is considered to be a good idea. Avoid sweet, cold, and spicy stimulants.

take a painkiller

If the pain persists, over-the-counter pain relievers may be taken. However,Taking prescribed medical painkillers is very dangerous.It is. Care must be taken when taking the drug, as high doses of the drug may harm liver and kidney function.Always follow dosage and administrationLet's do it.

See a dentist.

If you experience unbearably strong pain or if the pain is prolonged, do not hesitate to see a dentist. Although it is said that you are likely to feel pain for about 24 hours after whitening,If strong symptoms persist for an extended period of timeThere is something to be said forThere is another factor.It may be.The cause of the disease must be identified and treated as soon as possible.I am sure it will be.

To prevent pain


Here are some ways to prevent pain by doing this before whitening.

Treatment of cavities and periodontal disease

If there is decay or gum disease, it should be treated as soon as possible. This is because if there is decay or gum disease, the chemical solution can penetrate into the tooth from there,Prone to strong painFrom. In addition, when cavities are advanced and fillings or coverings are performed, the whiteningColor difference is created.Therefore, the appearance of the tooth is adversely affected. As decay and periodontal disease progress and the nerves of the teeth become necroticNormal whitening can no longer be performed.There is a possibility that the It is best to detect and treat cavities and dental abscesses as early as possible.

Sensitivity Care

People with hypersensitivity or who are concerned about hypersensitivity should take care of themselves on a daily basis. Specific ways to do this are,Toothpaste for Sensitivityis recommended for use. The potassium nitrate in the formula helps to prevent the nerves in the teeth fromReduce hypersensitivity reactionsThe company is also able to Also,Fluorine gelIt is also useful to use Fluorine has aStrengthens enamelBecause of its properties, it can be expected to protect dentin and prevent irritation from reaching it.

Careful home care

Whitening Effectsto get enough,Daily home care is importantIt is. Tooth decay and gum disease can be prevented by brushing properly. Using toothpaste for sensitivity and using fluoride toothpaste to strengthen the teeth may also help.

Routine dental checkups

Protect dental healthRegular dental checkups are also helpful for this purpose. Regular visits to the dentist's office can help protect the health of your teeth. You can also receive cleaning and tooth brushing instruction. From learning how to brush properly,Improved effectiveness of home careIt is easier to do so. Regular checkups.Address the cause of the painand then by performing whitening,Minimal pain treatmentYou can receive aI am sure it will be.



Whether or not whitening is painful depends on the individual. It is estimated that about 20% of those who undergo the procedure experience pain, which is related to a variety of factors. In most cases, those who experience pain from whitening have damaged enamel, or cases where the enamel has been weakened by highly concentrated agents. Therefore.Pain-free whitening.In order to,Regular checkups and careful home care are most important and effectiveIt is. Please refer to these contents to get beautiful white teeth without pain.

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