What to do if an orthodontic bracket or wire comes off? First aid and how to deal with it

What to do if an orthodontic bracket or wire comes off? First aid and how to deal with it Mouth problems

Last updated November 19, 2023


Doctor, my orthodontic bracket has come off.
What should I do?


If an orthodontic bracket comes off and the patient cannot be seen immediately, the dentist should be contacted and then emergency treatment is usually provided by securing the bracket to the wire with orthodontic wax or cutting the wire with nippers or nail clippers.
This time,We will discuss first aid and what to do when orthodontic brackets or wires come off!

What to do when orthodontic brackets or wires come off

Orthodontic Bracket dislodged

When orthodontic brackets or wires come off, the following order is generally used to deal with the problem.

  • Contact your dentist first.
  • See a dentist or perform first aid yourself under the direction of a dentist.

The brackets and wires used in wire orthodontics apply a force that guides the teeth as each individual device balances against each other.

Therefore, if the bracket or wire is left unattached,Be aware that it may cause backward movement or teeth to move in unexpected directions.It is.

Brackets and wires are designed to be removed at the end of orthodontic treatment, and it is not uncommon for them to come off for some reason.

There is no need to panic because a bracket or wire has come off. Contact your dentist first, and if you cannot see him or her immediately, take first aid measures under the dentist's direction.

After first aid has been administered,Basically, you need to have the dislodged device reattached.So, consult with your dentist and see him or her when you can come in for a visit.

When contacting the dentist,

  • When did it come off?
  • What equipment was removed from where?
  • Whether there is any pain or discomfort

The dentist's response is relatively smooth if you tell him or her the following three points

First aid for dislodged orthodontic brackets and wires

Orthodontic Bracket dislodged

In orthodontic treatment with wire braces, various devices are attached to the teeth. The way to deal with the dislodged devices differs depending on the device, and is explained for each of the following patterns.

  • When orthodontic brackets are removed
  • When orthodontic wires come off
  • When the ligature wire comes off

However, depending on the type of device, the convenience of treatment, and the condition, it may be better not to do so,Basically, it should be done under the direction of a dentist.

When orthodontic brackets are removed

Orthodontic brackets are silver, white, or clear colored devices attached to the teeth.

It is fixed to each tooth individually with dental adhesive and when it is removed from the tooth,They may fall into the mouth or become suspended between the wire and the tooth surface.

If the bracket falls into the mouth

If it falls into your mouth,Wash with water, wipe dry with tissue, etc. and store.and bring it with you when you go to the dentist.

Some dentists may reuse brackets.

When the bracket is suspended between the wire and the tooth surface

If brackets are suspended between the wires and teeth and you are concerned about them shifting around,Dental wax secures bracket to wireLet's do it.

How to apply dental wax when orthodontic brackets are removed
  1. Tear the dental wax into pieces large enough to cover the brackets.
  2. Dry the bracket to be fixed and the surrounding wires with a tissue or gauze to gently control the moisture in the bracket and the surrounding wires.
  3. Dental wax is attached over the wire to cover the bracket, integrating the wire and bracket.

When only the orthodontic wire comes off

When an orthodontic wire comes off, depending on the situation, the following first aid measures should be taken

  • Insert and reattach orthodontic brackets
  • Fix with corrective wax.
  • Cut wires with nail clippers or nippers

Insert and reattach orthodontic brackets

If orthodontic brackets are attached to the teeth,Try inserting the wire into the groove of the orthodontic bracket from the side to see if it can be reattached.

If it cannot be plugged in, do not force it, but take other emergency measures.

Fix with corrective wax.

Dental wax is placed over the wire to cover the wax.Fix the ear to the bracketI will do so.

How to put on dental wax when orthodontic wires come off
  1. Tear the dental wax into pieces large enough to cover the brackets.
  2. Dry the wire and bracket to be fixed by lightly restraining the moisture with a tissue or gauze.
  3. Dental wax is placed over the wire to cover the bracket and secure the wire to the bracket.

Cut wires with nail clippers or nippers

Using nail clippers or small nippers, cut and remove the wire at the dislodged part.

Be careful not to damage the lips or mucous membranes.

If it is difficult to cut the wire and it hurts when it hits your cheek or gums, place gauze between your cheek and gums to prevent the wire from sticking.

When the ligature wire comes off

A ligature wire is a thin wire used to attach a wire to a bracket.

The ligature wire is twisted and cut next to the bracket and the end is tucked under the wire through the bracket so that it does not hit the cheek.

However, because the ligature wires are thin, they bend easily and can pop out from under the wire threaded through the bracket when brushing or removing food debris.

In this case,Push the end of the ligature wire with a toothpick or the tip of your fingernail back under the wire through the bracket.

In doing so, be careful not to point a toothpick at the gums or get a wire stuck in your finger.

If difficult, cover with dental wax.

Charges for orthodontic brackets and wires that come off.

Orthodontic Bracket dislodged

Fees for orthodontic bracket and wire removal vary from dentist to dentist.

This is because orthodontic treatment is self-funded.

Generally, they can be reattached free of charge.It seems that there may be an additional charge, so be sure to check it carefully during the pre-treatment consultation.

Disadvantages of leaving a dislodged orthodontic bracket or wire in place for more than a week

Orthodontic Bracket dislodged

Basically, if it is 4-5 days until your regular appointment, you are unlikely to have problems with orthodontic brackets and wires being removed.

However,If left longer than 1 week to 10 days, treatment time may be prolonged due to tooth retraction or unexpected movementTherefore, be careful.

To prevent problems, it is recommended that you contact your dentist even if your next appointment is near.

Call your dentist if your orthodontic brackets or wires come off!

Orthodontic Bracket dislodged

If orthodontic brackets and wires are dislodged, the force to move the teeth may become unbalanced and the teeth may not move or may move backward.

First, contact your dentist for instructions and see a dentist or perform first aid.

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