What if I want to fix my teeth but don't have the money? 

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I want to fix my teeth, but I don't have the money...

Is there any way to make money or lower the cost of orthodontic treatment?


Yes, there is!

Medical expense deductibles, insurance coverage, and partial orthodontic treatment can reduce the cost of orthodontic treatment itself, and dental loans can be used to pay for orthodontic treatment in installments, reducing the amount of one-time payment.

This time,Learn how to pay for orthodontia when money is tight!



How much it costs to fix a set of teeth

I want to fix my teeth, I have no money.

First, let's look at the cost of correction.

basically"Total or partial orthodontic cost" plus "other costs."The total amount is determined by

Total and partial orthodontic costs

full corrective actionAbout 800,000 to 1,000,000 yenAbout 1 to 1.5 million yenAbout 800,000 to 1,000,000 yen
partial orthodontiaAbout 150,000-200,000 yenAbout 200,000 to 500,000 yenAbout 100,000 to 300,000 yen

Other Expenses

No counseling fee~ around 10,000 yen
Cost of full examination and diagnosis10,000-50,000 yen
adjustment chargeAround 5,000 yen (*1)
Extraction cost per tooth5,000-10,000 yen(*2)
Cost of osteotomy surgery1.5-3 million yen(*3)

1 Not required if included in the orthodontic fee.
2 If extraction is not necessary, no fee is charged.
3 In the case of insurance coverage, the amount will be based on each person's contribution ratio.

How to reduce orthodontic costs when you want to straighten your teeth but don't have the money.

If you don't have enough money to fix your teeth, you can use the following methodsLower cost of orthodontics itselfbe just about toafter an inflectable word, creates a noun phrase indicating something the speaker does not feel close toConsider the following.

I want to fix my teeth, I have no money.
  • Check to see if health insurance is covered.
  • Apply for a medical expense deduction
  • Consider partial orthodontics.
  • Use less esthetic orthodontic devices.
  • Orthodontics at a dental office in a low cost of living location.
  • Find a dentist with monitored pricing.

Check to see if health insurance is covered.

Orthodontic costs are self-funded for esthetic purposes, but because the disease is named for severe cases such as passive or bucktooth with skeletal problems, congenital anomalies, or dental irregularities caused by disease,Health insurance may cover orthodontic treatment.

Since orthodontic appliances are limited to metal appliances worn on the front side of the teeth, the appearance during orthodontic treatment may be a concern, but if covered by insurance, the orthodontic cost is only about 300,000 yen, which is 30% of the total cost.

The number of dentists who can provide orthodontic treatment covered by insurance is limited and should be checked through the website of the local health department.

Declare deductions for medical expenses

The medical expense deduction is when you report the cost of orthodontic treatment on your tax return,This is a government program that provides a partial refund of correctional expenses as a refund of income tax.

Orthodontic treatment for children and for diseases such as temporomandibular joint disorder, periodontal disease, and tooth decay due to malalignment of the bite and teeth is covered.

The type of orthodontic device is not required, and can be declared either wire or mouthpiece orthodontics.

Consider partial orthodontics.

Partial orthodontics is a method of aligning the teeth by moving only the front six teeth. It is less expensive than full orthodontics,Consider partial orthodontic treatment if applicable.

Since the range of tooth movement is limited, the applicable cases are limited to minor ones or the degree of completion of teeth alignment is inferior to that of total orthodontic treatment, but the orthodontic cost can be reduced to 1/5 to 1/3 of that of total orthodontic treatment.

Use less esthetic orthodontic devices.

There are many different types of orthodontic devices, and the more aesthetic the device is when worn, the higher the orthodontic cost tends to be. Therefore,If you want to keep costs down, choose a less esthetic orthodontic device.It is.

The all-metal wires worn on the front side of the teeth are the least expensive, while transparent brackets and white wires, or wires worn on the back side of the teeth, are particularly expensive.

Orthodontics at a dental office in a low cost of living location.

Since orthodontic costs are self-funded, they are determined based on the cost of orthodontic appliances as well as staffing and tenant fees. Therefore, orthodontic costs tend to be higher in expensive places such as Tokyo.

It depends on the cost of transportation to the dentist's office and whether it is within regular commuting distance,Consider suburban dental offices, which may have lower orthodontic cost settings.

Find a dentist with monitored pricing.

For some dental clinics, as a case study to be posted on their website or used in a conference presentation,We may be looking for patients at a monitor price.

Because orthodontic treatment may be available at a discount or for only a monthly adjustment fee (around 5,000 yen), it is recommended for those who are comfortable with their cases being used for advertising and presentations.

However, in recent years, there have been cases of clinics claiming free monitoring and requiring patients to pay a lump-sum treatment fee in one lump-sum payment, with the clinic repaying the patient monthly, and then the clinic failing to repay the patient.

How to pay for teeth straightening without money

I want to fix my teeth, I have no money.

If it is financially difficult to reduce the cost of orthodontics alone, you can use the following methods to reduce the cost of orthodonticsConsider paying less at one time.

  • dental loan
  • Bank card loans (free loans)
  • Consumer credit card loans
  • Credit card installment payment
  • Cash installment payments
  • Work hard to save money

dental loan

What is a dental loan?Loans to cover the cost of orthodontic treatment, dental implants, and other dental procedures.It is.

Dental loans are operated by financial institutions and consumer credit companies, so interest is low, around 0-91 TP3T, and you can borrow almost the full amount needed for orthodontic treatment with no cosigner required. Also, depending on the company that makes the loan, you can choose the number of payments from 3 to 120 times.

Dental offices that incorporate dental loans can apply for them at the dentist's office when signing up. Another major advantage is that the loan can be used in conjunction with the medical expense deduction.

However, it can only be used once, requires submission of an estimate of treatment costs, has relatively strict criteria and conditions, and takes some time to borrow.

The company providing the dental loan pays the orthodontic costs to the dentist, and the patient repays the dental loan company.

free loan

Banks, consumer credit companies, and credit card companies provide this service,Personal LoansIt is.

The loan can be used for any purpose other than business or investment, so it can be used to borrow for orthodontic treatment. Interest rates are as high as 2-151 TP3T, but the procedures and screening process are easier than for dental loans.

The number of loans is limited to one, and additional loans require a new application and screening process. Systematically, it is positioned between a dental loan and a credit card loan.

With the borrowed money, the patient pays the orthodontic fees to the dentist and repays the loan to the bank or company that took out the loan by a set deadline.

card loan

Card loans are issued by banks, consumer credit companies, and consumer finance companies.Borrowing-only credit cardsIt is.

Unlike dental loans and free loans, once you pass the screening process, you can borrow as many times as you like up to your limit. In addition, the screening process is faster and the criteria are less stringent than for dental loans, including the ability to apply online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Because of the loose screening criteria and flexible purpose of use, interest rates are set quite high, ranging from 3 to 181 TP3T. Also, instead of having no repayment deadline,Since interest charges will continue to grow until repayment is completed, the final cost of correction will be high with interest if not planned for.

With the borrowed money, the patient pays the dental office for orthodontic expenses and repays the company or consumer loan when he or she is able to repay the loan, either online or through the nearest ATM.

Credit card installment payment

Split credit cards issued for shopping purposessweepingHow to useIs. Only dentists who accept credit card payment can use this service.

The interest rate is 10-151 TP3T, which is high, but you can earn credit card points.

However, because you can only pay up to the maximum amount on your credit card,A single card may not cover all correctional costs.

The orthodontic costs are paid to the dentist in credit card installments, and the cost is paid to the credit card company as a monthly fee.

Cash installment payments

Some dental offices may offer cash installment payments within a set period of time.

The availability of fees varies from dentist to dentist,Pay cash directly to the dentist at the agreed-upon time.

Work hard to save money

Do not start correcting immediately,One method is to save for the full or partial cost of orthodontia before beginning orthodontic treatment.

For example, assuming that you will start orthodontic treatment in one year, if you save up enough in one year to cover the cost, you can use a loan or credit card installments to cover the shortfall, which will be less than a full loan to start orthodontic treatment on a monthly basis.

If you want to get your teeth straightened but don't have the money to do so.

I want to fix my teeth, I have no money.

If you don't have the money but want to correct the problem,The cost of orthodontic treatment itself can be lowered, or loans, credit cards, or cash installments can be used to reduce the per-unit expense.

365dentist can help you find the right dentist for you, including dental loans and referrals to dentists who accept installment payments.

There is also a dentist-run open chat for casual consultation, so please take a look if you are interested!

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