Dentist Supervision] Is it dangerous to wear braces when you are older? Are there any risks or disadvantages?

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Last updated May 1, 2022


I heard that braces for adults are dangerous. Can't adults wear braces?


No, it is not.

Basically, braces can be worn at any age, as long as the teeth and gums are healthy, and the benefits are great.

This time,Based on the risks and disadvantages of braces for adults, here are some tips for adults to get braces safely!

Why adult braces are considered dangerous

Why is it said that it is dangerous for adults to wear braces?This is because of the following three chronological characteristics

  • Gum recession, bone hardening, and muscle weakness around the mouth are likely to occur due to age-related changes
  • Tend to have more coverings and implants.
  • The risk of periodontal disease tends to increase with age.

When people hear the word "dangerous," they tend to think of adult braces as something that should not be done because of age restrictions.

However,If you start with a good understanding of how to deal with the risks and disadvantages that come with adult braces.This will extend the life of the teeth and provide significant benefits for the maintenance and improvement of oral and physical health for years to come.

Risks and Disadvantages of Adult Braces

Correction Adult Danger

In adult braces,Inconvenience in daily life, risk of mouth problems, and physical and psychological disadvantagesIt is conceivable that

Impact on daily life

Orthodontic treatment takes a long time, even years,You need to make time to visit the dentist regularly.

In addition, some types of orthodontic devices may be visually distracting and may make pronunciation difficult until the patient becomes accustomed to the device.

Effects on the mouth

The following risks are associated with orthodontic treatment

  • pain
  • gum recession
  • root resorption
  • pulp necrosis
  • Rebuild artificial teeth or redo implants

These are risks that can occur not only with adult braces, but also with young adult braces, though,The risk is higher for adults than for growing children.

Basically, orthodontists are familiar with these risks and will develop a treatment plan that minimizes them by controlling the forces applied to the teeth and the way they are moved.

However, if these symptoms are unavoidable or unexpectedly appear during orthodontic treatment, the treatment plan may need to be modified or additional procedures may be required.


Pain from tooth movement and pain from the attachment rubbing in the mouth.

The ease of feeling pain depends on the type of device, and mouthpiece braces are less painful than wire braces because of the shape and system of the device.

Also, the tooth moving pain will settle down after about 3 days and will not last forever. If you have tooth moving pain after adjusting the wire or changing the mouthpiece,It can be alleviated by taking painkillers.

gum recession

Gingival recession is caused by aging and periodontal disease. Therefore,The older the patient, the greater the risk of orthodontic gingival recession.

root resorption

In the process of tooth movement when an orthodontic appliance applies a stronger force on the teeth than necessary,Root resorption, in which the roots of the teeth shorten, may occur.

pulp necrosis

When strong orthodontic forces are applied to move the teeth, damage to the nerves of the teeth occurs,There is a risk of pulp necrosis.

Pulp necrosis is the death of the nerve of a tooth. It is not limited to orthodontic treatment, but can also be caused by tooth decay or inflammation of the tooth nerve.

Rebuild artificial teeth or redo implants

Artificial teeth may not match the bite height or tooth size when braces are used,They may need to be rebuilt after braces.

Also, implants cannot be moved with braces. Therefore, if the teeth cannot be aligned simply by rebuilding the coverings,In some cases, the implant may be removed and redone from implantation.

Physical and psychological impact

If you wear braces...Changes in tooth alignment and bite, discomfort and stress from equipmentThe following may occur from

  • Lines become more noticeable.
  • Metal allergy due to orthodontic wires
  • temporomandibular joint disorder
  • Indeterminate complaints

Lines become more noticeable.

When the teeth are aligned, the mouth, which had been protruding due to bucktooth or a protruding mouthpiece, is retracted, resulting in less volume around the mouth and excess skin,Lines and marionette lines may become more prominent.

Metal allergy due to orthodontic wires

Shape-memory metal is used for wire braces. Therefore,Rarely, some people develop metal allergies.

Increased risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease

Regardless of the type, wearing orthodontic appliances makes it easier for stains to accumulate on the teeth and reduces the ability of saliva to wash away stains on the teeth,Increased risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease.

temporomandibular joint disorder

Temporary difficulty in chewing or changes in bite during orthodontic treatment,Pain in the jaw joints may occur.

general malaise

Due to the discomfort and stress caused by orthodontic changes in the bite and by wearing orthodontic appliances,It can cause indefinite complaints.

An indefinite complaint is the occurrence of symptoms such as stiff shoulders, headaches, and loss of appetite, even though there is no physical cause.

How to Avoid the Dangers of Adult Braces

Correction Adult Danger

There are many risks and disadvantages associated with braces,It can also be addressed in the following ways

  • Adults' unique orthodontic risk is combined with another treatment.
  • Choose a dentist specializing in orthodontic treatment
  • Choose an orthodontic appliance that fits your lifestyle

Adults' unique orthodontic risk is combined with another treatment.

For adults own orthodontic risk,The main obstacles to orthodontics are age-related changes.In this case, there are three ways to deal with the situation

  • PAOO (speed correction) if bones are stiff
  • Gum grafting if gum recession is a concern.
  • Hyaluronic acid injections after braces if lines are a concern.

PAOO is by drilling a hole in the tooth bone and scarring it,This method uses the power of self-repair to speed up the speed at which teeth move.

This treatment is used for people with periodontal disease and little bone around the teeth, but it is also applied in orthodontic treatment for adults with high bone density to speed up tooth movement and prevent backsliding.

In addition, gingival recession and smile lines may not be covered by orthodontic treatment plans alone by any means.

In this case, after braces,Gum grafting where gum recession has exposed tooth roots.And so on,Injection of hyaluronic acid for laugh linesThis can be improved by doing things such as

Choose a dentist specializing in orthodontic treatment

To develop a treatment plan that avoids as much adult orthodontic risk as possible,It is recommended to choose a dentist specializing in orthodontics who has a wealth of knowledge and experience.It is.

Among other criteria, you should consider whether they have a large number of cases, whether they provide explanations and plans suited to your condition, and whether they take the time to conduct a thorough preoperative examination and consultation.

Choose an orthodontic appliance that fits your lifestyle

There are two main types of orthodontic appliances: wire braces and mouthpiece braces. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of each,Choose an orthodontic appliance that fits your lifestyle.

For example, those who cannot wear conspicuous devices such as wire braces on the front side of their teeth due to their work schedule can choose mouthpiece braces or braces with wires on the back side, while those who have trouble with pronunciation can choose removable mouthpiece braces.

Advantages of Adult Orthodontics

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The advantages of braces as an adult include the following

  • High motivation for orthodontic treatment
  • Better first impressions.
  • Linked to oral and general health.

Highly motivated to wear braces

Adults who have braces tend to have a strong desire to have their teeth straightened, partly because they are responsible for the high cost of braces themselves.

Therefore,They are highly motivated to wear braces, which increases their success rate.

Better first impressions.

It makes you feel brighter and more positive about yourself because you can look great and smile and have a clean atmosphere,You can expect to make a great first impression.

If you can make a good impression on others in sales, interviews, etc., it will bring great benefits to your work.

Linked to oral and general health.

A bad bite can lead to TMJ disorders and damage to the teeth.Inability to chew food well can also cause indigestion, stiff shoulders, and headaches.

As adults, tooth wear, worsening gum disease, and tooth loss due to decay can lead to misaligned teeth and a poor bite, so if this is a concern, braces are recommended for oral and physical health.

Adult braces can avoid danger with ingenuity.

Correction Adult Danger

Adult braces have slightly different conditions and dangers lurking in them than braces for young adults. However,Recovery through orthodontic device selection, dentist selection, and additional treatment can safely straighten braces.

365dentist can help you choose a dentist who is comfortable with adult braces.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can also consult with us through our dentist-operated open chat!

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