What is the purpose of colored rubber for braces? Advantages and disadvantages explained!

Correction Color Rubber remedy

Last updated July 2, 2023


Teacher! You can arrange wire braces in a cute and fashionable way.Color rubberI am concerned about the

I would like to know the advantages and disadvantages!


I understand!

This time,What are color rubbers for braces? Advantages and disadvantages are explained!

What are corrective color rubbers for?

Correction Color Rubber

What is a colored rubber for orthodontics,A clasp that holds the wire to the bracket on the tooth.It is.

Clasps are called "modules" or "ligatures" in orthodontics and are made of rubber or wire.

Rubber clasps are available in transparent, translucent, tooth-colored, red, blue, etc. Colored rubber clasps are often called "colored rubber".

The colored rubber does not merely serve to secure the wire to the bracket,The role of combining various colors to design a cute and fashionable correctionThe company also expects to

It is particularly popular, especially overseas, and is used to promote positive progress in wire orthodontics.

What are the colors and types of corrective color rubbers?

Correction Color Rubber

Colored rubbers come in a variety of colors and shapes, and each orthodontic manufacturer has different variations.

Types of orthodontic color rubber color

Color rubbers are available in the following colors

  • pastel color
  • vivid color
  • primary color system
  • Gold, silver, etc.

Like colored pencils,Various color variations of colored rubbersIt is.

Types of orthodontic color rubber shapes

Colored rubber is generally round in shape, like a smaller rubber band, though,

  • heart
  • star
  • bear (animal)
  • famous characters

Some of them have unusual shapes, such as

Advantages of Corrective Color Rubber

Correction Color Rubber

Color rubber is,The following benefits can be obtained in terms of function, appearance, and psychological response to orthodontics

  • Less noticeable discoloration of rubber
  • Orthodontic devices can be designed in a combination of colors
  • Positive progress in orthodontics.

Less noticeable discoloration of rubber

Color rubber is,Discoloration of clasps less noticeable than clear or white elasticIt is.

Rubber absorbs food pigments and discolors easily, so clear or white rubber may stand out due to the color of curry, kimchi, or other dark-colored foods.

Some people also get the impression that they are dirty, as exposure to saliva can cause deterioration and yellowing over time.

Colors close to white or pastel colors are more likely to show coloring or yellowing, though,Dark colored rubbers, such as blue and purple, are less likely to discolor.It is.

Orthodontic devices can be designed in a combination of colors

Because colored rubbers come in a variety of colors,You can design your own unique orthodontic device with a combination of colors.

  • My favorite color
  • Team colors for sports such as soccer and baseball
  • Member colors of your favorite idol or character
  • Event colors such as Halloween, Christmas, etc.

The combinations are limitless, depending on your ideas.

Color rubbers coordinate like nails and accessories,Enjoy it as a part of fashion!It is.

Positive progress in orthodontics.

Typical treatment time with wire orthodontics is 1-3 years.

To wear orthodontic appliances for a long period of time,Changing the color of the color rubber can change the mood and make the correction process more positive.

Color rubbers are changed once a month when the wires are adjusted, so it will be fun to think about what color you would like them to be.

Disadvantages of Corrective Color Rubber

Correction Color Rubber

Two disadvantages of colored rubber are as follows

  • May not be available for treatment reasons.
  • Some dentists don't carry colored rubber.

May not be available for treatment reasons.

In the following cases,Colored rubbers may not be used for treatment reasons.

  • Self-ligating brackets are used that require no fasteners.
  • When a strong fixation is required and a wire clamp must be used, etc.

In addition, check with your dentist, as colored rubbers may not be used for some reason.

Some dentists don't carry colored rubber.

Color rubber is,Not all dentists offer this service.

In Japan, many people do not want their orthodontic appliances to stand out, which is why they prefer a color that blends in well, such as transparent or a cream color that matches the color of their teeth.

In addition, because there are too many variations of colored rubbers, colors that are not used often may deteriorate and become unusable before they are consumed.

Some dentists are no longer handling the unusable colored rubbers because they are discarded and wasted.

If you want to use colored rubber braces, check with your dentist in advance.

Do corrective color rubbers vary in price?

Correction Color Rubber

Change to colored rubber,Dentists who offer colored rubbers can often do this for free.It is.

However,Orthodontic treatment is self-funded and may require additional fees as an optionCheck carefully before treatment.

If your dentist does not carry colored rubber, you can ask if it can be done, but you may have to order colored rubber, which may incur additional charges.

Can I bring in colored rubbers bought by mail order and put them on?

Correction Color Rubber

I have seen comments on social networking sites and in the wisdom section that, "My dentist doesn't carry colored rubbers, so I have to bring colored rubbers I bought by mail order to the dentist to have them put on."

However,Since colored rubbers are medical devices, they are basically not available for personal mail order and cannot be brought in.

Colored rubbers purchased in any way that cannot be brought in to confirm therapeutic efficacy or safety cannot be used.

In addition, colored rubbers are put on and taken off by a dentist or dental hygienist using special instruments, so you cannot put them on yourself.

Don't do this because it can lead to problems such as strange forces being applied to the teeth, pain, or wires coming off.

Some teachers will order them upon request, so if you want to use colored rubbers, please check with your teacher in advance before preparing them yourself.


Correction Color Rubber

Colored rubbers are colorful clasps that secure the wires to the brackets on the teeth.

Items that can be personalized in appearance depending on the color combination.So, if you have handling, challenge it!

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