Can I really correct my teeth with a mouthpiece? Benefits and price quotes explained!

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Last updated June 2, 2021

What are mouthpiece braces?"

What's the difference between wire braces and orthodontics?"

This article explains the features, benefits, and price quotes of the mouthpiece orthodontic treatment method, and presents frequently asked questions for those who are considering mouthpiece orthodontic treatment.

Please use this article to consider mouthpiece orthodontics.

What is Mouthpiece Orthodontics?

Mouthpiece orthodontics, as the name implies, is an orthodontic method that aligns the teeth by wearing a mouthpiece, and unlike standard wire orthodontics, the most noticeable feature of mouthpiece orthodontics is that it is less noticeable.

Many people who want to have orthodontic treatment because of problems with their teeth alignment may have an image of wire braces.

When it comes to wire braces, people are sometimes reluctant to take the first step because they worry that the braces will be noticeable or that food will get stuck in the wires and they will not be able to eat their favorite foods.

Mouthpiece orthodontics, however, allows you to achieve beautifully aligned teeth without having to worry about such issues.

Invisalign, the leading mouthpiece orthodontic solution, is explained in detail here.

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Advantages of Mouthpiece Orthodontics

Mouthpiece Orthodontics Price

The advantages of orthodontic treatment with a mouthpiece are as follows

  • You can smile without worrying about braces.
  • You can eat what you like.
  • Prevents oral problems.
  • Mouthpieces are disposable and clean

There are many exciting advantages for those considering orthodontic treatment, and we will explain them one by one.

You can smile without worrying about braces.

The mouthpiece can be removed by you at any time, so you can easily remove it for important occasions. And since the mouthpiece is colorless, transparent, and fits the shape of your teeth, it is not noticeable when worn. It is recommended for people who do not want others to know that they are wearing orthodontics.

I am glad that the braces are transparent and unobtrusive, because with wire braces, they cannot be removed, and if the teeth are visible, the braces would stand out and people would know about them.

You can eat what you like.

The mouthpiece can be removed when eating, so you can eat whatever you like as usual.

So you can enjoy your meal without having to choose the ingredients for a drink at work or on a date.

As a precaution, however, be careful not to drink sugar or other sugary drinks while wearing the mouthpiece, as they can cause tooth decay.

Coffee and other easily colored beverages also tend to color the mouthpiece. Try to drink water when wearing the mouthpiece.

It is also important to brush your teeth carefully after every meal to remove stains from your teeth before wearing the mouthpiece.

Wearing the teeth with stains can cause tooth decay.

Prevents oral problems.

The mouthpiece can be removed when brushing teeth and brushed as usual.

The risk of tooth decay and gum disease tends to increase during orthodontic treatment, but if cavities occur during orthodontic treatment, the treatment period may be extended. It is nice to be able to brush teeth properly and prevent oral problems.

Mouthpieces are disposable and clean

The mouthpiece is replaced periodically with a new one as the teeth move, so there is no need to keep using the same mouthpiece and it is essentially clean.

In addition, the mouthpiece is free of metal, making it safe for allergy sufferers.

Replacement frequency and materials vary by mouthpiece manufacturer, so ask your dentist for details.

Price quotes for mouthpiece orthodontics

Mouthpiece Orthodontics Price

The price quotes for mouthpiece orthodontics are as follows

  • Approx. 100,000-1,000,000 yen

The price range for mouthpiece orthodontics varies widely because the length of time required for treatment and the number of mouthpieces vary depending on the alignment of teeth to be treated.

In addition, mouthpiece orthodontics is self-funded, not covered by insurance. Therefore, the price varies from dentist to dentist.

In addition to the basic treatment cost, there may also be a per-visit procedure fee and additional treatment fees.

These are only quotes. Keep in mind that treatment time and fees vary depending on the symptoms, treatment method, and the alignment of teeth you are aiming for, so please consult with your dentist in person.

Click here to read about choosing a dentist for mouthpiece orthodontics.

Mouthpiece orthodontics for children

Children's orthodontic treatment is performed during the period of mixed primary and permanent teeth from about 6 to 12 years of age, called "first period treatment" and

There is a "two-phase treatment" that takes place after all permanent teeth have erupted.

Invisalign FirstMouthpiece orthodontics for children can be treated from the first stage of orthodontics for children called

The advantages and disadvantages are almost the same as for adults, but it is especially important to determine when to start orthodontic treatment for children.

In addition, it is often difficult for children to keep a promise to wear it for more than 20 hours or not to eat between meals while wearing it.

There are still a few dentists available for treatment, but if you are interested in365dentistPlease contact us for more information. We can help you find a dentist in your neighborhood who can treat you.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Mouthpiece Orthodontics

  • Can you speak normally with the mouthpiece on?
  • How long is the treatment period?
  • Can it be used with bucktooth?

Can you speak normally with the mouthpiece on?

The mouthpiece is made of very thin plastic and may be difficult to get used to at first. However, after a few hours to a few days, you will feel comfortable wearing it and will find it easier to speak.

In rare cases, some people find it difficult to speak. However, if you have an opportunity to speak in public, such as at an important meeting or lecture, rest assured that you can remove it only for that occasion.

How long is the treatment period?

The treatment time for mouthpiece orthodontics depends on the alignment of the teeth. In addition, the difference in duration is almost negligible compared to wire braces.

The treatment time for adult orthodontic treatment depends largely on the presence or absence of tooth extractions and other factors.Average of 1.5 to 2 yearswill be.

For those who originally have well aligned teeth and a small treatment area, treatment may be completed in a few months.


In this issue, we explained the features, benefits, and price quotes of mouthpiece orthodontics, and introduced some frequently asked questions.

Mouthpiece orthodontics has a variety of advantages, including the ability to perform orthodontic treatment without being noticed by others, which may reduce the stress of treatment while aligning the teeth.

In addition, the treatment period is mainly one year or longer. Consider mouthpiece orthodontics after understanding the advantages and disadvantages.

If you are looking for a dentist who can treat you with mouthpiece orthodontics, or if you are having trouble choosing an orthodontist, 365dentist can help.

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