Three mouthpiece cleaning recommendations! Can it be for dentures?

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Doctor, when cleaning the mouthpiece, can I use the one for dentures?


Since mouthpieces and dentures are made of different materials, it is recommended to use a mouthpiece cleaner for mouthpieces.
This time,We will discuss whether it is safe to use denture products for mouthpiece cleaning and recommend three cleaning agents that can be used for mouthpiece cleaning!

Can mouthpiece cleaning be used for dentures?

Mouthpiece cleaning Recommended

When cleaning the mouthpiece,Basically, it is recommended to use a cleaning agent that is labeled "for mouthpieces".It is.

We sometimes hear people say that they substitute a mouthpiece for dentures, but dentures and mouthpieces are made of different materials,Some cleaning agents may accelerate the deterioration of the mouthpiece.

To prevent deterioration of the mouthpiece, when choosing a cleaning agent, check the package and choose one that says "for mouthpieces.

How to properly clean your mouthpiece

Mouthpiece cleaning Recommended

Here are the frequency of mouthpiece cleaning and basic washing instructions.

Frequency of mouthpiece cleaning

The mouthpiece is,Always wash after each use.Make sure to do so.

Mouthpieces are covered with oral bacteria every time they are placed in the mouth. Be aware that if left unwashed, plaque and tartar can build up on the mouthpiece, causing unpleasant odors and discoloration.

Using a mouthpiece with plaque and tartar also increases the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Clean it properly after use.

Basic Mouthpiece Cleaning Methods

Once the mouthpiece is removed.Rinse with water and scrub gently with a soft bristle toothbrush.

Scrubbing with a toothbrush can prevent the mouthpiece from becoming coarse or slimy.

After scrubbing with a toothbrush, rinse with water again to complete the process.

The washed mouthpiece is,Stored in a special caseLet's do it. If you leave it wrapped in tissue, it may be thrown away by mistake.

There are two types of mouthpieces: those that are stored dry and those that are stored wet.

Since it depends on the type and material, check with the dentist who made the mouthpiece for care instructions.

Mouthpiece cleaner for cleaner use.

If the mouthpiece is only given basic care, odors and stains can be caused by bacteria that are not removed by daily care alone.

Therefore, to keep the mouthpiece cleaner,Regular use of mouthpiece cleaner is recommended.It is.

Protein-degrading enzymes and bleaching agents in the cleaning agents help to remove odors and stains from the mouthpiece.


Stains on the mouthpiece are similar in nature to water stains in the bath.
When you clean a bath, you use detergent because it is difficult to remove water stains if you just wash with water, right?
Mouthpiece cleaners are like the detergent you use to wash your bath.

How often do you use cleaning agents,

  • When you are concerned about odor or dirt
  • Once a week
  • Once a day

Adjust the mouthpiece according to how often you use it, such as

Orthodontic retainers and anti-grinding mouthpieces,Mouthpieces that are used daily or worn for long periods of time tend to accumulate dirt and should be used frequently.

Mouthpiece cleaning precautions

Mouthpiece cleaning Recommended

When to wash the mouthpiece,

  • I don't brush with toothpaste.
  • Do not use boiling water
  • Do not use chemical solutions other than mouthpiece cleaners
  • Observe the use of cleaning agents

Keep these four points in mind.

Mouthpiece cleaning precautions (1): Do not use toothpaste to clean the mouthpiece.

When scrubbing and washing the mouthpieceBrushing with toothpaste is not an option.It is.

Toothpaste contains an abrasive ingredient that can damage the mouthpiece.

Minor scratches on the surface of the mouthpiece make it easier for dirt and bacteria to get into the mouthpiece.

When scrubbing the mouthpiece, scrub it without anything on it.

Mouthpiece cleaning precautions (2): Do not use boiling water.

Mouthpieces are often made of heat-sensitive materials.

Do not disinfect by pouring boiling water on it or washing it in hot water.

The mouthpiece may become deformed and unusable.

Cautions for mouthpiece cleaning (3): Do not use chemicals other than mouthpiece cleaners.

The cleaning agents for mouthpieces are basically confirmed to cause no deformation or alteration when used.

Denture cleaners, alcohol, mouthwash, etc,Use of cleaning agents not designed for mouthpieces may cause deformation and alteration.

Use a mouthpiece cleaner for your mouthpiece.

Points to keep in mind when cleaning the mouthpiece (4)

Mouthpiece cleaners vary from product to product in terms of soaking time and the temperature of the water in which the cleaner is dissolved.

When using the product, carefully follow the directions and instructions for use.

Soaking the mouthpiece for longer than the prescribed time or not following the instructions for use may hasten the deterioration of the mouthpiece.

Three mouthpiece cleaning recommendations

Mouthpiece cleaning Recommended

Here are three recommended cleaning products that can be used to clean the mouthpiece!

retainer shine

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created by Rinker.
¥908 (As of 07/21/2024 00:26:44, based on Rakuten market research.Details)

This mouthpiece cleaner contains bleaching ingredients and proteolytic enzymes. The enzymes remove stains and odors. It is a powder type that dissolves easily in water.

Sukkiri-Dent Retainer and Mouthpiece Cleaner for Orthodontic Treatment

The individually wrapped tablet type of this cleaning agent makes it easy to take with you on your travels. It is excellent for sterilizing 99.91 TP3T of candidiasis-causing molds after only 5 minutes of soaking.

Polident Dental Labs Cleaning agent for mouthpieces (guards) and orthodontic retainers

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created by Rinker.
¥605 (As of 07/21/2024 01:25:37 PM, based on Rakuten market research.Details)

This is a mouthpiece cleaner that can sterilize 99.91 TP3T odor-causing bacteria.

Soaking time is 5 minutes, so it is recommended as a cleaning agent for mouthpiece orthodontics, which requires 20-22 hours of wear and does not allow time for mouthpiece cleaning.


Mouthpiece cleaning Recommended

Because dentures and mouthpieces are made of different materials, some cleaning agents may accelerate the deterioration of the mouthpiece.

To clean the mouthpiece, use a special mouthpiece cleaner.

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