How effective are sports mouthpieces? Are baseball players using it? Advantages and disadvantages are also introduced.

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Last updated April 26, 2023

A sports mouthpiece is a mouthpiece that protects the teeth from impact to the mouth while playing sports.

Also called a "mouth guard.

This time,The following are the benefits, advantages and disadvantages of sports mouthpieces!

Benefits and advantages of sports mouthpieces

Mouthpieces for Sports

A sports mouthpiece can be expected to provide the following benefits

  • Protection of teeth and gums
  • Prevention of tongue and lip biting
  • Prevention of concussion

Protection of teeth and gums

Because sports mouthpieces are made of soft, thick material,It can protect teeth and gums from external impact and pressure from clenching.

During sports, teeth can be chipped or broken due to the impact of external objects or people hitting them, or due to pressure from clenching.

Continuous clenching during sports can also cause damage to the bone supporting the teeth, leading to tooth swaying and inflammation of the dental nerve.

All of these can shorten the life of the teeth, so the use of a sports mouthpiece makes sense for future health.

Prevention of tongue and lip biting

When biting one's teeth during sports, one may accidentally bite off one's tongue or lips.

The sports mouthpiece is shaped to encompass even the chewing surfaces of the teeth,The upper and lower teeth do not directly bite each other, reducing the risk of biting the tongue or lips.

Prevention of concussion

Impacts that push up through the mandible during sports can cause direct brain damage through the teeth.

Concussions are not completely preventable, though, because they are caused by impacts to the brain from all directions,If the impact is a mandibular thrust, it is expected to soften the impact to some extent and prevent concussion.

Disadvantages of sports mouthpieces

Mouthpieces for Sports

Sports mouthpieces have the following disadvantages

  • Increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease
  • Mouthpiece needs to be cared for.

Increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease

To cover the teeth with a sports mouthpiece,The self-cleansing action of saliva is less effective, increasing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Brush your teeth carefully before and after wearing the mouthpiece to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Mouthpiece needs to be cared for.

When the mouthpiece is placed in the mouth, it becomes stained with plaque, just like teeth, because of the bacteria in the mouth.

Even if you brush your teeth clean,Wearing an unclean mouthpiece can cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Mouthpieces should also be cared for and kept clean, as mouthpieces can become smelly and cause bad breath.

Are sports mouthpieces covered by insurance? | Cost Quote

Mouthpieces for Sports

There are three types of sports mouthpiecesBoth are to be made or purchased without insurance coverage.

  • Sports mouthpieces created by a dentist
  • Sports mouthpieces created by mail order
  • Commercial sports mouthpieces

Japanese health insurance is only applicable when a disease has a name and is treated with a prescribed therapy.

Therefore, sports mouthpieces made for preventive purposes are not covered by insurance.

Sports mouthpieces created by a dentist

What is the cost of a sports mouthpiece made by a dentist,About 10,000 to 50,000 yenIt is.

After your dentist examines you and takes a mold of your mouth, they are made to fit your teeth and gums perfectly.

They are completely custom-made, fit well, and are safe to use while being maintained by a dentist.

Sports mouthpieces created by mail order

What is the cost of a sports mouthpiece made by mail order,About 10,000 to 30,000 yenIt is.

This sports mouthpiece is made by taking a mold of your mouth with a molding kit purchased from a mail-order website and sending it back to the manufacturer to have it made.

Because the molding is done by you and the dentist cannot adjust the sports mouthpiece, the fit may be inferior to one made by a dentist.

Commercial sports mouthpieces

What is the cost of a commercial sports mouthpiece,500 to several thousand yenIt is.

Soften a ready-made mouthpiece in hot water, place it in your mouth, and press it against your teeth with your fingers to fit.

Unlike a dentist's sports mouthpiece, which is custom-made, it can only be adapted to a rough shape,Likely to be misaligned or dislodged during sports, making it difficult to concentrate.It is.

Which sports use sports mouthpieces? Includes users!

Mouthpieces for Sports

Sports mouthpieces are for injury prevention and health maintenance of athletes,Wearing them is mandatory and recommended in various sports.

Sports in which the wearing of a sports mouthpiece is mandatory

In the following sports where there is a lot of contact between players,Wearing a sports mouthpiece during competition is mandatory.

  • boxing
  • kickboxing
  • Karate (some events only)
  • American football
  • rugby
  • women's lacrosse
  • Ice hockey, etc.

The rule is that these sports cannot be played without a sports mouthpiece.


There are many different designs of sports mouthpieces, and everyone seems to enjoy them!

Sports in which wearing a sports mouthpiece is recommended

The following sports are not obligated to wear a sports mouthpiece, though,It is the preferred sport to wear.

  • baseball
  • soccer
  • basketball
  • motocross
  • Skiing (some events)

Yasunobu Okugawa, a member of the Yakult baseball team, has talked about using a sports mouthpiece!
He has experienced a chipped back tooth due to clenching when he was in high school and has been seen wearing a white sports mouthpiece.


Mouthpieces for Sports

Sports mouthpieces are,Items that protect teeth, gums, tongue, lips, etc. from impact during competition.It is.

Some sports require the wearing of mouthpieces in association policies and rules, and more and more athletes will be wearing them in the future.

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