What high-cost treatments are covered by dentistry? Are ceramics covered?

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Last updated April 5, 2023


I would like to know which treatments are eligible for high medical expenses!
Are ceramics also covered?


Conclusions,Ceramics that are not for esthetic purposes are eligible.

This time,

Dental treatment covered by high medical expenses
How to use High Medical Expenses

This section describes the following

What are high medical expenses?

High medical expenses Dental

The system of "high medical expenses."The correct term is "medical expense deduction.

By reporting the cost of treatment that falls under a government-approved treatment item on your tax return,

  • Income Tax Refunds
  • Reduction of inhabitant tax for the following year

This is a system under which the

Reimbursement of treatment costs when the cost of covered treatment received in a month exceeds a certain amount.It is sometimes confused with the "high-cost medical care benefit system," but be aware that they are two different things.

Deductible period for medical expenses

Deductible medical expenses for a period of time,One year from 1/1 to 12/31It is.

Self-funded treatments received during the year that are eligible for the medical expense deduction are covered and can be declared each year.

If you forget to file a return, you may file a combined five-year return retroactively from that year's tax return.

Minimum expenses for which a medical expense deduction can be claimed

There are certain conditions under which medical expense deductions can be declared, and an application can be filed in the following cases

  • Total of at least 100,000 yen and up to 2,000,000 yen
  • For those with an income of less than 2 million yen, the total medical expenses must be at least 51 TP3T of income for the year, up to a maximum of 2 million yen

Basically, "income" is the "amount of employment income deduction" shown on the gensen choshuhyo. Gensen Choshuhyo is distributed by the company around the end of the year.

The total treatment expenses can be combined by family members who live together.

If expenses incurred for self-funded treatment, including dental and medical expenses, that are deductible as medical expenses fall under these conditions, do not forget to file a tax return.

Dental treatment subject to high medical expenses (medical expense deduction)

High medical expenses Dental

The following items of dental treatment are deductible as medical expenses

  • Self-funded fillings, coverings, and bridges
    • ceramic
    • Zirconia, etc.
  • Self-financed dentures
    • metal floor
    • Non-clasp dentures, etc.
  • implant (esp. dental)
  • Adult orthodontics (note 1)
  • Correction of children
  • Transportation for treatment (Fuel and parking fees for private vehicles are not covered.)
  • Various insurance treatments (*2)

It is nice to know that highly aesthetic treatments using ceramics and zirconia, and orthodontics are also covered, although with conditions!

However,Treatment to replace healthy teeth with ceramics, zirconia, implants, etc. for aesthetic purposes is not covered.Note that this will be the case.

*1: Pronunciation disorders due to bite, teeth alignment, etc.Only for the purpose of improving oral function.
*2: When reimbursement is made under the high-cost medical care reimbursement system for insurance treatment,Reimbursed.one percent (one-tenth of a wari)(at sentence-end, falling tone) indicates a confident conclusionExpenses not coveredThis will be the case. The same is true if there are supplemental payments from personal insurance.

How to use high medical expenses (medical expense deduction) for dental treatment

High medical expenses Dental

To use high-cost medical expenses (medical expense deduction) for dental treatment,Remember to do the following two things

  • Keep documents related to your treatment.
  • File tax returns on time

The medical expense deduction will not be refunded for income tax or reduced for inhabitant tax unless you apply for it yourself on your tax return.

Note that it is not automatically applied.

Keep documents related to your treatment.

Until you file a tax return,Be sure to keep the following documentsRequired for documentation purposes.

  • Receipt of treatment
  • Record of transportation expenses

Receipt of treatment

Keep it because you will need it to fill out your tax return documents, regardless of whether you have insurance or self-funded.

Record of transportation expenses

List and record the date of the hospital visit, the hospital visited, the amount, and the reason for the visit.

There is no particular format, so it is a good idea to record them together in a spreadsheet or other software.

File tax returns on time

The due date of the tax return is,In principle, one month from 2/16 to 3/15 each year.It is.

Be sure to file your tax return within this deadline and do not forget to apply for the deduction for medical expenses. Tax return forms can be prepared online.

The filing of the declaration documents is,

  • Bring it directly to the tax office with jurisdiction
  • Mail to the tax office with jurisdiction
  • After preparing documents online, submit them as they are (*3)

This can be done in three ways

*3: Only those with a My Number Card or a smartphone capable of reading My Number Cards are eligible.

List of documents required to claim medical expense deduction on your tax return

  • Tax return A or B
  • Medical Expense Deduction Statement
  • tax certificate slip
  • Medical Expense Notice
Tax return A or B

IRS Tax Return Preparation Corner (https://www.keisan.nta.go.jp/kyoutu/ky/smsp/top#bsctrlThe file will be created on the Internet from theFor company employees, tax return form A is basically used.

Medical Expense Deduction Statement

IRS HP (https://www.nta.go.jp/taxes/shiraberu/shinkoku/yoshiki/02/pdf/ref1.pdfDownload the prescribed form from the "Application Forms" page and fill in the required information.

tax certificate slip

It is issued by the company after the year-end adjustment.It lists income, spousal and dependent exemptions.

Medical Expense Notice

Documents issued when you receive medical care using the insurance card of the insurance association (health insurance or social insurance) to which you belong.It is.

Based on the history of insurance treatment, a list of how much the insured person has paid for medical expenses will be provided by the insurance association to which he or she belongs, and delivered to the workplace or other locations on a regular basis.

If you have thrown away receipts for insurance treatment, use the Notice of Medical Expenses to list your medical expenses on your tax return.

Some insurance associations may apply online. If you have received insured treatment but have not received a medical bill notice, contact your insurance association.

Let's check if you can use high medical expense (medical expense deduction) for self-funded dental treatment.

High medical expenses Dental

High medical expenses (medical expense deduction) are,Cavity treatment using highly esthetic and durable coverings and bridges such as ceramic and zirconia, and orthodontic treatment for non-esthetic purposes.It is.

Although the cost of treatment is higher than dental treatment covered by insurance, it is possible to reduce the cost of treatment through tax savings by utilizing the medical expense deduction.

If you are going to self-pay for dental treatment, you may want to check to see if you are eligible for a medical expense deduction.

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