What to do if you hit your front teeth? A dentist explains the symptoms.

I smashed my front tooth. Mouth problems

Last updated August 13, 2023

The anterior teeth are a typical dental area that is damaged by falls and bumps.

The front teeth are especially visible, so if you want to avoid losing your front teeth, you shouldIt is important to properly deal with a bruised front tooth.The first is the "new" one.

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Symptoms and Causes of Bumped Front Teeth

I smashed my front tooth.

Teeth move or wobble

If a tooth moves or wobbles, it may be dislocated or fractured.

This is due to the strong impact of a collision that has torn the ligaments that connect the teeth to the bone.

 Teeth shifted or repositioned 

When a tooth is displaced or repositioned, it is called dislocation, and the ligament breaks, causing the tooth to move to a place where it was not originally located.

Teeth gouging or digging into gums 

When a strong impact causes a tooth to become embedded in the gum, it is called a recession. It is often caused by a force applied in the same direction as the tooth eruption.

Discoloration or darkening of teeth

Discoloration or darkening of teeth often occurs some time after a bump. This is due to the fact that the nerve in the tooth has died due to the impact of the bump.

Chipped tooth.

When partial force is applied to a tooth, the tooth may chip. This can be painful, but may not be painful if it is not applied to the vicinity of the nerve.

What to do immediately when you hit your front teeth

I smashed my front tooth.

If a tooth is missing 

If a tooth is missing,It is important to see a dentist immediately with the missing tooth.It is. The more time that passes, the harder it will be to restore the teeth. The way to take your teeth with you is,Use tooth preservation solution if available at educational institutions, etc.If you do and if you don'tTake it in the milk.are best suited for this purpose. If these cannot be prepared,Take it in your own saliva.The following is a list of the most common problems with theNever wash them with tap water, etc., even if they are soiled.

When teeth are misaligned or gouged

If the tooth is misaligned or caved in, it should be repositioned. Do not touch the affected area yourself, but see a dentist immediately. 

Broken or chipped teeth

If a tooth is broken or chipped, brokenIf there is no pain, there is no emergency, but it is recommended to see a dentist as soon as possible.I will do so. It is also best to take the chipped pieces with you in case they are missing.

If you have a toothache

If the tooth is painful, the nerve is inflamed, or the tooth is bruised or dislocated,Possible fracture of the root of the tooth or the bone supporting the tooth.There is a We recommend that you see a dentist as soon as possible.If you can tolerate the pain, you should see a doctor without taking painkillers. If you take pain medication, it may dull the dentist's diagnosis.

Dental treatment needed for a bruised front tooth.

I smashed my front tooth.

If a tooth is missing or on the verge of falling out

If a tooth is missing,First, the response is divided between deciduous and permanent teethThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

For deciduous teeth

It is unlikely that the teeth will be put back in their original position.Remain in place until permanent teeth erupt.It is.

Permanent teeth

I would try to put it back in place,How much time has passed since the tooth was removed and how it was preserved during that time ispointIt is. Even if the tooth can be put back in place, nerve therapy treatment is required. If the tooth is on the verge of falling out or is displaced, it should be restored and put back in its original position and fixed with materials. If a tooth is missing or on the verge of falling out and the prognosis is poor even after treatment, the tooth may be extracted.

For bruised teeth

When a tooth is not subjected to a force that causes it to fall out, but there is a strong impact on the tooth, the tooth is often bruised. Bruising is basicallyI tend to just keep looking at it.However, if the teeth are upset, they may be fixed.

Chipped tooth

If a tooth is chippedThe treatment plan will depend on whether the nerve has been reached or notIf the nerve is involved, the nerve is treated. If the nerve is not affected, the chipped area is treated with a filling or a cap.

If the tooth is fractured

If the tooth is fractured,The treatment plan will depend on how far the fracture isThe tooth can be left in place. If the fracture is up to the visible part of the tooth, called the crown, the tooth can be kept, but if the fracture is up to the root of the tooth, called the root, the tooth will basically be extracted.

If the bone supporting the tooth is broken

Although rare, the alveolar bone, which supports the teeth, may be broken. In this case.Treatment may be necessary to repair and immobilize the broken boneIf the general dentist cannot handle the problem, the patient may be referred to a large hospital with an oral surgery department.

Cost and length of treatment for a knocked-out front tooth

I smashed my front tooth.

Cost of bumped front teeth

Basically covered by health insuranceTherefore, depending on the municipality, the fee for children is usually free or only a few hundred yen. For adults, the cost will be 30% of the total cost, and for the elderly, the cost will be less than that, so the cost will rarely exceed 10,000 yen. However, if a bone is broken due to the impact of a bump and the patient is hospitalized, the hospitalization fee will also be charged, which may cost more than 10,000 yen.

Length of treatment

It depends on the procedure you are undergoing. A slightly chipped tooth orOne to two times for bruisesBut it will end up in theIn case of nerve treatment or fixation, several monthsThe process is long term because it must be followed by a long period of time. In the case of adults, when a tooth is extracted or cannot be put back in, artificial tooth replacement treatment is required, which is even more prolonged.

Prevention and precautions after bumping front teeth

I smashed my front tooth.

After bumping the front teeth,A common story is that you bump your front teeth right back together again.It is. Once you hit your front teeth, thePursue the cause and take action to prevent a similar situation from happening again.It is important to do so. Although it is often difficult to control, especially in children, it is best to do whatever you can to prevent it, even if it is a small thing. Even if the tooth is diagnosed as normal immediately after a bump, over time, inflammation of the nerve may occur. In such cases, the tooth may darken in color and become painful.


If you hit your front teeth, even if they are asymptomatic, see a dentist just to be safe.It is wise to do so. Since the front teeth are involved in the appearance of the teeth when smiling or opening the mouth, it is advisable to be on guard and see a doctor as soon as possible.

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