What is the appeal of Korean whitening? A Thorough Explanation of Prices, Duration, and Effects

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Last updated August 21, 2023


Can Korean whitening make my teeth as white as idols?
I would like to whiten my teeth too while traveling in Korea. How is whitening in Korea?


Whitening is also popular in Korea.
This time,This section provides a thorough explanation of the appeal, price, duration, and effects of Korean whitening!

What is the appeal of Korean whitening?

Korea Whitening

What is the appeal of Korean whitening,Ability to achieve high results in a short period of time.It is.

Many dentists are preparing whitening plans that target people visiting Korea for cosmetic purposes, such as plans that allow for whitening in as little as one day.

Minimum 1 day! You can feel the effect in a short period of time.

Korean dentists may offer "1-day whitening," a whitening plan that whitens teeth in as little as one day.

One-day whitening is an "office whitening" process that is also performed by Japanese dentists.

  1. Dental cleaning
  2. Application of whitening agent
  3. Light irradiation 3 times(*)

The process takes about one hour. This whitening process can be completed in as little as one day, making it a popular whitening treatment for those visiting Korea on vacation.

*The number of light irradiations and treatment time may vary depending on the dentist and the condition of the teeth.

Some people's teeth become four or more shades whiter.

See what people who have whitened in Korea have to say about their experience,Some people have had their teeth whitened by four or more levels on the tooth color swatch.

The market price is about 30,000 yen and up.

The market price of whitening in Korea is 1-day whitening, which is popular among tourists.Approx. 30,000 yen or moreIt is.

In addition to 1-day whitening, there are also plans that require a greater number of light irradiations and home whitening that is performed at home, and prices vary depending on the plan.

Difference between Korean Whitening and Japanese Whitening

Korea Whitening

In fact, Korean whitening done by a dentist and Japanese whitening,

  • Whitening Method
  • drug
  • effect
  • Charge

Comparing the two,There is no significant difference.

In both Korea and Japan, the following three whitening methods are basic.

  • office whitening
  • home whitening
  • Dual whitening

Office whitening may have a name like "1-day whitening," or the same case may have different effects due to different light-exposure machines or different formulations of whitening agents.

However,Because whitening is performed by a Korean dentist, it does not mean that it is more effective than whitening in Japan.

Also, since whitening is not covered by insurance in both Korea and Japan, there is not much difference in the total cost.

Korean Whitening Precautions

Korea Whitening

If you undergo whitening when you visit Korea on vacation or for other reasons, you may experience disadvantages in the following areas.

  • Language differences can cause problems.
  • Difficult to get aftercare after returning home
  • In some cases, it doesn't take more than a day.

Language differences can cause problems.

Although whitening is a cosmetic procedure, it is still a medical treatment, and explanations including side effects and risks are provided before the procedure.

How to whiten safely,Need to communicate with local dentists and staff, and Japanese language support is essential.It is.

Dentists in Korea may have Japanese-speaking staff available for those visiting for cosmetic purposes.

However, depending on the Japanese language level of the staff, explanations may be vague, and there is a possibility that the contents may not be properly understood.

Even if you undergo the procedure under a dentist skilled in whitening,Be aware that failure to communicate properly can cause problems.

Difficult to get aftercare after returning home

If your schedule is such that you will return home immediately after whitening,If problems occur after surgery, aftercare will no longer be available.

Whitening has the risk of temporary postoperative tooth pain and gum irritation.

Even if you try to have a Japanese dentist look at the problems caused by Korean whitening, if he or she does not know the chemicals used or the whitening method, he or she may not be able to perform the appropriate treatment, and it will be expensive to go back to Korea.

The lack of immediate aftercare is a major disadvantage of Korean whitening.

In some cases, it doesn't take more than a day.

The advantage of 1-day whitening, though, is that the procedure can be completed in one day,Depending on the condition of the teeth and gums, the process may not be completed in one day.

Whitening should be performed on healthy teeth, as it can cause severe pain if done in the presence of cavities or gum disease.

People with cavities or gum disease may not be able to whiten their teeth immediately.

It is also recommended to allow plenty of time for scheduling, as people who are prone to pain may have to split the treatment into two sessions.

How to get Korean whitening in Japan

Korea Whitening

Basically, it is not possible to receive whitening in Japan from a Korean dentist.

If you are concerned about Korean whitening, you would use whitening sheets or whitening toothpaste made in Korea.

However, since these whitening products are made to a different standard than those in Japan, the teeth-bleaching ingredients are stronger and may cause pain.

When using the product, follow the instructions and precautions on the package, and discontinue use immediately if pain or other problems occur.

Popular whitening sheets in Korea

What is a whitening sheet?A sheet with a whitening agent is applied to the teeth to whiten them.

It is popular in Korea because it is reasonably priced and can be expected to have the same effect as dentist's whitening.


83% is another whitening sheet that claims to tone up the color of teeth.

With its refreshing green apple and mint feel, it is a popular product that people buy as a souvenir.

Popular whitening toothpaste in Korea

Median "Dental IQ White Care Toothpaste

created by Rinker.
¥2,255 (2024/03/03 16:51:06時点 楽天市場調べ-Details)

This toothpaste has been confirmed to have a whitening effect on 67.31 TP3T of those who have been using it for 3 months. *

Because it contains hydrogen peroxide in a concentration that cannot be added to Japanese toothpaste, it is expected to be highly effective.

1 Results after 3 months of continuous use. Compared to a placebo group using other toothpaste.


Korea Whitening

The appeal of Korean whitening is that it is easy for tourists staying in Korea for a short period of time to receive this service, and plans are available that provide results in a short period of time.

Whitening products made in Korea are also attracting attention, so those interested should give them a try.

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