Korean idols have beautiful teeth! Who wears braces?

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Last updated April 28, 2024

Korea is one of the most appearance-conscious countries in Asia.

There is a wide range of functional and excellent cosmetics and skin care products, and many people perform cosmetic treatments as well as self-care.

Many Korean idols are particularly beautiful and admired for their beauty.

This time,Here are some Korean idols who wear braces!

Korean idols with braces

Korea Orthodontics

Orthodontics is the most typical method of aligning teeth.

Braces can be broadly divided into

  • wire orthodontia
  • mouthpiece orthodontics

The two categories are

Let's take a look at how Korean idols, who often stand in public, straighten their braces!

wire orthodontia

Wire braces are,Orthodontic braces that align the teeth by wearing square "brackets" on the teeth and wires to guide the teethIt is.

  • lingual braces (dentistry)
  • Backside orthodontics (lingual and tongue braces)
  • half-lingual braces

There are three types of brackets, and the position where the wire is placed and the material of the bracket can be customized to make it less noticeable.

lingual braces (dentistry)

Brackets and wires are attached to the front surfaces of the upper and lower teeth.

It is the most widely applicable and versatile of the wire orthodontic systems, and can be used for mild to severe teeth alignment.

Since the devices are fully visible when smiling, there is concern about the aesthetic aspect during orthodontic treatment, but there are more Korean idols than others who wear front side braces.

[Korean idol with front side braces]
Stray Kids Ayen
Stray Kids Sunmin
■ITZY Yuna

Stray Kids Ayen

Known as "Sukiz," Stray Kids' Ayen is the manne of the group, with a dazzling fox-faced smile.

Corrections were initiated at the beginning of the audition survival show "Stray Kids".

White brackets and wires were attached to the front side of the upper and lower teeth, and the video shows them wearing the devices for a while after their debut.

Many fans were captivated by Ayen's beautiful smile while wearing orthodontic braces!

Stray Kids Soonmin

At first, Sunmin had "backside braces," in which brackets and wires are placed on the backs of the teeth,The shift to frontal orthodontics has been underway since around April 2021.

V LIVE reported that a screw called an "anchor screw" was implanted in the upper gum.

An anchor screw is a screw-like object used to move teeth efficiently.

The way he muffled his mouth when he was anxious about the anchor screw during V LIVE was a hit with fans, "So cute! and became a topic of conversation among fans.

Why did you change from backside braces to front side braces?

  • Seungmin is a vocalist, so the backside braces interfered with his singing.
  • Surface orthodontics was more advantageous in moving teeth efficiently.

There are many possible reasons, such as

ITZY Yoona

Yuna was a candidate for membership in ITZY on the audition survival show "Stray Kids.

She is a very cute and beautiful woman with a rabbit face.

During appearances on the program,Brackets and wires were shown arriving on the front surfaces of the upper and lower teeth.

He originally had double teeth, with the two front teeth in the middle protruding forward, but now all of his teeth are aligned nicely and are almost perfect.


Hoshi of SEVENTEEN originally had a prominent front set of teeth with the second left front tooth retracted.

There are photos from my student days when the brackets and wires arrived on the upper and lower front side,It appears that the teeth were aligned with front side braces.


Vernon of SEVENTEEN is,When he made a TV appearance before his debut, it was broadcasted that he was wearing frontal braces.

I liked the way she smiled with the braces on, but she has an even better smile since the braces were removed after the braces were finished.

Backside orthodontics (lingual and tongue braces)

Brackets and wires are placed on the backs of the teeth on both the top and bottom.

Since the device is not visible unless the mouth is opened wide, it seems to be a method often used by idols who stand in public.

Korean idol who had her teeth straightened with backside braces.
TWICE Chaeyeon
EXO Sehun
Red Velvet Joy

TWICE Chaeyeon

TWICE's Chaeyoung, who originally had a row of double and bumpy teeth.

In a magazine interview, he also talked about his complex about his teeth.

From May 2017,I started wearing braces with devices on the backs of my teeth.and reported to fans on V LIVE.


NCT DREAM Rongjun talked about the device being visible when looking up.

It appears that he was using backside braces to straighten his teeth.

EXO Sehun

EXO's Sehun awaits many popular songs such as Love shot and The Eve eve.

I had a double tooth treated with backside braces.

During the orthodontic treatment, she seemed to peek at the inconvenience, saying, "I can't drink tapioca tea because the device is in the way.

Red Velvet Joy

Joy, who is also an actress, is a member of Red Velvet, a popular female idol group.

It seems that his teeth were not that badly aligned,A fan found the device on the back of the lower teeth and talked about it.

half-lingual braces

This method uses backside braces for the upper teeth, which are easily visible when smiling, and front side braces for the lower teeth, which are less visible.

The drawback of backside braces is that the intricately shaped appliances are placed out of sight, making it difficult to brush teeth and take care of the teeth.

However, only half of the braces can be placed on the front side, which allows for aesthetics and ease of care.

Korean idol with half-lingual braces to straighten her teeth.
■IVE (ex-IZONE) Wonhyun

IVE (ex-IZONE) Wonhyun

While working with IZONE,The device was seen arriving on the front side of the lower teeth on a number of occasions.

The fact that no appliances were placed on the upper teeth suggests that the teeth were aligned using half-lingual braces.

mouthpiece orthodontics

This is a method of aligning the teeth by wearing a transparent mouthpiece.

Because you can remove the mouthpiece yourself, it is easier to eat and brush your teeth, and most importantly, it is overwhelmingly discreet.

Korean idol with mouthpiece braces to straighten her teeth.
NiziU Lima

NiziU Lima

Rima of NiziU is a Japanese who debuted with JYP, a major Korean idol agency.

He has a prominent bucktooth and gummy smile.

During his debut appearance on the show,A broadcast showed what appeared to be an attachment (*) and a transparent mouthpiece attached to the lower teeth.

Later, the attachment and mouthpiece were no longer seen to have arrived, and the wire had arrived on the lower teeth,It is likely that the teeth are currently aligned with half-lingual braces.

*White protrusions to support tooth movement.

Many Korean idols have braces to keep their teeth clean.

Korea Orthodontics

Many Korean idols have braces to keep their teeth clean.

If you want to have a beautiful smile like Korean idols with braces, once you get them, you can have them,It is recommended to have an orthodontic consultation at the dentist's office.It is.

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