It's not too late for high school students to get braces! Thorough explanation of costs, methods and benefits.

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Last updated on February 2, 2024

I've heard that if you're going to get braces, it's best to do it in elementary school or even earlier in life, not high school."
'It's too late for high school students to get braces.'

Have you ever heard of something like this?

One of the most difficult questions when starting orthodontic treatment for children is when to begin treatment.

This time,Is it too late to start braces in high school? If you are wondering "Is it too late?to whether it is appropriate to start braces in high school at the right time, and the types of orthodontic appliances, costs, benefits, and cautions when starting braces in high school.

Orthodontics for high school students.Tips for Success and AftercarePlease also refer to the following information for more information.

Is it an appropriate time to start braces in high school?

High School Student Correction

As for when to start braces,High school students are one of the appropriate timingIt can be said that this is a

The condition of the teeth and jaws of high school students,

Permanent teeth are in place.
Jaw growth is almost complete
... I almost know if I have wisdom teeth or not.

This is the state of the art.

The outlook for treatment is easier than for growing children,Orthodontic treatment under a well-planned treatment planThis would be a good time to start braces, in that it is possible to

Types and features of braces available to high school students

High School Student Correction

The types of braces that high school students can choose from include

Wire orthodontics
 Surface orthodontics
 Backside orthodontics
 Half lingual orthodontics

Mouthpiece Orthodontics

Let's take a look at the characteristics of each.

wire orthodontia

Wire orthodontics is a treatment method in which square devices called brackets and wires are attached to the front or back of the teeth to move the teeth.

Wire orthodontics can be divided into three types

Devices attached to the front of the teeth → Front side orthodontics
Devices are attached to the backs of the teeth → backside braces
Half-lingual orthodontic treatment: upper teeth straightened on the back side and lower teeth straightened on the front side.

Although surface braces are more visible because the devices are visible when the mouth is open, they are more reasonably priced than other methods.

In back braces, the wires are attached to the backs of the teeth, so the devices are virtually invisible when the mouth is open.
The drawbacks are that it is difficult to brush teeth and the orthodontic cost is high due to the high cost of technology and materials, but it is recommended for those who are concerned about their appearance during orthodontic treatment.

Half lingual braces are a method in which only the upper teeth, which are easily visible when the mouth is open, are corrected on the backside.
The cost can be reduced by straightening the lower teeth on the front side, which is less expensive than straightening all the teeth on the back side.

mouthpiece orthodontics

Mouthpiece orthodontics is,A treatment method in which a transparent mouthpiece is worn for at least 20-22 hours to move the teethIt is.

Because the mouthpiece can be put on and taken off by the patient, it is far less uncomfortable than wire braces when eating or brushing one's teeth, and the device is less noticeable.

Another advantage is that there is less pain when moving teeth than with wire braces, and less trouble with orthodontic appliances sticking in the mouth.

However, because the teeth will not move unless the mouthpiece is worn for a specified length of time, self-discipline is very important for children in high school.

Orthodontic appliances are popular among high school students because of their appearance during orthodontic treatment and the minimal discomfort of the device, but in some cases, school life, club activities, and studying for exams make it difficult to wear the mouthpiece.

Cost of braces for high school students

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The cost of braces for high school students is essentially the same as for adults.

Cost price by orthodontic device]
Wire orthodontics
 Front side orthodontic treatment→approx. 700,000-1,500,000 yen
 Backside orthodontic treatment → Approx. 1,000,000-1,500,000 yen
 Half-lingual orthodontic treatment → approx. 800,000-1,300,000 yen
Mouthpiece orthodontic treatment→approx. 800,000-1,300,000 yen

The cost of orthodontics is at your own expense, except in some cases,Insurance coverage is not available.

However, the treatment goalsDeductible medical expenses if "improvement of bite" is included.The first two are the following.

By applying for a medical expense deduction on your tax return, you can receive a tax refund and a reduction in the inhabitant tax payable the following year, depending on your income. (*)

*The amount that can be deducted for medical expenses depends on income.

Benefits of getting braces for high school students

There are two benefits of getting braces for high school students

Shorter hospital visits than those who started with pediatric orthodontics
Shorter treatment time than adult orthodontics

Advantages of starting braces in high school (1): Shorter hospital visits than those who started with pediatric orthodontics.

What are the advantages of getting braces in high school?This is a shorter period of time to visit the dentist compared to those who have orthodontic treatment for children from elementary school age.

There are two types of orthodontic treatment for children: Phase I treatment, which is performed when the child has baby teeth up to elementary school age, and Phase II treatment, which is performed when the child has permanent teeth in junior high to high school age.

The first phase of treatment is designed to balance the growth of the child's jaw, prevent future deterioration of the teeth and bite, and lay the groundwork for a permanent dentition.

The second phase of treatment is to align and align the bite of the erupting permanent teeth.

Although there are slight differences depending on the age of the patient and the ease of tooth movement, the treatment is basically the same as orthodontic treatment for adults. It is like finishing orthodontic treatment while also taking aesthetic aspects into consideration.

Pediatric orthodontic treatment from elementary school age is beneficial in that it allows for controlled treatment of jaw growth, but often requires a second phase of treatment after the permanent teeth have erupted,Two separate orthodontic treatments are required at two different times in your life.

If you start with pediatric orthodontics, you will need to go to the dentist from elementary school until high school when the permanent teeth come in, including follow-up visits, so the length of time you will need to visit the dentist will be longer.

Advantages of starting braces in high school students (2)|Shorter treatment time than adult orthodontics

This is because high school students still have active bone and gum metabolism, which allows for easy tooth movement,Treatment time is likely to be shorter than in adult orthodontics.

Shorter treatment periods will reduce the number of visits to the hospital, which may be less burdensome for high school children and reduce the adjustment fee for each visit to the hospital.

What to look for when high school students get braces

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If you are a high school student with braces,

Does the person care how the device looks when worn?
Will there be any impact on club activities and studies?
Is there a possibility of transferring to another hospital?

Let's review these three points.

Although it was a good idea to start wearing braces,The possibility of problems such as not being able to smile in public because of the appearance of the orthodontic appliance, or not being able to concentrate on club activities or studies because of the orthodontic appliance.There are

There are several types of orthodontic devices.
Whether you prefer something less noticeable, such as a mouthpiece or backside braces, or wire braces that do not need to be removed, make sure to choose the best fit for your child's needs and school life.

Also,Possibility of needing to transfer to a different hospital depending on your parents' relocation or post-high school career path.There are
Additional costs may be incurred due to transfers, so it is best to inform the dentist before beginning treatment if there is a possibility of a transfer due to your parents' work or higher education.

Tips for Successful Orthodontics and Aftercare for High School Students

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Success with high school braces requires more than just choosing a dentist.The student must be motivated and supported by his/her parents or guardians.

If the patient is not motivated, the treatment may not proceed as planned because the patient neglects to visit the clinic because of busy school life such as club activities and studies, or fails to follow instructions such as wearing a mouthpiece or hanging a rubber band.

Parents should also share the progress of treatment, and if there are any instructions regarding correction, parents should ask their children to follow them,The key to success is to help the treatment go smoothly.It is.

Also, after the braces are done,Retainers (retainers) must be worn to keep teeth in alignment.

Be sure to use the retention devices as directed by your dentist, and to take care of your teeth by performing self-care at home and maintenances at the dentist to prevent tooth loss due to decay or periodontal disease from disrupting the alignment of your teeth.


Some may think it is too late to start braces in high school, but in fact it is not too late.

Because the outlook for treatment is easier to predict and treatment time is likely to be shorter than with adult orthodontics, those concerned about the alignment of their teeth and bite should consult an orthodontist.

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