Is it true that gum peels are painful? Causes and remedies for gum staining

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Have you ever wondered about the color of your gums?

While tooth color and alignment are often noted as elements of a healthy and beautiful mouth, the color of the gums actually has a great deal to do with the beauty of the mouth.


I feel like my mouth doesn't look as good as it should after whitening and orthodontics...

If this is the case, it may be due to the color of the gums.

Gum color may be improved by "gum peeling".

This time,I will discuss the causes of gum peeling pain and gum staining and how to prevent them.

What is a gum peel? Does it hurt?

Gum peeling Ouch.

What is gum peeling?Healthy pink gumsThe treatment is to


  • ultra-violet rays
  • tobacco
  • Daily Food & Beverage
  • mouth breathing
  • Strong friction of toothbrush, etc.

may cause staining and darkening of the gums.

Gum peeling is a peeling agent applied to darkened gums,Treatment to restore gums to their natural healthy color.It is.

Peeling agents contain phenol or ethanol, which, when applied to the gums, denature the epithelial tissue and peel it off along with the melanin pigment.

The gums in the peeled-off areas are regenerated and replaced with healthy, fresh-looking gums.

Gum peeling pain

Although there may be a mild tingling sensation or pain during gum peeling,Since an anesthetic (surface anesthesia) is used, there is no pain to worry about.

The procedure is also performed by a dentist or dental hygienist, so even if you experience severe pain, you can rest assured that it will be taken care of immediately.

Effects of gum peeling

One 30-45 minute treatment,About 2 weeks after surgeryThe effect is manifested in

Cost of gum peeling

by the upper and lower gums.Around 10,000-25,000 yenis the market price.

Some dentists may be able to perform either the upper or lower portion of the procedure for about half the price.

Who is recommended for gum peeling?

Tone up the color of the gums when you smile,The mouth will look healthy and beautiful with beautiful teeth.


Gum peels are recommended for people who

  • The mouth does not look brighter after teeth whitening or orthodontic treatment
  • Smoking habit and darkened gums
  • Gums are easily visible when smiling and exposed to ultraviolet light
  • Habit of mouth breathing and feel that the gums are not of the right color
  • I want to achieve a higher grade of mouth.

Gum Peeling Method

Gum peeling Ouch.

Gum peeling proceeds as follows

  1. Medical Examination and Counseling
  2. Gum peeling treatment
    1. Lip protection
    2. dry the gums
    3. superficial anesthesia
    4. Gum peeling agent applied
    5. gargling
  3. Confirmation of effect after 2 weeks

1、Consultation and counseling

Perform an examination to determine the cause of the darkening of the gums.

Tell them about your concerns and ideals, and they will explain the pain and effects of gum peeling.

2, Gum peeling treatment

  1. Lip protection
  2. dry the gums
  3. superficial anesthesia
  4. Gum peeling agent applied
  5. gargling

Lip protection

If the drug gets on the lips, it can cause pain and whitening of the lips,Protects lips from contact with gum peeling agentsI will do so.

Generally, the lips are protected by a plastic device called an angle wider, which prevents the lips from closing.

dry the gums

Ensure that the surface anesthesia and gum peeling agents are properly adhered to the blackened gums,Air dry the gums.

superficial anesthesia

A surface anesthetic is applied to dull the sensation on the surface of the gums.

Surface anesthesia is like an ointment and, unlike anesthesia injected with a needle, it takes 10 to 20 minutes to lose its effect.

There is no loss of sensation in the mouth for hours after surgery.

Gum peeling agent applied

Gum peeling agents are applied to the stained areas of the gums.

At this time,Mild pain, such as staining or tingling of the gums, may be felt.

If you are experiencing unbearable pain, notify your dentist or dental hygienist nearby.


When the gum peeling agent is applied and the area becomes white, the chair will be woken up so you can gargle and rinse off the agent.

After gargling, the gum peeling procedure is complete.

Confirmation of effect after 2 weeks

After the treatment, the drug-whitened gums peel off in two to three days,Pink gums change over a period of about 2 weeks.I will do so.

Some dentists may examine the patient after about two weeks to check the effectiveness of the treatment.

If this is the first gum peel, or depending on the degree of staining on the gums, a satisfactory change may not be seen after one peel, so a second gum peel will be performed if necessary after a 2-week follow-up visit.

Cautions for gum peeling

Gum peeling Ouch.

There are several caveats to gum peels.

  • Recoloration of gums occurs
  • You can't choose the color of your gums.
  • Gums may whiten for 2-3 days after surgery
  • Pain may occur for about a week after surgery.
  • Darkening caused by metal fillings or coverings needs to be replaced with metal-free ones.
  • There are people who cannot receive the treatment.

If I didn't know, I would be worried after the surgery...


Check carefully before the treatment!

Recoloration of gums occurs

Darkening of the gums is caused by smoking, mouth breathing, UV rays, and diet.

Therefore, even if gum peeling is performed, these effectsRecoloration of the gums may occur after about 4-12 months.

The time to recoloration varies from person to person, but regular gum peels are recommended for those who are concerned.

You can't choose the color of your gums.

The purpose is to remove pigment and restore the natural color of the gums,Gum coloration cannot be selected.

Therefore, those whose gums are darker in color from the start may not see much effect for a longer period of time.

In addition, if the gums are unevenly colored from the shape or origin of the gums, gum peeling may not result in uniform coloration of the gums.

Gums may whiten for 2-3 days after surgery

Gum peels have downtime,Gums may whiten for 2-3 days after surgery.

Usually, the white portion peels off in two to three days and is replaced by new gums.

Pain may occur for about a week after surgery.

Until about a week after the surgery, if hot or irritating objects come in contact with the peeled gums when eating, etc,The pain may be similar to that of a mouth ulcer.

Improvement of dark spots caused by metal fillings and coverings requires replacement with metal-free ones.

Metal ions from metal fillings and coverings can cause the gums to darken.

This is also known as a "metal tattoo.

To improve darkening of the gums,After replacing the underlying cause of metal coverings and fillings with metal-free materials such as all-ceramicThe gum peeling and other procedures should be performed.

There are people who cannot receive the treatment.

The following persons are not eligible for gum peeling treatment

  • Persons allergic to phenol or alcohol
  • Those with inflammation of the gums

Those who are allergic to phenol or alcohol are not indicated for gum peeling, as the agents used in gum peeling can cause severe allergic reactions.

In addition, if the gums are inflamed due to periodontal disease, etc., the gum peeling cannot be performed because the drug may worsen the inflammation or render the gum peeling ineffective.

Don't worry about the pain of gum peels.

Gum peeling Ouch.

Gum peels are an effective treatment for darkened gums.

You may feel some pain from the peeling agent, but there is no need to worry as a surface anesthesia is administered.

If you are concerned about darkening of the gums, you may want to consider this.

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