Is it true that gummy smiles are more common in women? Is there a way to smile that is less noticeable?

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Last updated on October 10, 2023


Doctor, I heard that gummy smile is common among women.


Gummy smiles are a concern because they are related to appearance.
This time,We will discuss why gummy smiles are more common in women, how to smile inconspicuously, and how to heal them!

Is it true that gummy smiles are more common in women?

Gummy smile, more common in women.

A gummy smile is a condition in which the gums are visible more than 3 mm when smiling.

It is sometimes said that "gummy smiles are more common in women."In fact, it has not been scientifically proven whether there is a gender difference in the gummy smile.

Looking at celebrities, some male celebrities have gummy smiles, and it can be said that women are not the only ones prone to gummy smiles.

Causes of Gummy Smile

Gummy smile, more common in women.

The cause of the gummy smile,

  • skeleton
  • Tooth length
  • way of smiling

The three categories are


People with the following skeletal maxillary shapes and bitesis more likely to have a gummy smile because the gum line tends to be lower than the upper lip line when smiling.

  • Long vertical maxilla
  • overbite
  • Mouth gobos (maxillary prognathism)
  • Deep bite (overbite)

Bucktooths and mouthbones also tend to have a gummy smile because the upper jaw is more forward, exposing the front teeth when smiling, even if the gum line is not below the upper lip line.

Tooth length

People with short teeth protruding from the gums.tends to have a gummy smile because the gum line is below the upper lip when smiling.

way of smiling

People who have a habit of pulling their upper lip up more than necessary when smiling.are more likely to show gums and gummies.

It is especially likely to occur in people with a thin upper lip or those who have strong upper lip pulling muscles. When smiling, the center of the upper lip is pulled up and the upper lip line looks like a trapezoid.

Can a gummy smile heal on its own?

Gummy smile, more common in women.

Gummy smiles, when caused by skeletal structure or tooth length, basically cannot be cured on their own.

However,If the gummy smile is caused by the way you laugh, you may be able to improve it by working on the way you move your mouth.

How to smile without a gummy smile

If you have a gummy smile caused by the way you laugh, it is important not to pull your upper lip up too far when you smile.

Smile in front of the mirror,Instead of pulling up the upper lip, smile with the corners of the mouth open to the sidePractice.

How to Cure a Gummy Smile

Gummy smile, more common in women.

Gummy smiles may be improved in three ways

  • remedy
  • surgical procedure
  • Botox injection


In Correction,Align the teeth and bite in the following ways depending on the causeThis improves the gummy smile.

  • retract the front teeth
  • Push teeth into the gums.
  • Cutting the maxillary bone

Both because they can approach the skeletal problems and tooth length that cause gummy smiles,Gummy smile may be fundamentally improved.

The orthodontic appliance used will depend on the condition and cause of the gummy smile and the dentist's treatment plan.

In some cases, tooth extraction, jaw bone cutting surgery, or orthodontic implants may be necessary.

Click here↓ for a doctor who specializes in treating gummy smiles skeletally.

surgical procedure

The back of the upper lip is sewn to the gums to reduce the range of motion, and the gum and root bone of the teeth are removed to make the teeth appear longer.and improve the gummy smile.

Like orthodontics, it can address the underlying cause of the gummy smile.

Gummy smiles, where the teeth are covered more by the gums, can also be improved with gingivectomy.

Botox injection

Botox injection is a procedure in which botulinum bacteria are injected into the area where muscles are moving too much to slow down their movement.

With a gummy smile,Botox is injected into the muscles that pull up the upper lip to reduce and improve the amount the lips pull up when smiling.

Unlike corrective or surgical procedures that address the underlying cause, Botox injections should be performed regularly, as the effect wears off after about six months.

In addition to improving gummy smiles, it may be used to improve teeth grinding and clenching, which may also be addressed by the dentist.

Performer with a gummy smile

Gummy smile, more common in women.

Here are some celebrities with gummy smiles.

Some people may consider a gummy smile complex as "it looks more classy if you can't see the gums when you smile.

However, there are many celebrities with a nice smile even with a gummy smile, so it is a matter of taste, depending on the degree.

[Entertainer with a gummy smile]
■Erika Toda
■Natsuko Yokosawa
Akiyoshi Nakao
Toshio Kakehi

Erika Toda

Erika Toda, a popular actress, is considered to have a gummy smile due to her skeletal structure.

Natsuko Yokosawa

Natsuko Yokosawa, a comedian, would be the type who tends to pull her upper lip up when she smiles and has a gummy smile.

Akiyoshi Nakao

Akiyoshi Nakao is considered to be a type of person who tends to have a gummy smile because his upper jaw is rather forward due to his skeletal structure.

Toshio Kakei

Actor Toshio Kakei has a strong upper lip muscle pull-up and is considered a skeletal type prone to a gummy smile.

Gummy smiles are not particularly common in women.

Gummy smile, more common in women.

Gummy smiles are said to be more common in women, but there is no scientific evidence.

Anyone can have a gummy smile, depending on their bone structure, teeth, and the way they smile.

Gummy smiles can be improved by corrective or surgical procedures, Botox injections, or by smiling, so if you are concerned, consult your dentist or cosmetic surgeon.

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