Which celebrities are whitening? Includes before and afters

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Last updated August 21, 2023


Doctor, many celebrities have white teeth, don't they?

Do they all do whitening?


It is difficult to say, but I believe that many celebrities are whitening.

This time,I will talk about celebrities who are whitenin!

Entertainers who whiten

Whitening Celebrities

Celebrities who profess to whiten their teeth include announcers, celebrities, and comedians.

[Entertainers who are whitening their teeth
Reina Sumi
Minami Minegishi
Nana Suzuki
Natsuko Yokosawa

Reina Sumi

Reina Sumi is a freelance announcer,I did two whitening sessions on my Instagram.He reported.

He posted a comparison photo at the time, but it has since been removed.

In the photo that appears to be post-whitening, you have very white, clean teeth that look great in your smile!

Minami Minegishi

Former AKB48 member Minami Minegishi is,Home whitening to whiten teeth.It seems to be.

She has also publicly stated on Twitter and YouTube that she has fixed her bucktooths with backside braces.

I see that you are also posting the treatment progress, so I am looking forward to seeing how much the impression will change when the teeth color becomes whiter along with the teeth alignment!

Nana Suzuki

Nana Suzuki, a popular model and TV personality, is also a popular model and TV personality,Professed to have had whitening done at his favorite dentist's office.The company is doing so.

Even when viewing the less processed images, the white, clear teeth are elegant and beautiful.

I am not sure which whitening method you are using, but your dentist's office is a dental office that offers office whitening and home whitening.

Teeth are considered to have been whitened by a dentist who can bleach the teeth.

Natsuko Yokosawa

Natsuko Yokosawa, who is also a comedian,Whitening was done at the dentist's office.He has publicly stated on Twitter that he is

Even on a relatively recent Instagram, she is seen smiling happily, showing her white teeth.

Types of whitening done by celebrities

Whitening Celebrities

There are three main types of teeth bleaching whitening that celebrities do.

  • office whitening
  • home whitening
  • Dual whitening

These are all whitening procedures that are performed in the dentist's office with a treatment or whitening agent prescription.

The whitening agents used contain hydrogen peroxide and urea peroxide, which cannot be included in over-the-counter products.

It has a teeth bleaching effect and can radically whiten and tone the color of teeth.

office whitening

Whitening is performed by a dentist or dental hygienist.

A whitening agent is applied to the tooth surface, and after a certain period of time, the pigment in the teeth is broken down.

There are two types of whitening agents: those that apply light after the whitening agent is applied and those that do not.

Whitening that often provides a tone-enhancing effect in a single treatmentIt is.

home whitening

This whitening process is performed at home, with the dentist's office creating a special mouthpiece and prescribing a whitening agent.

The treatment and mouthpiece management are all done by you.

As for celebrities, Minami Minegishi has publicly stated that she does home whitening.

A mouthpiece injected with a whitening agent is worn at home for two hours to break down the pigment in the teeth.

Unlike home whitening,After about 2 weeks of daily treatment, you will feel the effect of teeth toning.

The advantage is that the color lasts longer, although the effect is not immediate, and there is no need to make an appointment or travel to the dentist's office for the procedure.

Dual whitening

Office whitening and home whitening are performed in parallel.

With the immediate effect of office whitening.Immediate teeth toning effect.You can do it, and with home whiteningLong-lasting color because teeth are whitened slowly.is a feature of this product.

Is celebrity whitening ceramic?

Whitening Celebrities

When a celebrity's teeth become whiter, one might think, "Maybe they went with ceramics?" Some people may think, "I wonder if she had her teeth made of ceramic.

There are several ways to whiten teeth, and depending on the ideal you want to become and the condition of your teeth, you can choose the method that is most satisfactory.

Therefore,Just because a celebrity's teeth are whiter does not necessarily mean that they are ceramic.

Whitening bleaches and whitens natural teeth.

Since no grinding of the natural teeth is involved, the natural whiteness of the teeth can be made beautiful while protecting the health of the teeth.

Many dentists believe that the bleaching method of teeth whitening is the preferred method of beautifying the teeth while protecting their health because it does not cause damage to the teeth.

Ceramics, on the other hand, shave off a portion of the tooth, and then a ceramic covering is applied to whiten the tooth.

Ceramic is for artificial teeth,

  • Set some degree of tooth rattling.
  • Change the shape of your teeth
  • Change the size of the teeth
  • Make artificial teeth whiter

The advantage is that it is possible to


  • I want to change the atmosphere of my face
  • I want to make them whiter than natural teeth can express.
  • I want to have white teeth without color reversion.
  • Teeth that are naturally discolored or dysplastic, and teeth bleaching whitening is not expected to be effective

Performers with reasons such as the following may choose ceramics in favor of appearance.

However, when making the ceramic, the tooth was cut down significantly,There is a risk of significant damage to dental health because the tooth nerve may be pulled out.

Celebrities whiten their teeth with whitening.

Whitening Celebrities

Many celebrities use whitening to make their smiles look more attractive.

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