Which celebrities have ragged teeth? Includes causes and treatment options!

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Last updated August 21, 2023


Is there such a thing as a celebrity with ragged teeth?


Surprisingly, many celebrities have had their teeth knocked out!
In this issue, we will discuss celebrities with ragged teeth, their causes, and treatment options!


Entertainers with ragged teeth

Ragged teeth Celebrity

Here are some celebrities who have publicly stated on TV and elsewhere that their own teeth are falling apart.

Takashi Okamura, Ninety-Nine
Bananaman Yuki Himura
Nishikigoi Masaki Hasegawa
Noriyuki Makihara

Ninety-nine Takashi Okamura

Takashi Okamura of Ninety-Nine confessed on a radio program that the roots of his back teeth had rotted and he had to have them pulled.

He went to the dentist's office after the pain began, and by the time he saw the dentist, it was too late.

Where a back tooth was missing, he placed an implant to recover it.

Bananaman Yuki Himura

Yuki Himura of Bananaman also spoke on TV about his teeth being in shreds.

He had a lot of cavities due to insufficient self-care because his teeth were originally misaligned, starting with his back teeth, and even his front teeth had fallen out.

She eventually had 10 upper teeth and 5 lower teeth implanted, and now has a beautiful mouth.

Masaki Hasegawa, Nishikigoi

Masaki Hasegawa of the comedy duo Nishikigoi is another celebrity famous for his missing back teeth.

In an interview at a comedy contest he won, he confessed to having no more than eight upper and lower back teeth.

The cause was neglected tooth decay, he said, and he was swallowing shumai whole because he had no back teeth and could not chew his food.

At the time, he was in the process of creating partial dentures, but he mentioned his desire to get implants with the prize money from a comic contest.

Noriyuki Makihara

This is singer-songwriter Noriyuki Makihara, who has a history of arrests for violating the Methamphetamine Control Law.

Regular methamphetamine users often have their teeth knocked out due to the ingredients and side effects it contains.

The cause of the celebrity's ragged teeth.

Ragged teeth Celebrity

What caused the celebrity's teeth to fall apart,

  • Failure to clean up
  • cavity
  • periodontal disease
  • Methamphetamine and other illegal drugs

These may include.

Failure to clean up

Like Mr. Himura of Bananaman,Those who cannot brush their teeth well due to poor dental alignment, resulting in tooth decay and gum disease.There are also

Plaque and tartar left on teeth due to poor cleaning can be a major cause of oral problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath.


Like Mr. Okamura of Ninety-Nine, the roots of his teeth rot, etc,Teeth can be ravaged by decay.

If you notice pain or holes in your teeth and address them early, you can avoid having your teeth become so ragged that they are ruined.

However, there are also cavities that progress significantly between and within the teeth without being noticed.

especiallyTooth decay that has reached the nerve of the tooth will require extraction.It may be too late, for example.

periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is a terrible disease that is caused by poor cleaning and progresses without pain or symptoms being noticed.

As the bone and gums supporting the tooth dissolve, the tooth that has lost its support will fall out.

Because most of the time, rather than only one tooth getting gum disease, it happens to the entire gum,There is a danger that when you realize you have a number of teeth that are about to fall out, they are in shambles.

Methamphetamine and other illegal drugs

Mouths with severe caries (dental caries), gingivitis, and halitosis characteristic of methamphetamine abusers among methamphetamine abusers.Methmouth.There is a popular term for this.

The acid in methamphetamine dissolves teeth, and the strong clenching and grinding done under the influence of side effects causes teeth to grind, chip, or fall out, resulting in teeth that are shattered.

Another side effect is reduced saliva production and increased activation of tooth decay and gum disease bacteria, which can also cause teeth to become ragged.

Similarly, thinner has a tooth-dissolving effect that often leaves teeth in shreds.

How to treat celebrities with ragged teeth

Ragged teeth Celebrity

The celebrity whose teeth are falling apart and falling out is going to,

  • implant (esp. dental)
  • denture

seems to be a lot.

implant (esp. dental)

An implant is a screw-like object (artificial tooth root) that is implanted in the gum and an artificial tooth is fitted on top.

In the case of the single crown type, which is independent like a single tooth, the structure is similar to that of a natural tooth,Characterized by high esthetics and functionality.It is.

Because they are self-funded, they are expensive, costing about 300,000 to 600,000 yen to place one, but many celebrities choose implants for their appearance and functionality.

  • Single crown type
  • Bridge type
  • overdenture type

There are several types of implants as described above, and the choice depends on the number of missing teeth and other factors.

Single crown type

Like natural teethSeparate type for each bottleIt is.

Implants are often used when the number of missing teeth is small because the more artificial tooth roots that are implanted, the higher the cost.

Bridge type

A type of implant in which several connected artificial teeth are fitted on top of the implant.It is.

For example, if a patient has lost three teeth, two implants are placed and three connected artificial teeth are fitted over the implants as if they were bridges.

It is often used when multiple teeth are lost.

Since the number of implants to be implanted can be reduced, the cost is lower than using all single crown types.

overdenture type

Denture-type implantsIt is.

It is often used when tooth loss is extensive enough to require full or partial dentures.

A smaller number of implants than the bridge type are implanted, and each is connected with a rod or attached with a magnet to create a base for the denture to be placed.

Then, they are simply worn like regular dentures.

They are less likely to shift and more comfortable to use than dentures that hook onto the teeth or adhere to the gums, because they create a firm fixation source.


It is used in cases of extensive tooth loss.

Some dentures can be made with insurance coverage, making them significantly less expensive than implants.

Masaki Hasegawa of the comedy duo Nishikigoi said that he would like to use the prize money from a manzai contest to get implants, so it may be that entertainers who are starting out with little money may use dentures for the time being.

Many celebrities with ragged teeth are cleaned up with implants, etc.

Ragged teeth Celebrity

Surprisingly, there are quite a few celebrities who have had their teeth knocked out.

The treatment methods are not just for appearance, like implants,Choose a method that is more comfortable and has less impact on healthy teethI was.

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