Ten toothpastes recommended by dentists and dental hygienists, by effectiveness!

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Last updated on October 10, 2023

There are five major types of toothpaste, each containing ingredients that help prevent or improve tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, sensitivity, and staining.

To choose a toothpaste,It is important to choose a toothpaste that contains medicinal ingredients with the effects you want.

In this issue, we will compare the effectiveness, taste, and price of toothpastes and recommend toothpastes for different purposes.

Carefully selected by effectiveness! Recommended Toothpaste

Toothpaste is,The ingredients contained in the product have a variety of effects.We recommend toothpaste for five different purposes.

  • cavity
  • periodontal disease
  • halitosis
  • hypersensitivity
  • Coloring (Whitening)

Toothpaste recommended to prevent tooth decay

To prevent tooth decayfluorine (F)and ... andMedicated hydroxyapatiteWe recommend toothpastes that contain ingredients that help prevent teeth from dissolving and decay, such as

Lion Check Up


By inhibiting the activity of caries-causing bacteria with fluoride, promoting remineralization of teeth, and strengthening tooth structure,Create cavity-resistant teeth and oral environment.

There are several different types of toothpaste for different age groups. Simply check the target age range and choose the toothpaste with the best fluoride concentration for your cavity prevention.


The Check-Up series toothpastes come in several flavors, all of which are mild and non-irritating.

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¥660 (As of 2024/06/20 03:06:00, based on Rakuten market research.Details)
  • Check-up Standard (for adults)
    • mild pure mint
    • mild citrus mint
  • CHECK UP KODOMO (for children)
    • strawberry
    • apple
    • grape

Apaguard Linamel Home Care Paste


Medicated hydroxyapatite adsorbs decayed bacteria, remineralizes teeth, and repairs microscopic scratches on the tooth surface,It leads to teeth that are less prone to decay and stains.

It repairs fine scratches on the tooth surface, making the tooth surface smooth and shiny while preventing cavities.


It has a gentle peppermint taste.

APAGUARD LINAMEL Home Care Paste 20g 1 bottle Limited quantity, free shipping (by mail) Trial product *Only 1 bottle per person. Whitening

Toothpaste recommended for prevention and improvement of gum disease

Can kill gum disease bacteriaCetylpyridium chloride (CPC), isopropyl methylphenol (IPMP), chlorhexidine hydrochloride, etc.We recommend a toothpaste that contains

GUM Dental Paste


Cetylpyridium chloride (CPC) kills periodontal disease bacteria, and lipopolysaccharide adsorbs and removes even fragments of periodontal disease bacteria, with anti-inflammatory ingredients,Prevents the progression of periodontal disease and promotes improvement.

Not only is it excellent, but it is also readily available at drugstores at a reasonable price.


It has a refreshing herbal mint taste. If you like something refreshing, we recommend GUM Dental Paste Refreshing Type.

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Concours Repertoire


It contains OIM hydrolyzed conchiolin, an ingredient that activates fibroblasts. Approach gums damaged by periodontal disease and aging,It helps to promote gum recovery.


It tastes a little salty because it contains sodium chloride.

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Toothpaste recommended for preventing and improving bad breath

Bad breath is caused by smelly substances produced by bacteria in the mouth.

Therefore, for prevention and improvement,Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosine (LSS) and other bactericidal ingredientsand ... andZeolite and other odor adsorbing componentsWe recommend a toothpaste that contains

Lion Systema SP-T Gel


Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosine (LSS) isBacteria floating in the mouth are sterilized, preventing bad breathIt is also effective in preventing and improving periodontal disease-derived halitosis. It also contains medicinal ingredients effective for periodontal disease, so it can be expected to prevent and improve halitosis originating from periodontal disease.


There is a pleasant refreshing sensation of mint. The minty stimulation is relatively strong.

Trial Lion Systema SP-T Gel 19g/Haguki Plus PRO 19g, Set of 2 Toothpaste [Shipped outside Japan].

Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare Clean Dental M Halitosis Care


It contains zeolite, which prevents tartar deposition and adsorbs mouth odor, and sodium lauroyl sarcosine (LSS), which is effective in preventing bad breath.

It can take care of bad breath thoroughly by both preventing the occurrence of bad breath and removing the bad breath that has occurred.


It tastes like fresh lemon.


It has a mild peppermint flavor that does not leave a residue in the mouth after brushing.

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Three points to consider when choosing toothpaste

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The following are three key points to consider when choosing a toothpaste. Check these points when researching toothpaste.

  • Effects of toothpaste
  • Age of toothpaste users
  • Low abrasive and low foaming

Effects of toothpaste

Toothpaste is basically aThe most important point is whether it contains the ingredients you are looking for.It is.

The effects are listed on the package, but you can also check the ingredients list yourself.

In addition, only toothpastes classified as "Class 3 Drugs" and "Quasi-drugs" contain "medicinal ingredients" that can be expected to prevent or improve tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Some toothpastes do not contain medicinal ingredients, even if the packaging says they are effective.So, it is a good idea to check if it says "Class 3 Drug" and "Quasi-drug".

Age of toothpaste users

The risk of tooth decay and gum disease changes with age in the mouth as follows

  • Soft baby teeth are at high risk of decay.
  • High incidence of periodontal disease among people in their 30s to 60s (from the 2016 Survey of Dental Diseases).
  • Root caries increases with age from the 30s onward (from Sunstar "Research Study on the Relationship between Root Surface Caries Severity and Periodontal Disease Severity").

Therefore,One thing to consider when choosing a toothpaste is the risk associated with age.It is.

In addition, toothpaste may have a target age range. Particular attention should be paid to the concentration of fluoride, which is effective in preventing cavities.

For children under 6 years old,There is concern that regular use of high concentrations of fluoride may cause side effects such as white spots on teeth (dental fluorosis).

Fluoride, which can strengthen tooth structure, is very effective in preventing tooth decay, so it is a medicinal ingredient that should be included when teeth erupt,Less than 500ppm for up to 2 years old and less than 1000ppm for under 6 years oldA toothpaste with a fluoride concentration of

Low abrasive and low foaming

Toothpaste may contain "abrasives" to improve stain removal and "foaming agents" to increase foaming and spread medicinal ingredients in the mouth.

Both of these ingredients are meant to clean teeth and efficiently deliver medicinal ingredients to teeth, but the more abrasive or roughThere is a risk of grinding the teeth more than necessary.

In addition, a large amount of foaming agent isToo much lather and too much polish.There are disadvantages such as

Therefore, it does not contain much abrasive or foaming agentChoose a toothpaste that is "low-abrasive and low-foaming."

Use toothpaste to manage oral risks.

Toothpaste contains medicinal ingredients essential for oral risk management, such as preventing tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, and sensitivity.

Changes in caries and periodontal disease risk with age and orthodontic treatment,Utilize toothpaste according to your oral situation to achieve clean and healthy teeth.

365dentist, which helps you choose the right dentist for you, also provides useful information about your mouth!

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