How to cure cod lips? I will tell you if it can be cured with correction.

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I have thick lips and "cod lips"...
Please tell me how to cure it!


I understand.
This time,I will talk about how to heal cod lips!

Characteristics of cod lips

How to heal cod lips

Since "cod lips" is not a medical term, there is no clear definition, but the following lips are often referred to as "cod lips".

  • Vertical lip thickness greater than 2.5 cm
  • Narrow width of lips
  • Dark lips

For Japanese people, "beautiful lips" are defined as having an upper lip thickness of 0.8 cm, a lower lip thickness of 1 cm, and a total vertical thickness of 1.8 cm.

henceThe lips of a person with "cod lips" are 1.4 times thicker than this standard.

Even within the criteria for beautiful lips, some people think they have cod lips because the narrow width of the lips makes them appear relatively thicker and the darker color of the lips emphasizes the mouth.

People with thick lips tend to have a feminine and sexy image.

Since the ideal of what one wants to be is different for each individual, some people even add hyaluronic acid to change their lips to be plump like a pair of bald lips.

However, if such an image is not ideal,You may feel complex about your cod lips because they are not to your liking.

Causes of cod lips

How to heal cod lips

Causes of codfish include the following

  • overbite
  • mouth breathing
  • heredity
  • Weak muscles around the mouth
  • Lip dryness/damage
  • allergy
  • cheilitis
  • being fond of

The cure depends on the cause, so it is important to first know which type of cod lips you have.


due to overbiteIt's easier to see the inside of the lips.The lips may be tight and calloused.

mouth breathing

Mouth breathing,Lips tend to look loose and pouty, giving the appearance of cod lips.It is.

Mouth breathing also makes the lips more prone to dryness, and the dryness and damage can lead to redness and swelling, resulting in callused lips.


People with thick lips geneticallyare prone to cod lips.

Weak muscles around the mouth

He said the muscles around the mouth are weak,Susceptibility to callus lips due to mouth breathingIt is.

In addition, the corners of the mouth may be lowered, causing the lower lip to protrude and the lips to appear thicker.

Lip dryness/damage

If the lips are dry or damaged,It becomes inflamed, reddened and swollen.

Dryness may also cause stiffening and thickening of the lips.


Allergic reactions to lip balm, food, or drugs can cause lips to swell, resulting in callus lips.

Severe cases may be accompanied by itching and discoloration of the lip edges.


Cheilitis is a dry and rough condition of the lips.

In severe cases, the lips may swell up to resemble callused lips, or they may crack and bleed.

How to heal cod lips

How to heal cod lips

How to cure cod lips,How to go to a dentist, cosmetic surgeon, dermatologist, or other hospital or cure yourself.There are

  • [Dentist] Orthodontic treatment.
  • Cosmetic Surgery] Undergo lip reduction surgery.
  • [Dermatology] Treat allergies and cheilitis.
  • Self-help] Devise lip makeup.
  • [Self-help] Massage.
  • [Self-help] Training around the mouth.

[Dentist] Orthodontic treatment.

Aligning the teeth may change the appearance of the mouth and improve the appearance of the cod lips.

It is mainly effective for cod lips caused by bucktooth or mouth breathing.

However, orthodontic treatment does not always improve the appearance of cod lips, as orthodontic treatment is intended to align the teeth and bite.

Make sure to express your wish to cure your cod lips in a preliminary consultation, and then ask them to develop a treatment plan.

Cosmetic Surgery] Undergo lip reduction surgery.

This is a cosmetic procedure in which the inside of the lips are cut away to reduce their thickness.

Because it radically changes the thickness of the lips, it can improve most cases of cod lips other than those caused by allergies or diseases such as cheilitis.

[Dermatology] Treat allergies and cheilitis.

A dermatologist will treat the disease causing the cod lips.

This is useful when the lips are swollen and callused due to allergies or diseases such as cheilitis.

Self-help] Devise lip makeup.

  • Use concealer or foundation to remove lip color.
  • Create a gradient lip and add lip color only on the inside.
  • Choose a matte-textured lip rather than a gloss.

These methods,Lip makeup is designed to make the coddled lips less noticeable.

It is not a fundamental solution, but it is a quick and easy method to try.

[Self-help] Massage.

By massaging the stiff muscles around the mouth,Relaxes muscles and improves the appearance of the dolichocephaly.

  • Temples connected to chewing muscles
  • Cheeks from in front of the ears to the corners of the mouth
  • Around the lips

Gently hold these three points with the belly of your fingers and massage in a circular motion.

[Self-help] Training around the mouth.

If the muscles around the mouth, especially the orbicularis oris muscle, are weak,Training may help reduce sagging and improve cod lips.

How to train around the mouth

  • Stick your lips forward and say "oooh" at least 10 times.
  • Raise the corners of your mouth upward and say "aah" at least 10 times.
  • Add disposable chopsticks to the side and laugh.
  • inflate a balloon
  • whistle

Disadvantages of cod lips

How to heal cod lips

Cod lips are easily noticeable among facial parts because of the thickness of the lips.

For those who don't like thick lips or don't want their mouth to be noticed because of bad teeth,The prominence of the lips can be a disadvantage.

Cod lips can be corrected with orthodontics, depending on the condition.

How to heal cod lips

Cod lips can be treated in different ways depending on the cause.

If the problem is caused by bucktooth or mouth breathing, orthodontic treatment may improve the problem, but it is not a sure thing.

If you are concerned about whether orthodontic treatment can cure the problem, consult with your dentist first.

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