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I am Yukiko, the representative dentist of 365dentist.

It is really hard to find the right orthodontist from among more dentists than convenience stores.

I want to find a good place to have it corrected because it costs a lot of money, takes a long time, and I don't seem to be able to change hospitals right away! But, it's too much of a hassle to look for a good one! But it's too much of a hassle to look for a good one!

Currently on this site,A service that allows you to consult with a dentist about your pre-treatment concerns on line, and a service that introduces you to dentists that you may want to of charge.

Orthodontic treatment is a lengthy process that often takes 2-3 years.

The skill of the doctor, the experience of the doctor, the well-equipped facilities, and the personality of the doctor should not all be given up.

At 365dentist, our dentists check each doctor's case history and career, and pick up orthodontists whom they feel comfortable to introduce to those who are lost in orthodontics.

If you are having trouble choosing an orthodontist, please feel free to contact us through our official line.

Contents related to orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, implants, etc. are also available from time to time 😊.

We are also on Twitter and Instagram, so please check them out as well!

You're a dentist and you do more than just dental work? Do you have free time? Did you think that?

No, until recently I was busy working in the clinical field, so I used my weekends and after-work hours to run the program and had help from teachers on maternity leave and freelance teachers.

Now that I have a child and have taken time off from work, I am using that time to run the program.

The primary job of a dentist is to treat patients, but I think it is also important for a dentist to help people choose the right dental clinic, answer their daily problems, and provide dental information to deepen the patient's knowledge.

In the midst of our current activities, we were recently contacted by Human Story for an interview.

Yukiko Katsuya, SODAN Corporation

Now that there are so many different ways to work, I look forward to working with all dentists who wish to work from home to make 365dentist a success, and I look forward to working with you all.

Why did you start 365dentist?

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I want to start something new as a dentist!

I want to create an environment where people can consult their dentists more easily, like asking a friend!

We want to make an era when free counseling is readily available online!

This is the reason why.

I work in Tokyo now, but I'm actually fromSaga prefecture (Kyushu)So, since few people around me have become dentists, I often get advice from friends from junior high school and high school about choosing a dentist.

For several years, I have often received dental advice from relatives and friends, especially since I started living in a mask,I want to start orthodontics now, but I don't know of any good places in ●● (name of place)? How can I find out?The doctor told me I need ____, what do you think? Questions such as "What do you think?

I thought that since I was being depended on as a dentist, I checked the director's greeting, career, staff introduction, blog, and looked at case studies on the website each time, and tried to find a few good-looking clinics for consultation. It took about an hour for even me, a dentist, to find one clinic that looked good.

However, I felt a great sense of accomplishment when I heard that the person's dental practice had been selected and was going well because they were very grateful, and at the same time, I realized that it is a very depressing task for patients who have little dental knowledge to find their own dental practice.

Then, as I researched dentists and looked at Twitter and Instagram, I realized that many people struggle with the same issues of choosing a dentist, that it is hard to go to several counseling sessions, that they are worried about coronas, and that there are just too many options to choose from! I wondered if I could do something new as a dentist.

While I was searching for various ways to work, I was fortunate to have various opportunities to learn about the web from scratch, and with the help of a wonderful engineer, I set up a search site.

I am supported by various teachers.

In setting up this site, I received consultation and support from various professors, especially those at Nagasaki University, my alma mater.

In addition, I have been consulting with teachers on maternity leave, studying abroad, and freelance teachers to help me with concerns and social networking during my clinic work hours. 😊

As we continue to grow the site, we expect even more teachers to cooperate with us.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

We started Twitter😊.

Originally, we were helping people find dentistry, but before we knew it, word of mouth from people in orthodontic treatment spread, and now we also provide a kind of consultation service for people in treatment who have problems.

Future Services

Originally, we were trying to develop an online service that would connect clinics and patients so that patients could consult more easily, but we ran into a wall where doctors working in clinics were too busy with treatment to have time for consultations, and there was resistance to cutting time from the face-to-face consultations they had been doing. However, we ran into a wall that doctors who work in clinics are too busy with treatment to take the time for consultations.

At the same time, I realized that many mother doctors who have children are troubled by the difficulty of balancing childcare and dental work, and are frustrated because they cannot work as much as they would like.

There are many dentists who have enough skill and experience but cannot go into the field, or who want to help others as dentists while raising children.

Therefore, we are currently devising an online consultation service that matches the needs of patients who "want to ask an actual dentist what kind of treatment is available" and "want to gather information on their own first because it is too difficult to contact a clinic" with the needs of doctors who "want to be useful as a dentist at home. We are currently developing an online consultation service, a specialist search service, and a clinic selection service.

Please support us 😊.

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