Referral clinics and management methods

(1) About Referral Clinics

Since 2021, 365dentist has been evaluating clinics by suggesting to patients orthodontists that have good reputations in their orthodontic careers and among dentists, and asking random, individual patients to review them after their consultation and after treatment begins.

In addition, we are constantly searching for clinics that provide better treatment by gathering real voices from patients through anonymous surveys on social networking services such as Instagram and X (formerly Twitter), and by checking case studies on each clinic's website and social networking services.

The clinics currently on our website are clinics that we have actually proposed to patients, who have started treatment, and have subsequently approached us and signed a sponsorship contract because of the high patient evaluations. The final decision on the sponsorship contract is whether or not it is a clinic that I would recommend to my own family and friends, and I actually introduce it when I receive consultations from good friends and acquaintances of the doctor.

We have strict career standards and select orthodontists after listening to the opinions of other orthodontists in the same profession, so most of our clients are satisfied with their counseling and treatment. However, there are rare cases in which we receive reviews that we suggest something that we think is good because of the beauty of the case results or the career of the doctor, but in fact the treatment was disappointing because it was sloppy and more expensive than we imagined, so it was a waste of time to go there.

Even the same clinic and doctor may not be a good fit for every individual, and orthodontic treatment is a long process once started. Please visit the clinic by yourself and talk with the doctor and start treatment at a clinic that you are satisfied with.

We would also like to hear honest opinions from those who have been treated at our affiliated clinics as well as those who have been treated at clinics other than those introduced on this website, in order to evaluate various clinics and develop good clinics.

(2) Method of operation

365dentist is operated by dentists and hygienists who write articles about dentistry and update social networking sites, mainly through random google ads in articles, some affiliate and official lines for clinics, and sponsorship fees from referring clinics.

Because 365dentist's motto is not to provide information that is detrimental to patients, we do not manipulate the rankings of recommended products for the purpose of affiliate revenue, introduce clinics with bad reviews or clinics that do not meet our career standards, or sign sponsorship contracts.

After selecting clinics that we can recommend as dentists based on their careers, case histories, and evaluations from dentists and patients, we contact each clinic directly and ask them to become affiliated with us if they agree with our activities.

Even in the case of an affiliation, the affiliation may be terminated if there is a lot of bad publicity from patients.

In addition, the sponsorship fee from the clinic is fixed regardless of whether the patient chooses that clinic or not, and we do not force those who are individually consulted into counseling or treatment.

Even if the career and cases are beautiful, in a clinic where you go for a long time, at the end of the day, it comes down to chemistry with the doctor and staff.

I hope that you will choose a place that you are convinced is good for you.

We may conduct a questionnaire to evaluate clinics for those who receive individual consultations within the line, regardless of the treating clinic, and we would be glad to hear your opinion on this matter.

We will continue to strive to make this site more informative and more dependable for our patients, so we ask for your support.

365dentist Representative Dentist Yukiko Katsuya

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