Why are mouth gobble lines so prominent and how can they be cured?

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Last updated June 12, 2023


Doctor, is it true that mouth gobos are more likely to show lines?


Depending on the condition, it is true that there is a relationship between mouth sores and lines.
This time,Why lines are more noticeable with mouth sores and how to improve lines caused by mouth sores.We will talk about

In this article.

Relationship between mouth gobos and laugh lines

How to Improve Mouth Goblins and Lines

Self-help measures and methods

You can find out about

Why do lines stand out with mouth gobos?

Mouth sores, laugh lines

There are three reasons why lines are more prominent with mouth gobos: 1.

  • Because the jaw bones, joints, and facial muscles are misaligned due to the effects of the bite.
  • Because there is a great deal of stretching and contraction of the facial muscles.
  • I'm prone to mouth breathing.

Because the jaw bones, joints, and facial muscles are misaligned due to the effects of the bite.

Mouth gobble is a condition in which the mouth protrudes due to a bad bite called "maxillary protrusion (protruding teeth)" or "upper and lower jaw protrusion".

A bad bite causes misalignment of the jawbone, jaw joints, and facial muscles.

Any misalignments in the jawbone or facial muscles,It can cause the face to sag and make lines more prominent.

TMJ arthritis caused by misalignment of the jaw joints due to the bite can also cause the face to sag because the facial muscles cannot be used properly.

Sagging of the face leads to worsening of the lines.

Because there is a great deal of stretching and contraction of the facial muscles.

People with mouth sores may have more prominent lines due to the greater stretch and contraction of the facial muscles.

When opening and closing the mouth, the facial muscles stretch and contract.

Because mouthbreathers have difficulty closing their lips, mouthbreathers need to put more pressure on their upper lip to extend it downward to close their mouth.

This means that the facial muscles are stretched and contracted more than in people who are not mouthbreathers.

It is important, though, to exercise and strengthen facial muscles moderately to prevent laugh lines,If moved too much, the furrows in the lines may conversely deepen.

I'm prone to mouth breathing.

Many mouth-breathers have difficulty closing their lips.

This is because mouth breathing causes the orbicularis oris muscle (muscles around the lips) to relax,The mouth may sag and lines may become more prominent.

It is also said that mouth breathing allows less oxygen into the body than nasal breathing.

Oxygen is essential for the body's vitality. When the amount of oxygen in the body decreases, basic metabolism decreases and aging progresses.

Aging leads to sagging of the face and worsening of the lines.

How to improve lines caused by mouth sores

To improve lines caused by mouth sores, the following methods can be used

  • remedy
  • Injecting hyaluronic acid for lines caused by mouth sores.
  • Train the facial muscles.
  • Prevents skin dryness and damage


When mouth sores are the cause of the lines,Aligning the teeth with orthodontics may improve the lines.

There are three types of orthodontic treatment for mouth gingivos, which are selected after consultation with your dentist depending on your case, lifestyle, and the kind of teeth and mouth you want to achieve.

  • wire orthodontia
  • mouthpiece orthodontics
  • surgical correction

wire orthodontia

Wires on the front or back of the teeth to improve the mouth gobbleIt is.

It is a correction method with extensive case experience and can be applied to almost all cases of mild to severe mouth gouging.

mouthpiece orthodontics

A method to improve the mouth burps by wearing a transparent mouthpiece and a protrusion (attachment) about the size of a grain of rice, which moves the teeth.It is.

Various types of mouthpiece orthodontics are available, differing in terms of applicable cases and the availability of attachments.

surgical correction

Not just moving the teeth as in wire or mouthpiece orthodontics,A surgical correction method that involves cutting the upper and lower jaw bones to align the bite.It is.

It is applied in cases of severe mouth sores that require a large retraction of the mouth.

However, it cannot be said that correction will always eliminate the lines.

With a mouth gobble, lines may be more prominent due to a poor bite, facial muscles, and mouth breathing.

However, there are other factors other than the mouth's gaping mouth, such as the use of facial muscles, aging, dry skin, and balance with the jaw, cheek, and nose bones, that also contribute to the cause of laugh lines.

Mouth sores are often caused by a protruding mouth and tight skin around the mouth,When the mouth is lowered by corrective measures, lines may conversely be accentuated due to the balance with the cheek and nose bones.

Injecting hyaluronic acid into the laugh lines

Injection of hyaluronic acid into the laugh lines,How to improve the lines by adding fullness to the furrows in the lines.It is.

Although it is largely associated with cosmetic surgery, hyaluronic acid injections around the mouth can also be performed at a dentist's office.

The effect disappears after about 6 months and is not a fundamental solutionis faster than corrective or facial muscle training.

If you are concerned about lines after corrective treatment, one method is to use hyaluronic acid injections in combination with hyaluronic acid injections.

Train the facial muscles.

If sagging facial muscles are the cause of the lines,Moderate exercise of the facial muscles may improve the appearance of lines.

Chewing gum and doing exercises to strengthen the muscles around the mouth called aiube exercises are typical examples.

Aiyobe Gymnastics

1. Open your mouth wide and pronounce the words "A, I, U" aloud.
2. Finally, while pronouncing "be", push and stretch your tongue out in a large downward motion.

This process is performed after meals for 10 sets, a total of three times a day: morning, noon, and evening.

Prevents skin dryness and damage

Dry skin leads to worsening of lines.Be sure to keep your skin moisturized with skin care.

Ingredients that moisturize and firm the skin, such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, and ceramide, are recommended.

Can mouth gobble lines heal on their own? How?

Mouth sores, laugh lines

You can't cure mouth sores on your own, though,

  • Expression muscle training
  • Moisturize with skin care.

and so on, and improve the causes that lead to the lines,It may be possible to prevent deterioration.

Facial Muscle Training

By strengthening the muscles of the mouth and cheeks, the lines can be made less noticeable.

Specifically, they move their mouths in a big way, saying "ah, i, u, e, o" and so on,

Exercise the mouth area by chewing on something hard like surume.

Moisturizing through skin care

Preventing skin dryness and aging through moisturizing and UV protection can help reduce the appearance of lines. Choose lotions and serums that contain ingredients such as collagen and hyaluronic acid.

There is a relationship between mouth sores and lines.

Mouth sores, laugh lines

The mouth gobos are,Misalignment of the jaw bones, joints, and facial muscles, excessive stretching and contraction of facial muscles, and mouth breathing may cause the lines to become more prominent.

If you are considering orthodontics to improve your smile lines, see your dentist for a consultation.

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